SMCC All-Time Top 10 Teams

1. SMCC 1991, 13-0

2. SMCC 2014, 13-1

3. SMCC 1969, 9-0

4. SMCC 1984, 11-1

5. SMCC 2010, 12-2

6. SMCC 1973, 9-0

7. SMCC 2005, 12-2

8. SMCC 2009, 12-2

9. SMCC 1960, 8-0

10. SMCC 2004,  11-2

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46 thoughts on “SMCC All-Time Top 10 Teams”

  1. Changing the subject a bit-
    Is there going to be a Monroe County HS football All Star game this year ? JS

  2. I think it's pathetic every school we've called is turning us down, and 2 local schools I know for sure that did ..I just don't understand what is going on with these programs that are really good that won't play us … outright pathetic !!!

  3. I do believe Muskegon CC declined SMCC for week 1. SMCC is actively looking for a week 1 opponent. It is possible they play an 8 game schedule if nobody accepts the offer.

  4. I look at it this way…MCC/SMCC…no matter what their record may be…were better than most teams in any conference they belonged to. Dig it now!!! When you come to play that team…you better bring your team…and also the team from the city next to you!!!

  5. Sounds like you hurt someone’s feeling Chris. I thought it was just the millennial snowflakes that complained like this. The list looks good to me.

  6. played in B and never won a championship same as volleyball softball basketball play in B and wont get past regionals and or districts most years but now Div 7 and class c beat up on schools
    this school is like ND, Nebraska, Michigan football of the 80's

  7. Here is a paradox wrapped in a riddle, Jack Giarmo was a great CC player & coach; do you think he is more offended his team he played on that deserved to be on the list was left off or more surprised that teams he coached that shouldn't be on list are on??

  8. What is your justification for '87 & '90?? Losing once vs a couple of all timers is worse than losing twice to D 6 competition and/or losing the lg? 1990 did same thing as '69, finished regular season 9-0 & ranked #1 in the state and both '87 & '90 won the Huron Lg & went undefeated in reg season, something 4 of your teams.didnt do. Seems like a pretty easy answer to your question to me.

  9. 04 team played Summit Academy and Detroit Redford didn’t even show up. Team did don’t win the league take them off of the list.

  10. I saw the 80 team play twice that year. CC beat 3-6 Grosse Ile 14-13, 3-6 DivineChild 14-6 and 4-5 Jefferson 16-10. Great year at 9-0, but not top 10. Once again, who do I remove from the list?

  11. I couldn't agree with 8:26 more. I did not play on '87 team but they were legit. I have seen every team.since '84 and to have all those 2000's teams with 2 losses is incomprehensible. It's like you're saying you didn't see some of the other teams so you'll just go with what you know even though they played inferior opponents or in some cases didn't even win their lg. It's like my son trying to argue with me that Matt Stafford is better than Montana or Marino! Never saw '80 but they are always talked about highly & '87 & '90 not being on this list is not only laughable but pretty much takes away any credibility from the list.

  12. Don’t see much problems with this list. Would love to see an all-time Monroe County top ten. Not sure if there’s been a better squad than the 2013 Bedford team.

  13. @8:08-I’m a Falcon but the ‘90 Rams we’re strong. Great speed & skill positions.
    I would put them near the top behind the ‘76 squad.

  14. I played on the 87 team and I'm telling you right now we would pound some of these teams …100% for sure if we played in D6 that year we would of won state…way to much size and speed we had D1 players and kids that went on to play in D2 schools …would love to have played these teams !!!

  15. Thank you @6:44 and Gary for backing me up on the ‘80,’87 and ‘90 teams.

    1980-if you pushed Coach Sanderson, may be his pick for his best team. Close wins, are still wins.
    1987-well rounded team; undefeated in league; lost to one of the best high school quarterbacks this state has ever seen…if not the best.
    1990-#1 Claas B ranking; pounded #1 ranked at the time Pirates; beat the best teams Flat Rock and Airport had in years; Clintondale had only given up a field goal in 8 games; Montrose was a beast & broke their win streak; and lastly, Tyrone Wheatley is the best high
    school RB in the history of this state and he was not their whole team-that Robichaud team was stacked and had other D1 players. They would blowout many a great team.

    Again, lots of great teams to choose from but these 3 are definites.

  16. I was at the 1987 game vs Harrison & yes they got worked but Mill the Thrill was a Freak. And Fox Sports Detroit did a series called State Champs: Sports Legends & highlighted Tyrone Wheatley. Please let me know when the episodes are airing on the stars from Ithaca, Montague, Kingsley, & Constantine & I will set my DVR. And both Harrison & Robichaud had multiple other players that played D1 college from those teams.

  17. Depends on how you are choosing your rank.

    Are you picking who was better or who did better?

    The recent teams are competing in what was Class D 30 years ago. 87 and 90 competed in class B with a class C enrollment. In my opinion 87 and 90 were every bit as good or maybe better than 04 and up.

  18. 1980 is well known in Central circles as possibly Sandersen's best team. And 1990 beat a Riverview team ranked #1 big @ Riverview, then beat Class BB Mt Clemens Clintondale that was undefeated & ranked, also away, and ended a 30 plus win streak vs Montrose in the playoffs. Losing big to one of U of M's greatest RB's who had a 10 yr NFL career doesn't disqualify them in my book.

  19. I will add that the 1980 team although undefeated struggled with some poor teams. Do the research and you will see. The 1987 team was an excellent team, but was blown out by a 2 loss Harrison team. The 1990 team was excellent as well but was blown out by Wheatly’s Robichaud team. I stand by my picks. So I’ll ask again. What team do I remove?

  20. How in the world do you have the 4 2 loss teams that all competed in D6 in there over the previous poster's 3 obvious ommissions that all played in Class B?? Questionalble list for sure.

  21. Chris, this is not an enviable job, but some definite omissions of deserving teams.

    1980 – Giarmo, Haddix & Co. – robbed of playoff birth – 9-0
    1987- Gary’s homeboys – uber talent and lost to Mill the Thrill Coleman – 10-1
    1990 – Finished reg season ranked #1 in Class B – lost to Tyrone Wheatley – 11-1

    All the teams above played Class B

    This is not easy to pick a top 10 for, but those 3 belong in it without question.

  22. Chris Chris Chris!! 2014 needs to be number 1.. body of work.. they beat luman and broke Ithaca’s 69 game win streak..longest in the nation at that time..

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