July Power Rankings

These are my way too early mid-summer power rankings.

1. Bedford, Mules will always be good with Jeff Wood as their coach.

2. Carlson, ton of talent and great coaching in Gibraltar.

3. Whiteford, Bobcats could be ranked preseason #1 in Division 8.

4. SMCC, Falcon defense will be mean and nasty.

5. Monroe, talented skill people along with senior leadership.

6. Riverview, don’t be fooled by graduation, there is plenty of talent left.

7. Ida, reloading again?

8. Milan, Big Reds may have the two best players in the Huron League.

9. Grosse Ile, Red Devils rarely struggle back to back seasons.

10. Huron, talented Chiefs must break in yet another coach.

11. Flat Rock, Rams out to prove that last season wasn’t a fluke.

12. Airport, Jets will need to be better defensively.

13. Summerfield, four straight years in the playoffs.

14. Jefferson, Bears must find a way to score this season.

15. Dundee, rebuilding after 3-6 season.

16. Erie Mason, skilled, but way too young.

Thoughts? Disagree? Let us know what you think!

70 thoughts on “July Power Rankings”

  1. What’s the scoop on Huron 2021 QB listed in Freep as one of top 10 in state in his class? Any insight?

  2. Don’t be surprised even if he don’t play RB he will be a lock down corner with size and speed the D backs Wood, Rice Johnson Moultrie will benefit from all the Havoc Gardner creates from the D end position
    Plus you have Naif in the middle securing up the run
    People can underestimate the Pirates but the next 2 years will be strong
    Deep playoff runs ahead

  3. 20 on JV. Be honest you know it is not the same. Jimari is a talented player though and will have some touches this yr.
    View faithful

  4. View has a freshman that was moved up last year sophomore this year and he will be playing in the backfield if yall didn't know about him last year watch out had almost 20 tds

  5. I don’t see any sophomores remotely close to come up on Riverview’s varsity and play
    The O line is all juniors the backfield is all Seniors
    And defense there’s 6 returning starters from last years team, really no room for them to get playing time

  6. riverview will more than likely be pulling up 2-3 sophomores to play on varsity for the full season and they will be adding trey bryant, who helped them get to where they did in playoffs last season, to their defensive line

  7. Well, I did the July power rankings and I have them as the first Huron league team listed. Obviously we have to do more research and go out to practice and speak to coaches, but right now they have the most coming back and were a really really good team at the end of the season last year. We’ll see what happens when we come out with those things later on in August.

  8. CC is still looking for a week 1. Teams that refused them before are starting to come back around as the season gets closer. Possible foes are Detroit CMA, Rochester Hills Lutheran Northwest, Harper Woods Chandler Park.

  9. I based my statement off of the fact that Views margin of victory in league play more than doubles the 2nd best team. I did not base it on one game, rather the entirety of the season.

  10. No a lot can happen within the next month! Lol. I think Gary picks SMCC, Chris goes with Riverview. I think his top 4 is perfect… just out of order.

  11. I dont think Riverview has to be as good as last year. There was quite a bit of separation between them and the rest of the league. They can fall back a little bit and still be a strong contender.

  12. Exactly Gary, Exactly…it all starts n ends in the trenches…that decides what type of season your going to have,ask any coach like you said..
    I think the view faithful are starting to realize that Gary, ruffling some feathers …

  13. I’m not saying you have to be 250 to be good. Give me a 200 with a nasty side all day.

    Having to replace an entire O-line minus Gardner is not an easy task however.

    Ask any T or double wing coach what position they would like to return and they will tell you O- line.

  14. After watching last year weight really don’t matter to whoever is in front of the the Pirates they dominated everyone except one team and I expect no difference this year
    That lose to Flat Rick was the best thing that could have happened!
    View has the size, speed and athletes to compete with everyone

  15. Cousino is 225..Hiehl is 220..flint is 215… CCs line is definitely the most experienced, with the whole right side coming back…with the rest of the pieces coming back CC definitely has the horses in the trenches…what's important along with the ability to lift heavy weights is without a doubt and more importantly there athletic ability and flexibility they really really really worked on the whole body's flexibility to stave off pulls and soreness, which gave major gains obviously in overall flexibility and strength and size it was a great move from there strength coach this past year, CC will be big and athletic this year, all there lbs n dbs are 6foot or better and again very athletic …CC 100% has more starters coming back than anyone else in the Huron league…that's why there my early pick to win the league…

  16. Since practice hasn’t started yet, its hard to say much about who will be better.

    But going off of returning players, I would think SMCC will be strong up front.

    Iott- 250, Bogdanski- 270, Gullen- 230, Hehl- 215, Flint- 210, Cousino -210. Very solid front with 4 of them as juniors.

  17. I understand what your saying Gary, but they will not duplicate last year, probably have a good year but Riverview won't be the same or anything near what they were last year…lost just about everyone in the trenches…Doomed

  18. Gary I 100% agree with you. It may take the first few games to see the line be at it's full potential but this line actually already has better bench and squat maxes than the old line. More strength than last years line but mac needs to get the technique and ability to work together better for the line. A real chance at a league title here.
    View faithful

  19. A coach has a greater affect on improving his line, than improving his backs, especially those that run the T.

    I suspect Mac will have his line ready.

  20. Riverviews awfully pumped up when they lost their whole offensive n defensive lines…I could care less skill wise anyone has coming back when you can't win in the trenches…take it to the bank ..ask any coach at any level, they want to win the trenches first and foremost and everything will follow…

  21. The Huron in my opinion will be strong as well. The 4 teams to watch are Airport, Huron, GI and FR. if either of those emerge, the league will be very strong.

  22. 1. Bedford: Physical team/ good coaching
    2. Whiteford: Hard to argue with past success.
    3. Monroe: Can they put the talent to work.
    4. SMCC: Plenty of returning players.
    5. Carlson: D1 talent.
    6. Ida: Speed kills
    7. Milan: Can anyone slow there offense down.
    8. Riverview: The T keeps you in games.
    9. Huron: Bringing back the Team concept.
    10. Grosse Ile: Good coach does the most with the least.
    11. Summerfield: They just keep making the playoffs.
    12. Flat Rock: To many key player lost to graduation.
    13. Dundee: Have to be better than the rest.
    14. Airport: Need to find a Defensive Coordinator.
    15. Jefferson: Not enough skilled position players.
    16. Erie Mason: ?


  23. The LCAA is going to be really good this year. Hudson, BCC and Blissfield should be very stong. Throw in Ida and Hillsdale and you have a tough league.

  24. Easy Mason fans, take it easy, we all will have to see what this year brings to the table in all aspects of the game. Very talented, but one kid ain't gonna win all the games. I love the attitude though and I guess that's what this blog is for, to stir the pot 🙂 I would also maybe guess that this probably isn't a Mason person to begin with.

  25. Erie mason will win the lcaa this season!! Hands down!! There isn’t a team in the league who can contain that qb and his feet. Mason return to the top starts in 2018

  26. FR was also 1 play away from winning the Huron League (GI goose egg) if and but’s are candy and nuts. Don’t think there’s gonna be a big drop off, they bring a lot of talent back too. Lots of people don’t get that a lot of that defense last year was Junior led. Will be interesting to see how they do this year.

    Gary, I don’t think you hate Flat Rock. You like CC, but that’s far from the only team that you say nice things about. Screw that other guy.

  27. How had the best D line last year
    By far it was View the 2 best d ends in the league in Guthrie and Gardner with warlick Demare and sarnacki plugging the middle
    And one of them is returning this year as a junior

  28. FR snuck past Jefferson when they had 1000z more talent beat CC by 2 with the best Dline in the HL and beat Huron by a TD.. they were 3 play away from being a 4 win team. They lost a lot of key pieces. I don't expect them to score many points. They will be evenly matched with a lot of teams this year, we will see how well they're coached.

  29. So excited for this season to start. Naif, Wood, Johnson, Rice, Lockhart all had big games last year and now back as seniors. And thats just the skill positions. If Mac can get the O and D line to the aggressiveness the senior heavy line were at last year fast, than this is another deep playoff run and league title.
    View Faithful (your favorite view commenter;)

  30. Like the list but don’t know if I’d have Carlson and smcc ahead of Riverview
    Carlson had one good player in Stewart who’s being wasted at tight end and until smcc can knock of the champs I’d put them ahead of both

  31. I picked Flat Rock to beat CC. Read that again….. and now read it one more time.

    I picked Airport to beat Flat Rock because FR lost to GI the week before and Airport had already beaten GI. Both teams were 3-2

    Jefferson lost by 2. I would say my pick of Jefferson was justified.

    I picked Huron because they beat Milan 2 weeks prior and played View rather tough the week before. score was 14-7 so I would say I wasn't far off either.

    Go back to the early videos. week 1.. week 2… I said many good things of Flat Rock. I went to their scrimmage, I went to their week 1 vs GC. Dotson, Tayeb, Hamilton…all great… I called Dotson the "truth" for crying out loud.

    So to answer your question, YES you are quite wrong.

  32. Am I really wrong for thinking you have hate for FR after you picked them to lose 3 out of the last 4 games in the league last season after they beat CC? You actually picked them to lose to Jefferson Airport and Huron. You only said they were a good team and reaume did a good job because it was after the fact. During the season and in the moment you hated them. It was obvious from your picks alone. After the CC game of course. Chris please keep up the good work!

  33. Here we go 8:35…. another person that thinks JV scores have anything to do with Variaity success…. incredible…

  34. Well, I guess don't take me serious then, I'm ok with that.

    You know I dont have anything nice to say about any team other than SMCC. So just brush it off, bring all this to Coach Buck, paste it on the board, and run some 40's with the kids. I think they would get a real kick out of that.

    In all honesty, I have to ask if you have read or watched anything that we do on here. I said numerous times that FR was a great team and Coach Buck did one of the better coaching jobs around. I just happen to think this year they will be down a bit. It is only July, when I get out to the practices or scrimmages, I have the right to change my mind.

    But whatever the case, please dont change your mind about me. Seriously

  35. I wasn’t talking about Chris I was talking about you Gary. Your butt hurt and have had nothing but hate for FR after they beat CC.

  36. 8:25 Airport has way more coming back than Flat Rock does, they will beat Flat Rock this year. Gary you could basically flip flop Airport and Huron IMO. I expect this year's game to be a nail biter just like last year's, hopefully with a different result lol. EM

  37. Milan's offense should keep them in every game this year. They are adding a much needed wrinkle or two to their offense. Should be able to score with anyone this year. Glad they have CC early, so they can't prepare for it. We will see this year if Hoskins takes advantage of the players he has and is as good as people give him credit for. Big IF, if the O-line can hold its own and these boys stay healthy, Milan will win the HL. JBR

  38. This is why I can never take this blog seriously. We are really gonna discuss Flat Rock being below Airport? Airport has yet to beat Coach Reaume since he took over at FR 3 years ago! FR beat them pretty good this year and Airport has no talent coming up because FR’s Jv beat Airports by 30. This is the type of crap that I hope coach Reaume puts up in the locker room for those boys to see. Simple disrespect.

  39. I can see Airport above FR and GI but not Huron. If they keep things simple at Huron and mainly focus on blocking and tackling, Huron will be very solid.

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