Riverview 2018 Preview and Prediction

Riverview finished the 2017 season with an 11-2 record and a
Huron League Championship to go along with an appearance in the Division 3 semi-finals.
Coach Derek McLaughlin enters his 5th year with the program
and has a 25-17 record at Riverview. The Pirates have qualified for the
playoffs five of the last seven seasons.

On offense, the Bucs return only 4 starters, but will be led by outstanding
senior QB Dominic Wood. Riverview will have a solid stable of
running backs that include Ethan Lockhart and Joseph Johnson, but
the best may be senior Kyle Naif. The offensive line will be
led by William Lezotte. Look for Trey Bryant to be
a factor on the offensive line as well.

Defensively the Pirates gave up 16 ppg and return 5 starters from that unit.
The defense will be led by Steven Rice and Thomas Gardner. Jimari
 will bring speed and athleticism to the defensive backfield.
Look for Wood, Naif and Lockhart to contribute on defense as

Riverview is a team that had depth last season and that will most likely be
displayed again this season. The Pirates have a tough opener again as they
travel to Romulus and then they will encounter three of the better teams in the
Huron League the first three weeks of the league schedule.

Chris’s Pick: 7-2
Gary’s Pick: 7-2
Frank’s Pick: 8-1

12 thoughts on “Riverview 2018 Preview and Prediction”

  1. Guys I like how you are being more selective in what you put. This should be a positive site where we promote kids not put them down. Thanks for making the blog great again.

  2. Just asking if the kids alright, I'm asking anyone? Not making fun, it's terrible. Just hope the kids ok ? My goodness.

  3. I honestly don't know who they might lose to. I just know it is very hard to go 9-0. I also think the league is very solid once again, if you dont play well, you will lose.

  4. Did you watch any games last season. They didn't struggle to throw they had absolutely no need to throw and when they did throw it was caught for a gain..and by looking at the scrimmages this season the online should be pretty darn good..and in this offense it's about ball control..eat the clock wear down the defense..that's why they went 40yds untouched…

  5. Agreed that O line matters but I’ll disagree on 2 counts.
    1. The O line CAN be as good. They’re bigger at almost every line spot than last year. I watched the scrimmage last week with 2 guys from last year’s line and they were impressed with the new group.
    2. “Struggled to throw” is a stretch. We didn’t throw because we didn’t have to. That’s a big difference. But again, watching the scrimmage showed that this team can do both if they want. In terms of talent, there has not been any regression from last year though I suppose time will tell…

  6. Easy islanders. Nobody is handing View the crown. Most will prob have them at 2nd or 3rd. Their line will be just fine. Since there were 0 comments on the GI predictions posting, I’m assuming the Devils are quietly optimistic about a having a great season. Calling out the impossibility of Views chances suggests otherwise. Until a game is played, we are all really kind of guessing. Based on SMCC’s season last year I agree with your pick but, unless you have some inside knowledge that was not shared or you suffer from a case of nocolvincupitis, I’ll wait to see some games before I agree with a GI title.

  7. By far the most important part of a team is the Oline. I don’t see how people can just hand them the crown. They struggled to throw and there is zero chance the Iline is as dominant this year. There were time ball carriers went 40 yards without being touched. I see a regression by them this year. SMCC or GI win it this year.

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