We have already talked about the running backs in the league. Now it is time to focus on the quarterbacks. This should be a good year for the position with quite a few successful QB’s returning.

Daniel Jones, Airport

Daniel Jones returns as the signal caller for the Jets. The three sport athlete was a dual threat last year and should be equally as lethal this year. Look for him to throw the ball 10-12 times a game as Coach Redmond looks to keep teams honest against the run. Jones’ completion percentage was right around 44% but he managed to throw for almost 600 yards in an offense where they run 85% of the time.

Mike Oley, Jefferson

Mike Oley may be the best QB that Jefferson has had in quite some time. Oley is a 6-4 athlete who can fling the ball when called upon and could emerge as a real weapon to go with FB Bryan McCullough. Look for him to throw the ball more than the 79 times that he did last year and to surpass his 489 passing yards.

Andrew Mayrand, Huron

Andrew Mayrand is perhaps the best QB in Huron history. His completion percentage was an impressive 63% and he threw for over 1,700 yards. As mentioned in a previous blog, look for his passing numbers to drop slightly as the Chiefs focus on running the ball a little bit more this fall.

Others to watch:

Dan Chickeral is entering his 3rd season as the starter for Flat Rock.

Michael Howey will probably make the full time switch back to QB for SMCC this year.

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