Erie Mason All-Time Top 10 Teams

Time to start something a little new. We are going to rank the all-time teams of each school. We will only go back as far as 1950. Obviously, this is subjective. We’re not saying that certain teams would beat others, but the picks will be relative based on the era they played in.

1. Erie Mason 1987, 13-0

2. Erie Mason 2003, 11-1

3. Erie Mason 1984, 9-0

4. Erie Mason 2002, 11-1

5. Erie Mason 1967, 8-1

6. Erie Mason 1988, 8-1

7. Erie Mason 1972, 7-1-1

8. Erie Mason 2001, 7-3

9. Erie Mason 1983, 7-2

10. Erie Mason 1973, 6-2-1

There you have it. Disagree? Let us know why. Did we miss a team? Which one and why?

1 thought on “Erie Mason All-Time Top 10 Teams”

  1. These top teams for each school are interesting. I think it would be pretty cool to do some research to compare how the Huron League compares to other leagues around the state in success in the playoffs. I don’t know of a lot of mostly public school leagues that are made up of mostly class B schools so it would be nice to see how well they usually do. It would be interesting to compare how the smallest schools in other similar leagues do in the playoffs like SMCC and other teams around the state that don’t run into teams like River Rouge.

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