Riverview vs Farmington Hills Harrison Pick

Sorry no video this week folks.

Riverview (11-1) vs Harrison (9-3)
Chris’s Pick: Riverview 35 Harrison 34 OT
Gary’s Pick: Riverview 27 Harrison 25

8 thoughts on “Riverview vs Farmington Hills Harrison Pick”

  1. Hard to pick against Harrison…that is a given…but then again…I did pick the Pirates to win the Huron. Seems some key players on Rview are not playing? Is this true? The QB is not playing either?? I hate doing this…Well…I'm going to do it anyway…WHITEFORD OVER MENDON!!!!

    GOOOOO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Honestly, it will depend on the weather for me. I know Gary has other plans. We shall see if it’s in the 40s and not raining I will be there. I know that sounds kind of silly but I could be watching football in my warm living room.

  3. I thought the view would lose a close one last week. But they dominated the LOS on both sides of the ball.
    If they do it again and hold on to the ball they’re heading to ford field!
    Gonna be a wet/windy game advantage Pirates!!

    FHH- 14
    View- 22

    The Bearded Buc

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