Way Too Early Huron League Predictions

1. SMCC (7-5): The Falcons return a solid group of young players and could be poised for a run to Ford Field.

2. Riverview (11-2): Graduation took a heavy toll on the Huron League champs, but there is an abundance of talent returning for the Pirates.

3. Milan (5-5): The Big Reds return two of the most talented players in the league, but must find a supporting cast.

4. Huron (5-5): This could be an addition by subtraction season for the Chiefs. Huron will have less talent, but it may force the Chiefs to do one thing well.

5. Grosse Ile (2-7): The Red Devils showed flashes at times last season and have arguably the best defensive player in the league.

6. Airport (4-5): The Jets will be hard pressed to match last season’s win total. Airport’s 4 wins were by a combined 9 points.

7. Flat Rock (7-3): The Rams are coming off of the best season in a generation, but they have their work cut out after graduating a very talented group of seniors.

8. Jefferson (0-9): there is no where but up for the Bears and they will have to find a way to score in 2018.

29 thoughts on “Way Too Early Huron League Predictions”

  1. Riverview did lose a lot on both lines but have a lot of returning starters on both sides.
    Wood,Rice,Gardner,Naïf,Johnson,Lockhart,Moultrie,Martindale,Trey,Lezotte are all high quality talent
    The kids that were on JV O line were bigger than the Varsity but will have to learn the nastiness they brought
    I think the league is going to beat each other up all year but we will see

  2. @ money Hurons Coach is way overrated he was an assistant for all
    Of his career except for last year and two others. Replacing the qb will be not problem. Huron heading for a fifth place finish.


  3. For 5:03 pm. Teams knew who was getting the ball at the end of the season and they STILL couldn't stop #44. If Hines doesn't get hurt in the first quarter in the playoff game against Chelsea they would have probably won that game. With the QB coming back from his injury it will open up the offense again. Just keep counting the Big Reds down and out like you do every year. The coaching staff always has those boys ready to go!

  4. Ok no team has a bad coaching staff in the huron league.
    View has a great coaching staff.
    FR might have the best HC they've had ever.
    Mian and GI won the league 2 seasons ago and at that point they were crowned best coaches in the league by most.
    CC just won a regional after starting the season poor, thats on the coach getting the guys together to focus.
    Airport goes from 1-8 back to back seasons to 4-5. First year coach did good have faith.
    Hurons coach has won everywhere he goes.
    Jeffersons coach I feel is ok, he kept his kids fighting all season.
    I think our league has a phenomenal set of coaches everywhere.
    View faithful

  5. Milan dad at 7:18pm Look at the horses Milan had for those years. I believe for 3 of those years they had Trace Lindeman, Marcus Gray, and EJ Mendves in the back field all college football players. Put Tommy Kanitz and Meech at QB for 5 of those years. Now Hines and Aeschbacker. Its not a secret with Milan who is getting the ball. Probably the worst tackling team in the Huron league year in year out. Sorry. I forgot about Furtney.

  6. I agree with Milan being back up at the top as long as they find a supporting cast like mentioned.#44 and #7 will both be back and better than ever. Both kids are studs. It does take a team to win but when you have the one of the best RB’s in the state returning in his class with Aeshbacker and probably one of the most dynamic players in the state with Hines… Watch out for Milan!!!

  7. @ February 11, 2018 at 7:23 PM

    I know that GI had a few WRs go on to play at the D2 level, but it was more 12-15 years ago…James Camron went on to play WR at Findley (not sure if he made it all 4 years), and Blake Smolen went on to have a nice career at GVSU where he set several GV records. Those are the only few I can remember from GI.

    -Dancing Devil

  8. @7:22 By the way, #21 for the View broke his collarbone, not his leg. But I would have to agree, that he was certainly an impact player that probably would have made the difference on those goal to go series.


  10. I don’t think anyone in this league is scared of GI’s or Hurons passing game unless there are some really good transfers that came in that no one knows about. I can’t think of any great receivers to come out of the Huron League in the last 10 years. And none that went on to play at least at the Division 2 level. Could be wrong, but not that I can remember. Can you guys remember any that I can’t think ok Chris/Gary?

  11. Riverview had a great team last year and they deserved what they got. I honestly think they would’ve made it to Ford Field if number 21 doesn’t break his leg. But the two running backs #21 and #22 were two of the better players I’ve seen in this league over the past 10 years at least. Those type of players don’t come around all the time and we’re pretty special kids. Not having running backs of that caliber makes the T look a little bit different. Ask SMCC.

  12. Over-rated coaching staff? Lol Milan has a winning record against every school in this league minus SMCC (who I believe he is 3-4 against) since Hoskins took over at Milan. And his first year was tough at 1-8. After his first season, he has led Milan to 3 of the last 6 Huron League titles, A district Championship, multiple playoff wins, and made the playoffs 5 of the last 6 seasons. Other than SMCC, no one else in this league can compare over that stretch, Those are just facts. Look up the records if you don’t agree. I think most people in this league that know football would disagree with your statement.

    Would like to hear Chris and Gary’s thoughts honestly

    Milan Dad

  13. If Riverview's O and D lines play anything like last year they will be tough to beat. Best coached team in the Huron league last year. SMCC always a tough game, going to have to outscore them to win. Milan again has the 2 best players but with little supporting help and an overrated coaching staff this season looks cloudy. Huron/GI bringing a passing game to the Huron League is something different. Do teams have the athletes to cover them.

  14. Milan returns 7 on Both sides of the ball. They should be very good if they stay healthy. QB returns that broke his leg against Riverview that will allow Milan to play Hines at Receiver with Auschbacker at Tailback. They should be the two most dynamic players in the league at the skill positions. Their success will depend on if they can stay healthy. Only having 23 guys on the team last year really hurt them. Should have better depth this season.

    Milan Fan

  15. I don't know Chris , let's see what they do this year. It does come from the coaches, I agree. Let's just see what happens this year. Last year was a once in a while team, they lost a ton of there toughness which is on the oline n dline, I agree with you and that's where it matters. I'm agreeing with you but let's see them do it consistently first !!!

  16. Riverview will be good again. I don't think they can duplicate last season because they lost some key people including members of the OL and DL that just can't be replaced that easily. However, they do have some very very good players returning and I can't help but think the physicality that the Pirates played with last year is developed in the weight room and practice by the current coaching staff. I totally expect an upper echelon finish in the Huron League by Riverview

  17. I am not a Riverview guy and honestly don’t know much about what they have returning, but sometimes “success breeds success.” The great senior group they had last year paved the way. Now, those juniors who witnessed need to work their butts off to follow that path. Doesn’t mean they win the league, but if they work they will have a decent year. Just my two cents.

  18. Makes me laugh that Riverview has a great year in I don't know how long ? Lose a ton on last years team , and now there gonna reload ? Ok !!!

  19. 1.smcc-they will be good but their jv has been bad and eventually they will run out of steam
    2.riverview-will be good probably win the league again, qb is a stud Jv was good and physical
    3.milan-lost furney have a qb that can run and can't throw Jesse is almost out of tricks again JV has been herrendous
    4.huron-spiess the coaching guru needs to dig deep without his kid at QB will be pretty good though with a good jv filling in
    5. GI-always runs the spread effectively jv won't give much help though
    6.airport-not sure on them their "big class" is the upcoming seniors they have, better buy in to Duffy cause lose a couple and they could implode
    7.flat rock-last Year was the Cinderella year for Buck, lost a ton but the kids seem to have bought in
    8.jefferson—plead the fifth we may not be good


    O comments


  20. I think your sleeping on Airport, they will finish top 5 in the league. Riverview will repeat after reloading CHOO CHOO!!!

  21. Cc vs View is game of the year, CC has a big number of players back and the View, while losing alot of the oline and dline, have Naif, Wood, Gardner, and Johnson back plus more. GI will be better than you have them ranked, Alot of returning talent for the island and we saw this year what returning talent does. Also, Milan/Huron are contenders for league as well. Huron lost it late last season and Milan doesnt have a supporting cast yet but I'll think that'll change. Flatrock might not drop to far. The coach is good, he just needs to figure out the talent fast to succeed. Jefferson and Airport seem to be the bottom but this league has surprised before.
    View faithful

  22. CC has a shot at the league for sure this year..gotta stay healthy like anyone else. They really do have some nice pieces coming back ..

  23. Milan will be back at #1, they have Jesse Hoskins and Steven Price, and the best coaching staff in the Huron League

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