First Days of Practice Within Sight

With the end of the school year fast approaching; coaches, players and fans will start focusing on the first day of practice for the 2018 MHSAA football season. Only 70 short days until practice begins on Monday August 6th.

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  1. Sure I can do a thoughts and questions, I have many boncing around my head right now.

    As for Dundee, good game for both schools this year. Airport? Not sure on that one for either side, but maybe we will all be surprised.

  2. Good stuff on the HL and the LCAA. Looks to be the same person possibly. Well done.

    10:04, Whiteford didnt need a week 1. I talked to Coach Mensing, he said if he had week 1 open, he would have played CC no problem. Ida didnt need a week 1 either, Jefferson is a nice matchup with them.

  3. Man I wish Whiteford would've said yes to play SMCC, or Ida or Onsted..or Algonac who knocked out Ida the last 2 years …oh yeah or Muskegon CC who decided to play Algonac …they should all be ashamed of themselves.

  4. I agree.. Huron is a sleeping Giant!! Give him that team and they are making a run every year. Although I do think Huron outcoached Jack in the playoffs last year.

    Carlson's T didn't look like the SMCC T from the years of old, but I guess when you have those athletes, it doesn't have to!!

  5. LCAA 2018

    1. Brooklyn CC 9-0
    2. Blissfield 7-2
    3. Hillsdale 7-2
    4. Hudson 6-3
    5. Onsted 5-4
    6. Ida 4-5
    7. Erie Mason 2-7
    8. Dundee 1-8

    BCC- Best QB and Receivers in the League along with the best 2 Way player MLB/RB Carson Daniels. Look for the Golden Eagles to make a run in the playoffs.
    Blissfield- Return a QB who threw for 1500 yds and led his team to the playoffs as a FRESHMAN in 2017. He returns along with a great group of Juniors. Blissfield could shock Whiteford in the opener.
    Hillsdale- The best Coaching staff in the league took a the worst talent in the league, went from the spread last year to the T and managed to go 5-4 and earn a playoff bid. Since they've had to forfeit because they played an ineligible player, but still the job Lemerand did was awesome. Hillsdale some very good Defensive players coming back along with a QB who really heated up by the end of the season. Watch for them to be in the thick of things.
    Hudson- You can't count them out. They lose virtually everyone, but they won't back down. They have some Oline returnees along with one of the Best DB/RB combos in the LCAA. Watch for them to grind out games and outcoach the lower echelon of the LCAA.
    Onsted- With the talent they have they should be 1 or 2, but I'm not sold, yet. They return everyone from a team that started out 4-0 . This is the best group of talent they've had since 2007. If they find a QB to fill in and get better upfront they could win the LCAA and make noise in the playoffs. They have one of, if not the fastest kid in the LCAA. A soft early schedule will have the wildcats potentially 3-0 to start.
    Ida- Shame on me for putting Ida down here, but they are losing some great lineman on both sides. They do return a QB who is as slippery as they come. He could be the best leader in the LCAA. They return a two RB's who do NOT go backwards. This could be a surprise team in the LCAA. If they go to the Wishbone Triple Option there will be growing pains early. A tough early schedule could prove costly. I look for them to slide past Jefferson, an early tussle with BCC and Blissfield will tell the tale. Ida will need to score a lot of points because they lost a lot on D.
    Erie Mason- They have a nice QB some very good receivers and some size upfront. The problem is that they didn't stop a soul on 2017. They might have to win games 55-50. I could see them putting up huge numbers in 2018 on offense. I can also see them giving up huge points. Anytime you have some of the best athletes in space in the LCAA you can win. A lot of LCAA teams struggle stopping the spread, and I could see Erie Mason playing with teams for a half them wearing down. I see them winning a league game or 2. In 2 years watch out LCAA will be in the top half of the LCAA
    Dundee- Going to be a rough year for the Vikings. They play everyone tough, but just haven't figured out how to finish close games. The Vikings lose a ton of talent on both sides from 2017, a year which they very easily could have qualified for the playoffs. The Vikings will start several sophs and juniors and a Freshman at QB and a Freshman at DB. It will be a learning year for the Vikings who need to win Week 1 and Week 2, but I don't see them having enough athletes to keep up with AA Huron. The good thing for the Vikings is that their JV team was 7-2 last year and they have a lot of young talent coming up. Look for them to be down in 18, but improved in 19 and pushing for the playoffs in 2020.

  6. HL

    1. SMCC 8-0
    2. Grosse Ile 7-2
    3. Riverview 7-2
    4. Milan 6-3
    5. Airport 5-4
    6. Huron 4-5
    7. Flat Rock 3-6
    8. Jefferson 1-8

    GI is my surprise Team. SMCC will be loaded for the next 2 years. Maybe better in 2019. Riverview will lose to CC and GI. They have a great QB returning and many pieces but depth will be an issue. Milan will surprise, they won't be as big upfront this year, but they have speed, a healthy QB and some returners on D. I look for them to get off to a fast start in the HL. Airport, well they have a lot of good atheltes returning. They could have one of the fastest teams in the HL. If they survive Monroe High Week 1, they could make a run. They will have to play much better defense in 2018. They didn't stop anyone in 2017. The Jets could be fun to watch in 2018, after this year the cupboard is bare. Huron will be down this year, but will be back in 2020. They have a 1st year head coach has ZERO, YES ZERO Varsity of JV game experience. Now you can surround yourself with a great staff which I heard he has done, but when you're the man you have to be the man. When adversity hits, how will he react seeing that he has never called a Varsity play or set up a Varsity practice. I think in time this will prove to be a great hire, but Huron is going to take some bumps next year. 4-5 is a stretch, but I do see them staying in games because they have some decent kids coming back on the defensive side of the ball. Flat Rock is a team that could surprise and go 6-3. Their schedule is tough to start HL play, if they survive to week 4 and go 2-2 they could win 6. I do believe winning 5 could get them in. They have a lot of new faces stepping in at key positions. Let's see if they FIND A WAY in 2018. Look for FR to have the up and coming QB in the league. FR will have a solid Defense as they return several Dlinemen and LB's. They'll need to play D to compete this year. They have one of the best S/S in the league returning. FR will need to win games 14-7 this year.
    Jefferson- Jefferson will be improved, but their record won't show it. The bears lose some good kids upfront, but have a TON of speed including a promising Junior QB. I wouldn't be surprised if the Bears knock off a front runner early but I don't see them being very competitive until next year.

  7. Listen SMCC is just despised or hated or not liked because we win , period. All the schools in the Huron League circle that game every year and SMCC wouldn't have it any other way. I love the commentary on this blog, it's the best and can't wait to the start of the season and listen to how CC recruits, were small we're lucky we won't win next week yada, yada , yada !!!

  8. I think would do great anywhere he went. So far so good at Carlson. That T is a mother. His players were good yes of course. Airport had some great teams as well as Milan.

    Give Giarmo Huron’s roster over the last 5 years and it’s a wrap.

  9. Gary,

    If Jack Coached at another School do you think he would've had the success he had at SMCC?? Not to take anything away from his accomplishments, but I do believe there are other coaches that are better than him, but they don't get the kids he did. I mean there was NO OTHER School in the HL that had the talent he had in that time period. I venture to say from 2000-2006 No team in the HL had that talent in the last 25 years.

    I think SMCC has the best assistant coaching staff in the League right now. Adam was smart to hire those guys and get them to stay and commit. I would hire 3 of those guys off his staff before Adam, but that is my opinion.

  10. And yes. The HL does prepare them well for the playoffs. Typically they won’t play a team the caliber of a HL champ til the regional or semi final. However, the HL can make it tough to get to 6 wins. Add to that they typically play a very tough non conference schedule. So the HL can help but it can also hurt.

  11. They do have great tradition, no doubt.
    They do have baseball fields for the record.
    You listed what they don't offer, what they do offer far outweighs what any public school can offer.
    I think Jack and Joe are good football coaches but anyone who coaches foootball at smcc and has a pulse will be good with allthe talent they have. Plus playing in the HL prepares them for the D7 or D6 playoffs which are very weak outside a few public schools and private schools.

  12. SMCC has been "blessed" with great coaches in my opinion, yes. Does anyone really disagree with that?

    Sandersen and Giarmo were considered the best around. They both stuck around for a long time, which tends to matter in many cases.

    So to answer your question, yes SMCC has great coaches. They aren't the only school, of course, with excellent coaches.

    There are many reasons a team has sustained success. Usually recruiting is not a major part of it.

    Look at it like this… In SMCC's case, they have the worst football field in the league.. BY FAR. They do not have a swimming pool, no track, no tennis courts, no baseball field, they have to bus to their football practice field, no wresting room. So on and so on and so on. In addition to all that, they are by far the smallest school in a good league.

    All that hurts SMCC, competitively(how could it not). So why on earth, if I am being recruited, would I choose SMCC over anywhere else? Especially over schools that have all those things.

    Answer: Great coaches and a winning tradition?

    Your guess is as good as mine. You may say I am deflecting, but to me, I am telling it like it is.

    I usually see the same last names every generation come through. Do people transfer in from other areas that are close? Yes, but not that many, and their is a great mix between athletes and non-athletes among those "transfers".

    Also, SMCC has to "recruit" just to survive. Nobody has to go there.

  13. agree with Gary

    No one seemed to complain about SMCC and their evil ways when they went 4-5 a couple of years ago.

    Recruiting happens everywhere, look at Cass Tech, River Rouge, Ithaca, etc. Get over it, get better or go play soccer.

  14. What I’ve learned about recruiting over the years:

    Everyone does it in one fashion or another.

    If you are 9-0, you recruit and people get mad about it.

    If you are 0-9, nobody cares if you recruit.

    Success breeds contempt. Especially continued success.

    People will look for a way to cut down great accomplishments. In high school football, recruiting accusations are the most common form of this.

    Winning recruits itself.

  15. So you're telling me SMCC always has superior coaching in the smallest school in the league lol??
    They always Have the most talent and can offer academic scholarships for students. They also offer a much different curriculum than public schools. Kids go there to play football and or get an education. At lunchbox l public

  16. Lol..CC held Hudson under 100 yards and Hudson scored twice on 4th and goal..CC would rip right through the LCAA, and everyone would want them kicked out because of it…Hudson dominated the LCAA last year..let's do a crossover with the Huron league, LCAA would never win a game !!!

  17. No cc wouldn't. They barely slid past Hudson last year. The Huron League should be better the teams are double their size skiing with the parochial recruiting at cc.

  18. You get 84 points for beating a class A team and 48 for beating a Class C team. Those are divided by games played. So 9 points for beating a class A and 5 for class B. You get nearly 1 bonus point per win a team has that you beat, at years end. So a 7 win Class C would equal a 3 win Class A.

  19. No way. You dont get that many bonus points for opponent wins.. remember they didnt pass the new playoff format.

  20. Playing smcc does no good for Onsted. It's a lose-lose, Gary. They get more points beating a 0 win Class B than they will a Class C team that should win 7 or 8. Smcc should play one of the bigger teams in D3..

  21. Ida fan.. You lost most of your oline but return your skill guys. You Have a nice stable of backs with a very athletic QB. Rumor has it Potter is going to the Flexbone triple option. They certainly have the QB for it.
    Mason will be very good offensively. They have everyone back along with a good QB and nice compliment of receivers. .
    Onsted has everyone back and could win the league, they only lose their QB and return 9 on O and 10 on D.. They will surprise people .
    Dundee will be way down, i see them #8 in the LCAA. They lost everyone.. They only return 3 on O and 2 on D. They will be lucky to win 2 games. I see Mason beating them. They'lL need to beat Stockbridge you have a chance at a win. Ann Arbor Huron will beat them week 1.
    BCC and Blissfield will be a cut above the rest.

  22. 12:49 pm your not an alumni from SMCC , don't even try it by mentioning them schools …lol most teams in the state of Michigan can't beat them like I said good try imposture…..

  23. As far as the blog is concerned, all those all those answers are coming and more.

    We will feature, PLAYER PROFILES, TEAM BREAKDOWNS, SCHEDULE BREAKDOWNS and more. Once the season gets a little closer, look for these.

    Of course, if anyone has answers for J.E.M., lets hear them.

  24. I live in Ida so I follow the LCAA more than the Huron League, does anyone know much about what other LCAA schools have coming up? My predictions based on last year are

    1- Brooklyn Columbia Central
    2- Blissfield
    3- Ida
    4- Hudson
    5- Dundee
    6- Hillsdale
    7- Onsted
    8- Mason

    Does anyone know anything about Dundee or Mason? The expectations are high in Ida as we return almost everyone. If we can start off 3-0, we should be able to run the table!

  25. As an alumni, I know a ton of Michigan schools will not play SMCC even though they are bigger, I agree with Gary on this that it is embarrassing. They are a small school so the big schools have no advantage in playing them because even if they win, they aren't worth much in playoff points.

    However, why doesn't SMCC call an Ohio school? I know Toledo Central Catholic, Perrysburg, Canton McKinley and several other solid high school football programs were looking for week 1 games this year?

  26. You can tell football season is just around the corner, love this stuff,we all do and good luck to all….

  27. I mentioned DDC because of this post….

    "Anonymous said…
    SMCC … go play a D3 or D2 … stop complaining. You recruit and you shouldn't be playing in D6 or D7 as a parochial school. Ask Divine Child or better yet, play Orchard Lake St.Marys. They're a D3.. i bet they would play you

    June 7, 2018 at 8:56 AM"

    Again, I didnt bring up DDC, well, first anyway.

  28. Gary you in fact brought up DDC first at 1148 just saying, I’m really just busting your chops and of course SMCC plays a tougher schedule than those in D6 because of the league they’re in, there is obviously a reason no one local wanted to play them… Warren Michigan Collegiate of the Charter School league has a week one opening, they lost to Lumen Christi last year in semi’s…. And I’m sorry but SMCC needs to be in a different league of be moved up come playoff time if they keep the playoff system the way it is…. there is no reason why they shouldn’t be hosting undefeated teams at Navarre field come playoff time just because their d6 competition plays in a d6 league… just saying…. I have enormous respect for that school and their sports programs but Inlove tonhate thsm more lol…. on a serious note though I really hope people quit dosgeing them and they can get a week 1 game sooner rather than later because this isn’t right…

  29. Your wrong Chris , PW didn't want to renew it …ask Coach Kipf. PW plays one of the weekends schedules around , they know win or lose there winning out the rest of the way after they play Ithaca…

  30. Good question Chris , call Chad Meyers the SMCC athletic director. And ask him who he's calling now for a week 1 game ?

  31. I guess the question would be, "Why aren't PW and SMCC playing anymore?" Clearly Ithaca would be a step up in competition for PW compared to SMCC. Not a slight, simply a fact at this point.Clearly, PW wasn't afraid to play SMCC again, especially because it would have been at home this season.

  32. 2:30 pm it's obvious your an SMCC hater, I get it. You played against them and never beat them and you get enjoyment out of saying we recruit and we should only play catholic schools because they recruit !!! The fact is no one is willing thus far to play us ? It's true CC has inquired to see if some local teams were willing, but they said NO !!! I for one think it's a joke…CC has opened up the last 2 yrs against the div. 7 state champs, splitting the series..CC will probably end up playing a much bigger school like you want. But don't bet on the outcome that you want !!!

  33. Lol, I didn’t bring up DDC, you did. Let’s please not compare or contrast SMCC’s schedule with anyone near their enrollement or division. They play the toughest schedule of anyone D6 and below.

    They are willing to play anyone. They just have to find a team with week 1 open and they have to be willing. Been difficult thus far.

  34. Ahh yes DDC the JV team of the Catholic League…. SMCC is actually 4-2 against them all-time…. just because you’re D1 doesn’t mean you’re good…. ask AA Huron, Dexter, and some others….. I bet SMCC could get Summit Academy again or schedule a weak team that won’t show up….

  35. SMCC does play D3 or D2 schools. They have even played D1. They have played DDC in the past and beat them both times. DDC does not need a week 1 opponent this year however.

  36. No Airport hate , lots of love. I think this is their year. It has to be. Huron League JV champs in 16. Those sophs are seniors. I smell 6 wins in their future

  37. SMCC … go play a D3 or D2 … stop complaining. You recruit and you shouldn't be playing in D6 or D7 as a parochial school. Ask Divine Child or better yet, play Orchard Lake St.Marys. They're a D3.. i bet they would play you

  38. SMCC asked Whiteford , Ida , Algonac and MCC and others for a first game and all said NO !!! Now MCC is playing Algonac the first game ?
    What in the world is going on ? All are good programs, but I've lost respect for the coaches big time … big time, I can't tell you on here what I really think of them. But you can imagine …..

  39. Wow I don’t know if some of you are being sarcastic ow what… first of all the 2016 Airport JV team (not that any one cares) was 8-1 not 9-0…. Secondly a lot of you take way too much stock in JV records… and lastly this past Senior class for Airport was also 8-1 on JV and that class had quite a few players who were 3 year varsity players. Why so much hate for Airport I don’t get it? Is it because they were so good for so long? Keep doubting, I think y’all are in for a surprise this year…. GO JETS!!!

  40. Actually Milan's coaching staff is coaching the North team. Coach Spiess has stepped down and moved on, you got what you wanted people, time to find someone else to complain about.

  41. Early season prediction:

    1. SMCC 7-2
    2. Riverview 7-2
    3. Milan 6-3
    4. Grosse Ile 5-4
    5. Huron 5-4
    6. Flat Rock 3-6
    7. Jefferson 2-7
    8. Airport 1-8


  42. All star game is June 15 at Milan. One team is being coached by Hurons ex coach. I believe this is so his son can QB one last time. Why would they let a coach that is no longer coaching coach this game.


  43. Thank you Gary, I hope CC finds a first game.. I'm looking forward to watching them with some of the nice pieces they have coming back .

  44. SMCC is looking for a week 1. They have plenty of feelers out there. MCC may be one. We shall see. I myself am hopeful. Week 1 would most likely be an away game.

  45. Airport's offense is good enough to keep them in games but the D had better be improved if they wanna be a playoff team. Monroe will be a tough opener for sure. Interested to see if this will be a rebuild year for Riverview or a reload like Milan did a few years ago. Right now I would pick SMCC to win the league, they have slot of talent coming back. Not counting out Milan, they return a nice core as well. Also interested to see how Huron does this year, they got some good players coming back but will the coaching situation be too much to overcome? We shall see. EM

  46. I thought MCC established a co-op that would move them up to at least D6?

    I see Flat Rock losing to Milan, Riverview, SMCC, and MAYBE Grosse Ile. 6-3 is not out of the question for them.

    Has SMCC found a week 1 yet? I have heard some interesting rumors…hearing the Falcons will be heading north to open the season.

  47. Musk CC has not moved up they will be D8. However they lost some of their best players to transfer, they will not be stellar.

    Nice predictions however, I think you are spot on mostly.

    I dont see FR going 5-4 though. We shall see.

  48. Some random but educated predictions for the 2018 season

    Monroe finally turns the corner and has one of their best seasons in quite some time. The Trojans are loaded at the skilled positions.

    Erie Mason wins at least 3 games, their QB was impressive last year

    Whiteford repeats as State Championos in D8, especially now that Muskegeon CC has moved up.

    SMCC battles Riverview for the Huron League title

    Carlson vs. Wyandotte for the Downriver League title again

    New Boston Huron struggles as they Head Coach number four in four years

    Flat Rock makes it in the playoffs at 5-4

    Jefferson finishes 2-7 but shows much improvement

    We will find out how much Airport's program has improved week 1 when they host Monroe.

    Dundee will be very young but anything is possible with them.

  49. This is Airports year. All of those championship JV players that were Sophs in 16 are now Seniors in 18.

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