18 thoughts on “Riverview @ Divine Child Highlight Video”

  1. @7:54 – thank you! Watching/reading the FHH story it would be hard to root against them if I weren’t a Pirate. It’s an incredible story. As far as health is concerned, I don’t believe we’re any worse off than anyone else at this point. The bigs up front are still strong and that’s the backbone of this team. I’m losing my mind waiting for tomorrow!

  2. Congrats to Bucs and all of the Huron League, great tradition
    there is not a more deserving coach for all of this success than
    coach Mac-great guy , great coach,
    It seems also as if the entire coaching staff at the view has also been
    doing a great job-staying humble and not complaining of injuries but continuing to grind
    What a run !!!!
    Jeff Stergales also state champ-Fordson-great job as well-an old school smash mouth coach what
    a perfect combination-

  3. Airport grad here… Good luck to Riverview, this is great to see. ThiscRiverview team is one of the most physical teams ive seen in a long time but FHH is a different animal even when their teams are down, we played against such a team on the 05 playoffs. Coach Herrington runs a great program and its sad to see that school closing after next season. With all that being said I will be cheering from afar for the Pirates and I wish your program all the luck in the world, if they play the way they're capable of I believe Riverview will come out on top… GO BUCS!!!!

    How is the health of the team?

  4. This is my sons first year on varsity as a 10th grader he was accepted by everyone, our whole family has enjoyed this wild ride!
    Keep up the hard work and total team effort…..
    1 more to ford field Let's Go Bucs!!!!!

  5. I love watching these boys play, they have a love and a passion for the game!!they all get along soo well when on the field. They may not be the best of friends off the field but when that helmet comes on, they become a team!! I am proud of them and how far they have come, this is my sons senior year, probably the last time he will wear a helmet and im ok with that, its been a wild and fun ride. truely, blessed to be a part of the view!! GO BUCS!!!

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