Milan All-Time Top 10 Teams

1.  Milan 2012, 10-1

2.  Milan 1998, 9-2

3.  Milan 1996, 10-1

4.  Milan 2013, 10-1

5.  Milan 2015, 9-3

6.  Milan 1951, 8-0

7.  Milan 1997, 10-1

8.  Milan 2000, 9-3

9.  Milan 1960, 7-1

10.  Milan 2007, 9-3

These were tough to rank.  Share your thoughts.

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8 thoughts on “Milan All-Time Top 10 Teams”

  1. Milan ran into a buzzsaw against that Tecumseh team in 12. Had 5 guys go on to play D-2 ball at Hillsdale, Ferris, Saginaw, Wayne St, and Northwood. The QB ended up at Western and was the Dream Team QB that year. That was a great game. Milan marched up and down the field, but couldn’t score in the red zone.

    The 15 team was pretty good as well, losing 21-14 to country day in the regional. Could of won that game.

    Hoskins 2000 team was special losing a tough one to Lumen who I believe went on to win it all. Close game.

    Milan Fan

  2. 91 was a quality team worth considering. Lost to SMCC in first round but had a lot of starters out with injuries.

  3. 05 was a good team for sure. Bounced in the first round however. Could they beat some teams on this list, ya probably. Milan was tough to do. Plenty of good teams that would probably all beat up on each other. They would probably be #11 but a case could be made for them in the top 10 no doubt.

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