Friday Night Victors Thoughts and Questions

Congrats to Riverview, they were clearly the better team.

Carlson set a record for points scored in a season this year.

Any reason why the Riverview/Carlson game started at 6:55 pm?

SMCC still playing.

Congrats to Ida and Coach Potter on a great season.

Riverview is the most physical Huron League team I have seen in a long time.

Are the gold shoes really necessary?

SMCC is use to seeing great QB’s in the playoffs.

Apparently someone forgot to tell Ida they were suppose to be re-building instead of re-loading.

Riverview rushed for 441 yards on Friday.

Carlson will only get better with Jack Giarmo as coach.

It wouldn’t surprise me if SMCC has a match up with week 1 opponent Pewamo-Westphalia again.

We may have to do separate preview videos this week. Too much to talk about.

Look for the All-Blog teams after the season ends.

Look for the All-Huron League teams after the season ends.

For what it is worth, the Riverview parents throw the best pre-game parties.

Go Green!

19 thoughts on “Friday Night Victors Thoughts and Questions”

  1. Compared to whom? You can't compare a D8 team to a D1 team. Whiteford should be compared to their league and now their D8 foes. Of which they are very good.

    Not a fan of the upper division snobs. Yes, a Muskegon SHOULD be better than a Whiteford. They have 5 times the students.

  2. 9:16 pm Whiteford is division 8. Not taking anything away from the kids, but come on man. They’re not the greatest team ever.

  3. I noticed sometimes the games do start a little early. I think it is the refs that want to get started and done sooner as long as they are ready to go. It is not right because I notice there are parents and fans scrambling to get there after work. I wish that whomever could do something about that would.When my son played it happened alot.

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