Player Profiles Coming Soon…….

Last year we did player profiles on Friday Night Victors. This year we are switching it up a bit and will do videos. Each player will do a video of themselves and submit it to us. Obviously these aren’t professionally done, but it gives you an opportunity to see and hear from some of the players around the coverage area.

We have videos coming in right now and will get them posted as they come in. If you have a video to send over or are interested, reach out to us at Friday Night Victors and we will get you all the necessary info.

2 thoughts on “Player Profiles Coming Soon…….”

  1. Not a fan.. football is a TEAM game. Showcase a story that relates to life. You're putting coaches in a bad spot by asking them info on their best or upcoming players. You think you'll ever get info on a 3rd string kid that means just as much to the TEAM as the starting QB??
    UMM NO. Love the TEAM profiles and previews but let's think outside the box..

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