Flat Rock All-Time Top Ten Teams

1.  Flat Rock 1976, 11-0

2.  Flat Rock 1952, 8-0

3.  Flat Rock 1951, 7-1

4.  Flat Rock 2017, 7-3

5.  Flat Rock 1978, 7-2

6.  Flat Rock 1990, 7-3

7.  Flat Rock 1989, 7-2

8.  Flat Rock 1980, 7-2

9.  Flat Rock 1957, 6-0-3

10. Flat Rock 1975, 7-2

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10 thoughts on “Flat Rock All-Time Top Ten Teams”

  1. Well I guess if FR doesn't allow them to participate, but I find that hard to believe. Most districts allow all their kids to participate. I understand many don't play because maybe they are behind credits or are ineligible, but if they are part of the school they are usually counted. Not sure how FR fills their enrollment declaration, but this guy knows how he does his for his school.

  2. They're not part of the school. Only if you deem those kids eligible to participate, which they did for no reason.

  3. Where’s the 74 team? I’m not naming any names but I know of someone who was on the 74 and the 76 team and said the 74 team would have most definitely beaten the state championship team in 76…. take that for what it’s worth lol

  4. D5 of course would have been easier however, Flat Rock would have been in a district with Algonac, Marine City, Ida or Frankenmuth. Those all would have been tough outs. Then they move on to play Grand Rapids West Catholic. Who was probably better than Rouge.

  5. Tough draw in 2017. If their admin didn't count their online students , that don't play athletics, they wouldve been D5 and made a nice run.

  6. Don’t forget…DePorres beat Detroit Cc that year in the catholic bowl game. Detroit CC went on to win the Class AA state title also. Tough draw for the rams that year!

  7. Gary, the 1990 team was 7-3 and qualified for the playoffs, before losing on a hot Ann's humid Saturday afternoon to Detroit St Martin De Porres. I was a member of that team and the 89 team. Both were tough as nails.
    Thank you for writing this blog and keeping us updated on Huron League football and Monroe county football. You young men and women don't realize how lucky you are to have this!

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