Huron League Defensive Player of the Year

Because the blog started with the Huron League and we cover all eight Huron League teams we will be picking our All League Teams and Players of the Year again. 

We will pick an Offensive Player of the Year, a Defensive Player of the Year and an Overall Player of the Year. We will then pick 11 offensive players, 11 defensive players a kicker and a punter for our All-League teams. Our Players of the Year will not be included in these All League teams.

SMCC DB Collin Woolford has been named the All-Huron League Blog Defensive Player of the Year. The 5-8, 185 lb senior has been a starter for the Falcons since his sophomore year.

Woolford recorded 76 tackles, 3.5 TFL’s, 7 pass break ups, 1 INT and 2 fumble recoveries for the 7-5 Falcons. The  rugged senior was known for his big hits coming up from his strong safety position.

Woolford was instrumental on both sides of the ball for the Falcons during their small play-off run that saw them recover from a 1-3 start to losing in the Regional final to Madison Heights Madison.

Click Here —–> Collin Woolford Highlights

Other players considered for the award were; Tristen Hines (Milan), John Blanzy (Grosse Ile), Tyler Dively (Riverview) and Sameer Tayeb (Flat Rock).

18 thoughts on “Huron League Defensive Player of the Year”

  1. Sorry Im being that guy but i just thought I’d add there are plenty of great defensive players on sub par teams Blanzy was a sophomore that played like a senior and his football instincts and nose for the ball are second to none. Maybe I’m a bit biased but i don’t see a football player in the league touching his defensive skills and i went to nearly every game.
    DPOY 2K16

  2. Blanzy had a great year and he certainly was considered for the award, but I really labored over the thought of giving it to a player from a team that finished 2-7. Winning has to come into play somewhere. I thought we did that with our pick. If it’s any consolation, he was our second choice.

    If you happen to be our GI detractor that criticizes everything we do. I’m sure you will have some sort of slick response to my thought process. We can’t please everyone. The kid is a great player and the entire league knows that but certainly so is our choice for player of the year.

  3. Huron League will be better than past year.
    Most teams used and played more sophomores than usual.
    I expect League talent to get better, it has been a little down compared to past seasons.
    Flat Rock was up a little but most teams were down in talent and pure numbers.
    I look for improvement from GI, SMCC, Milan and Huron.

  4. Didn't know Hines was a sophomore he's right there with them, don't really know much about the smcc kids though
    Like I said the Huron league has a lot of talent coming

  5. There were 2 dominating sophomores this year Blanzy from GI and Gardner from Riverview, the Huron league has a lot to look forward too over the next 2 years with these 2, with that said they have years to win honors!
    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone

  6. Lot's of kids did great jobs this season. Many will end up on the All-League list in our eyes, as the best of the best, while other good players won't quite make it. That's okay. It doesn't mean they aren't good or even great players.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  7. Now doesn't Mr. 9:08 am. yesterday (Tuesday) feel pretty stupid, after complaining about not getting one of the 3 coveted awards. I looked up the kids hudl and thought he was a better defensive player then an offensive player anyway. Than I noticed that he didn't have any stats – off. or def.and you want to measure "will" at least have your Coach report his weekly stats. I always said; a lot of kids have the will to dunk a basketball, but they don't have the talent to do it. Get Real, and by the way Colin – CONGRATULATIONS on a great year.

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