SMCC(7-4) @ Madison Heights Madison(11-0) Friday 7pm

SMCC pulled off an exciting win on a last second FG vs the Hudson Tigers, 19-16.  Madison is coming off a resounding victory over Riverview Gabriel Richard, 47-0.  SMCC has an overall playoff record of 44-19, making the playoffs 15 of the last 18 season.  While Madison has a post season record of 19-13, qualifying for the playoffs the last 13 seasons.  These 2 teams have never met on the gridiron previously.

Everyone knows the drill with SMCC.  They will line up in their patented T formation and dare you to stop what they do.  What they do is run it right at you with a cohesive offensive line and a stable of very capable backs.  Leading the Falcons up front are Griffin Vuich, Bryce Iott, Jared Fleck, Nick Goda, Connor Bogdanski and Briggs HehlCollin Woolford, Nick Marino, Mitchell Sherrard, Stephen LaPrad, Mitchell Duvall and Sam Cousino will get the carries out of the Full House T.  At the helm will be QB’s Josh Blanchett and Wyatt Bergmoser, who both saw action last week.  SMCC is led by head coach, Adam Kipf.

Madsion is led by their (6’1″ 190 lb JR) QB, Austin Brown.  Austin has been a starter ever since he has laced up his cleats (2 years at Detroit Catholic Central).  He is very versatile, he can do it with his arms and his legs.  When going to the air, Brown will look to Zyaire Croskey(6’2″ 195 SR) and Davin Davis Tucker(6’3″180). On the ground Brown will go with Joseph Austin. The Eagles average 34ppg.  Madison is led on the defensive side(13ppg) by Dominik Rowell, Terrance Coombs and Chauncey Ernest.    Head Coach of the Madison Eagles is James Rogers.

This is a very intriguing matchup, with two completely different styles.  You would think Madison’s key to victory would be to spread out the Falcons and try to pick them apart through they air.  However, they do like to use power formations and run the ball right at you.  I would anticipate they will go with whatever is working best.  The key for SMCC would seem to be ball control, while using up the clock.  That wouldn’t be a departure from what SMCC likes to do in the first place.  Get behind the O-line and grind out first down after first down, frustrating the Eagles.  Who will execute better?  Who will impose their will on the other?  Who will come out on top between these 2 playoff warriors(43 total playoff wins since 2006)?   This is the marquee matchup this week in D7.  The winner will have and excellent shot at Ford Field. 

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  1. The ONLY reason you other HL fans want SMCC to leave the league is because you're obviously tired of getting beat by them more often than you are victorious. SMCC plays up every year, against bigger schools, with bigger, faster players, and they do a pretty good job of it if you ask me. Keep up all the recruiting jabber, it'll never stop. It just proves to me that out of the hundreds of kids that are in each district, you haven't been able to field too many teams to beat them. Every school has had their occasional "superstars" come through, but a team isn't made up of just one or two kids. SMCC usually has had teams of 30 to 35 kids, while other schools have had many more.They still hold their own. Will they beat Madison? Who knows? Just be glad they're still playing.

  2. Not sure what comparison you are talking about. But if you are comparing Riverview Richard and SMCC. There is no comparison. These 2 programs are on completely deifferent levels. Don't let records or playoff points fool you.

  3. SMCC plays in a very tough league and their non-conference schedule is always tough. Opening the season with a victory over the defending Division 7 State Champs Pewamo-Westphalia was huge. PW is currently 10-1 and still alive. No matter what happens tonight, SMCC will most likely be my early season favorite to win the Huron League next season.

  4. 9:18 is very realistic, not every comment is going to be a cheer for the locals. Sometimes reality is needed in a comment. Madison Heights has a great program, has almost double the points of SMCC. Beaten the likes of Class A Warren Fitzgerald, a playoff team and Marine City, also a playoff team and a program with a few state titles in recent years.

    Riverview Gabriel Richard was 9-2 this year and has more playoff point than SMCC, so I would say that was a great comparison and a very realistic comment.

    I saw on here awhile back about SMCC getting into a league with Riverview Gabriel Richard. They are in the Catholic High School Intersectional League. Only 5 teams in it. I think that would be very sensible. Any thoughts on that??

  5. Every team has a chance to win at this point of the season , congrats to all the teams still playing football and go Falcons

  6. SMCC has no chance here. They are similar to Riverview Gabriel Richard and look what happened to them. SMCC has some great 10th graders playing their heart out, but opponents have been mediocre to this point. This is the big boys with several formations, several weapons, not just one dimensional like most of Monroe County.

    I'm sure they will play their best, but they will not overcome Madison Heights.
    Either way, it has been a surprising run for the Falcons with this supposing to be a down year. So making it to this point is still very repectable.

  7. Last I knew Brown had thrown for over 2,000 yards and 24 touchdowns with only 3 Int. Don't believe that includes post season stats. Has potential to be a great game!

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