Friday Night Victors Thoughts and Questions

Nice win by Ida.

Did you know a Tar is another term for Sailor?

That was an extremely tough draw for Flat Rock.

How many college bound players does Rouge have on that team?

Sounds like Milan had a shot.

How many players did Chelsea dress on Friday?

Obviously Jaylan Franklin makes a huge difference for Carlson.

Huron won 5 games this year and made the playoffs again, the Chiefs won 5 games from 1997-2004.

Rain doesn’t stop trains.

The weather wasn’t conducive to Trenton’s offense

Wyandotte has a nice team.

Seems like this was a rebuilding year at Bedford, but they managed to make the playoffs again.

Survive SMCC’s schedule and you are prepared for the playoffs.

The Huron League is a little bit better than the Cascades Conference.

I left the Wyandotte/Bedford game at halftime. I was miserably wet and cold.

Bedford brought six buses to the game last night.

I will most likely be at Carlson on Friday, we all know where Gary will be.

We plan on covering the Riverview Gabriel Richard/ Madison Heights Madison game in week 2.

Look for individual game previews and videos this week.

Go Green!

79 thoughts on “Friday Night Victors Thoughts and Questions”

  1. There's no way possible that list is correct not 1 player from riverview or grosse ile is on it
    Someone have any clue if this is the entire list or if it's even real

  2. Thanks for explanation Chris. That explains why some were picked for first and second Team without the stats to be there and those with the stats that should have been on first or second team are not. So favoritism and bias plays a part in selection and not actual stats and talent? That is a shame! There needs to be a better way to make selections that is fair to the actual players and based on stats. Thanks for all your work on the blog this year.

  3. I seen the All Huron League 1st and 2nd Team players list today in the Monroe Evening News. Can you explain how the players are picked and based on what criteria? Surprised to see some really good players from around the league not picked and seen some I wouldn't think based on stats be on either 1st or 2nd team? Always wondered how this is done? Do coaches pick their own players or do other coaches pick the players from opposing teams? Thanks.

  4. Happy Halloween to all the Hosts and Bloggins!
    For all of the teams still playing(except for Carlson), I wish good luck in your journey. I expect that Chris and Gary have plenty of treats to pass out for all the cast of characters that come knocking on FNV's door. Full size snickers please. Some of the creatures include, but are not limited to:

    League is Down Guy – No matter what happens, his opinion is always right because somebody in the league loses and verifies his negativity. Prefers a rock over candy.

    Inside Scooper – Always has the behind the scenes information usually sourced from what their player/son heard in practice.

    The Troll – Self proclaimed or otherwise, this guy sets the blog on fire with a maniacal laugh.

    The Rookie – Very similar to the Troll but has no idea what he just did. Usually seen wearing an Airport JV hoodie.

    Mr. Anonymous – Wears a mask, but everybody knows it's still Bob from down the street.

    Mr. Should Have Been Anonymous – Everyone except for Chris and Gary.

    Mr. Booze – Complains about everything and his blog posts sound very similar to what was heard Friday night bellowing out of the stands.

    Homer – Always rooting for his home team no matter what the circumstances. This guy usually walks around in a "I Heart Jar Mo'" shirt and has the initials Gary Hauf.

    Celebrity – Famous in downriver circles usually goes by the initials JD

    Old Coach – Spits out schemes and statistics that generally have nothing to do with this weeks game, but starts each post out with "As a former Coach…"

    D1 Dad – This team has 2 D1 players, that team has 4 D1 players, D1, D1,D1… that guy has D1 speed, D1 talent, blah, blah, blah, D1, D2, D1.

    Future Champion – Believes there are many all stars next year on the team. As soon as we can get rid of these seniors, our boys will shine. Also usually seen with an Airport JV hoodie.

    HL Fan – All the rest of the fans, including the ones above, that love clicking on Friday Night Victors to feel like they are part of a special group of people that love their kids and Friday night football.

    Thanks Chris and Gary for giving us the outlet. Happy Halloween! I'll be dressing as a Pirate! Go Bucs!

  5. Carlson boys were cocky all week and thought they were gonna come out and roll 5-4 Huron. On top of coming out flat, the 3 fumbles in the 1st half they put themselves in a huge hole. Take away the opening 2nd half kickoff and Carlson rolled over Huron the remainder of the game. They will come out more ready for Riverview this Friday. Should be a great game

  6. Milan was not senior heavy. They will return 7 on each side of the ball. With some nice pieces that got playing time at the end. They should be very good next season and have the top two offensive players in the league returning in Hines and Auechbacker.

  7. The Huron League is a running, smash it out kind of league. Very little passing goes on. If you can't force your will against a 8 or 9 man front running the ball in the Huron League you probably won't do very well.

  8. I think the answer to the eternal question "When was the Huron League not down?" is the year when the poster graduated, of course. During that year, the whole league was up and everyone's schedule was a Murderer's Row. 🙂

  9. So what makes yall think riverview will not be good next year they have a group of seniors that running over everyone but do your homework on that team look for them to be at the top for years to come backs for days

  10. I think Gary lets too much through. If any negative comment should be ditched. That might cut back on some of the comments in the posts but we are talking about kids and high school football. This is more then wins and loses. Let these coaches make our boys into men. That can't happen with negative feedback on this blog. I love that this blog has increased interest in the huron league but lets make it about the kids that are doing well not the parents or the saturday morning quarterbacks.
    Thanks guys for all you do.

  11. Cheer not jeer. Post praise not complaints. A victor is a winner not a whiner. Are you a Friday Night Victor or Viper?

  12. My team is out of the playoffs. I just wanted to thank Chris and Gary for all their hard work this season, you've truly made this season better. Thank you and next time I'm near your sponsors, I'll pay them a visit to help out the blog. Good luck to the remaining teams!

  13. Thats why i have said no negative comments should be allowed about any team or coach. This should not be a vent page. It should be a get more coverage page.

  14. He had a fine season as did the Chiefs. If you haven't been on the blog before, then you most likely do not know what I am referring to.

    I believe the poster said he was an uncle. But anyway, I'm tired of the bashing, It hurts people on both sides. We let some stuff go but we screened a lot. This blog was started to improve coverage of the league and bring some awareness to it's players. Some measures are taken so it doesn't become The Young and the Resltess.

  15. So it’s been brought to my attention, that Gary said at 12:57 said a relative was probably 99.9% posting about my son Brett McKay former q.b Huron. My family and I have not been on this blog. Yes it was frustrating this year not seeing him behind center since he was a q.b all his life and for a new coach to come in and put his son there and not to give Brett a chance yes that is frustrating! We as parents and Brett have not complained at all. We supported Brett as the new position he played on both sides of the ball he had a great season on both sides of the ball. We are very proud of him on how he handled this. We can not control what other people are posting.

    Sincerely Suzanne McKay Brett’s mom

  16. Flat Rock loses seniors but there are a great number of juniors coming back especially on defense. Offense is where they will hurt a little. But there Jv went like 4-5 5-4? The middle school went 5-1, there’s talent coming with a great coaching staff.

  17. Gary sorry for assuming it was at me i guess i felt that cause i have been obsessed this year with it lol. I normally dont post much on here. But in regards to the qb i know the family personally and as far as i know they are ok with the positions brett played this year brett seemed happy with it also. And im sure they would put their name on the post they are up front people. Thank u gary and chris for doing the blog ive enjoyed it over the years. My son is a senior so it was his last year of high school football but we will continue to read the blog and support the chiefs always

  18. Mike, I actually wasn't referring to you. I'm 99.9% positive the poster I'm referring to, is a relative of the player. I understand the frustration I suppose but It has just become tiring.

  19. @ gary i take it you are more than likely refering to me since ive posted so much and if you are just so you know these kids are my hobby but thanks for the ideas. When i see kids ive coached and watched grow up who have always loved football and then begin to hate it half way through their senior year i have a big problem with it. And i will always stick up for them. But anyway i guess i will go clip some coupons now and btw my name is always attached so if you were refering to me call me by my name. Mike mitchell

  20. FR does graduate a lot of Seniors- that being said there are many juniors ready to fell those shoes. Returning starters Kamin, Simons, Trimai, Modi and Fitzugh will be key to next years success. The coaching staff is the best in the HL! They will Find A Way to get it done.

  21. I doubt it's only one person posting over and over about QB at Huron. It seems to be a general consensus. But I agree what's done is done now. Time to move on.

  22. To the individual posting over and over and over and over and over about the QB or former QB at Huron, please find something else to do.

    Maybe take up a hobby. Get out and clean the fall foliage. Clip coupons from the Sunday paper. Reorganize your garage.

    I'm here to help, because it seems this person needs it.

  23. Flat Rock will not be in the basement next year…so many haters on this blog. Give credit where credit is due. They have rebuilt that program from the ground up and will continue to do so. I don't know why we want to put out so much hate against these kids. Just shameful

  24. It was definitely different not seeing Brett McKay back at QB this year for Huron, I thought he stepped into his role as a safety and receiver very well and he had an awesome year on both sides of the ball. Very proud of him as a player and as a man


  25. I have followed this blog since it started, I have played huron league football, and I've recently graduated (last 5 years) it blows me away that no matter what happens in the season, or whoever wins, or loses. "The Huron League is down this year" it is absolutely ridiculous that this is said every year. Has the league ever been up? Apparently not. Congrats to all teams this year, 5 out of 8 making the playoffs is great. Not meaning to bicker but Jesus man, I can't take all the negativity anymore. Chris keep doing what you're doing, blog is great.

  26. Well its pretty sad when your son is the grown up in the situation. He told me to stop posting negativity. He dont want any hurt feelings and he loves all his teammates and coach's. So i apologize for the negativity that has been coming from me its not my nature anyway. Just got a bit to emotional this year. So i will just chalk it up to it is what it is. And wish nothing but good things for the chiefs and the program

  27. The league was probably at its most competitive season ever this year from top to bottom. To say the league was down is flat out dumb. Huron parents are starting to sound like last years Airport parents. Give it a rest and be more respectful to the program and the coach who was hired to do the job. Huron had a nice season. Probably not what they had hoped for but the future looks bright.

    The Troll

  28. Kinda crazy brett mckay has been the starting qb since jr high and not his senior year isnt it. he has done a good job all those years to. But @ 446 there was no agenda lol. Your the foolish one

  29. I'm sorry to sound like the fan police, but as a parent of a former SMCC player who was lucky enough to experience a championship run, how can you miss a watching and supporting your child? Great things could happen. Bad things too, God forbid. Either way, just being there with a hug and a smile can mean the world to that kid.

  30. "4 teams made playoffs, 4 were out. Of the 4, 2 lost in the first weekend. Of the 4 , 2 were 5-4. Potentially only 2 teams were for sure in the playoffs. To me that is a down year for the league."

    Flat Rock

    Um, that's 5. 5 of 8. That is not a down year.

    I've been reading how its a down year every single year since this blog started. Yawn. I would like to see the moderators edit in a word replacement for the phrase "down year". Substitute it with "I am a newbie and have no idea about high school football and the history of the Huron League"

  31. 5:55 it was Brett McKay. Check his stats thru the first 5 games last year before he got hurt at end of the big win against SMCC. They speak for themselves.

  32. Your top players to watch was an article from August before the season even started. Many things change throughout a grueling season, including player ability. There is only 11 players on the field at a time and 40+ on the sideline. I’m just gonna be real and say the Rouge players that move on will be the majority. Here’s to any high school player that moves on to the next level.

  33. The agenda was to win games. The only game where you could blame the coaching was CC. View and FR were just better. Thurston and Carlson didn't beat Huron, Huron beat Huron. Doesn't matter who you are, you can't win big games if you turn the ball over, and that's what happened the last two games. The players fought and battled for all 10 games, they just lost to some quality teams. There was no "secret" agenda, if you think there was then you're foolish.

  34. I have been critical at times of the Huron coach. It was never meant as disrespect for the man but just frustration on things I believe he could of done differant to his line up. I don't think you need to be an X coach or a football expert to voice an opinion if it's kept reasonable. But the bottom line is he got this team in the playoffs his first year and had them ready to play last night. They gave Carlson all they wanted in a game they were supposed to get blown out by half time. Huron has good players coming up thru there program so they should be strong near term in the league. Go luck to HL teams left in the playoffs.

  35. Huron League

    4 teams made playoffs, 4 were out. Of the 4, 2 lost in the first weekend. Of the 4 , 2 were 5-4. Potentially only 2 teams were for sure in the playoffs. To me that is a down year for the league. Riverview our best team, we will see how far they can roll.

    Yo Mamma, are you the fan police or what?? Ida has more fans than any of us. That town shuts down when their kids are playing. Great little sports town. Can't out do their fans.

  36. Cross country meet. Nice sport. I was also at the meet. No plays, no politics, no defensive strategy, no offensive strategy, and everybody plays. I like it.

  37. Contrary to what another commenter was saying about River Rouge, I thought it was pretty obvious how much talent they had on the field. Flat Rock probably had a top 3, if not the best defense in the Huron League and the Rouge players were breaking tackles and running around them like it was a Varsity against JV game at some points. Some of the plays that got called back with penalties were just amazing. People thought FR's running back and QB were great at points this year. Rouge's QB was a bigger, faster and better Dotson. Their running back was similar to Daniels in height and speed but probably has 40 pounds on him so think about that. Rouge has more D1 players than the entire Huron League has had in the past 10 years. Great season for Flat Rock with a tough draw, those kids have nothing to hang their heads about!

  38. We miss you coach jim and i agree with you. This wasnt our first winning season. Give credit where credit is do. This program has been getting built up way before this year.

  39. Chris i agree that the criticism should be tasteful but with that being said i think emotions are so high because it is alot of our kids last year of high school football. I for one feel so bad for these boys like ive stated before i love everyone of them like my own. Winning and losing is part of sports and out of all the years my kids have played i have never said a negative word to a coach. But this year it was clear that there was an agenda being pushed and it wasnt in the best interest of our team. But anyway its over now we live and learn and win or lose we have great young men on that team. Always a chief fan go chiefs

  40. Chris i agree that the criticism should be tasteful but with that being said i think emotions are so high because it is alot of our kids last year of high school football. I for one feel so bad for these boys like ive stated before i love everyone of them like my own. Winning and losing is part of sports and out of all the years my kids have played i have never said a negative word to a coach. But this year it was clear that there was an agenda being pushed and it wasnt in the best interest of our team. But anyway its over now we live and learn and win or lose we have great young men on that team. Always a chief fan go chiefs

  41. Agree with Chris. Coaches coach, players play.
    You people really think the guy is trying to lose?
    Huron has come from maybe the worst team in Michigan to a respectable program, enjoy it!
    No one wins 11 games a year that often, so back off Coach Spies.
    If you coach haters out there think you can do better, than go ahead and apply for a coaching job,
    Idiots, I swear….

  42. Sorry Jim, I was at a cross country meet all morning. No moderating has been done this morning on my end. As for the five wins, I stated that because there needs to be some perspective instead of trying to crucify this new coach that still won five games and went to the playoffs. The chief program has come a long way from when it was the worst program in the state of Michigan people. I understand having high expectations and maybe the team fell short of where they were supposed to be this year. But cut the guy a break, the stuff I read on here that doesn’t get posted is ridiculous it’s been a nonstop verbal assaults on this guy.

  43. I heard that at the Ida/Denby game last night, there were only 10 Denby fans in the stands. Ida fans took over the Home stands because they needed the extra room. Denby fans probably won't be on here to defend themselves, but c'mon man! You gotta support your kids!

  44. Funny how my post didn't make it on, I said I was proud of the Huron team and it was a great game. I didn't bash any coaches and I put my name on post as well. I even said I felt bad for having to beat my old team. Sad when recent history is mentioned it is purposely omitted or not posted.
    Jim Bylica

  45. Huron won 5 in 2013, and 11 in 2014 And 5 2015 And 6 in 2016. So to make it sound like winning is something new at Huron is wrong. If your going to state the facts state them. Great game last night Huron, I'm proud of all of you and told you all that on the field last night. I'm glad we won but feel bad it was against you.
    Coach Jim Bylica

  46. The thing about Roosevelt, they just play hard no matter who they play, They have been without their captain and probably best play Since week 3, they make no excuses, just move forward.

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