Here is the list of scrimmages that we have for Thursday. We will be out at numerous scrimmages to get a look at as many teams as possible.

Airport, Ida and Whiteford @ Grass Lake 6:00 pm

Bedford @ Northville 7:30 pm

Carlson @ Saline 9:00 am

Erie Mason @ Hanover-Horton 10:00 am Friday

Flat Rock @ Edsel Ford 9:30 am

Detroit Western @ Grosse Ile 5:30 pm

Huron @ Summit Academy 4:00 pm

Jefferson, Dundee @ Summerfield 5:30 pm

Milan @ Dexter 10:00 am

Monroe @ Wyandotte  6:00 pm

Riverview @ Westland John Glenn 2:00 pm

SMCC @ Trenton 6:00 pm 

24 thoughts on “Scrimmages”

  1. Can you guys start a new thread about the scrimmages? What are your thoughts on what you saw today? The blog is kinda quiet today.

    The Troll

  2. No Chris, not bias or allegiance to any team. Actually I think you show more love for Milan than I do. Bedford couldn't move the ball at all in any situation and Milan did what they wanted in any situation. Dog or No Dog, Milan dominated Bedford and they made it look easy. With that said, who is the genius at Milan that schedules 2 scrimmages in 3 days and 5 of first 6 games on the road. They should have their head examined.

    P.S. Wasn't a good day for Milan O-line. Looks like injury bug is biting Milan again.

  3. Not that Im aware of… Mason moved their's to friday 10 am.

    Some of the scrimmages are held at schools who are further north,(Westland, trenton, wyandotte, Romulus) that may help a bit.

  4. I wasn't there. Sounds like Milan played well. Remember in scrimmages, coaches are looking at combinations and every player is getting a look on both sides. Bedford usually has a really big squad and Milan not so much. Very tough to tell when 1's are playing 1's especially with so many kids from one team. Before you get too defensive, I go to 3 or 4 scrimmages per year and it's always interesting how my unbiased opinion (no dog in the fight) varies from those who were there as well, but maybe have an allegiance to a certain school. I will be at numerous places tomorrow and the opinions of fans will vary from mine. I promise.

  5. I know it's preseason but the starters played last night and Milan's defense looked liked MAN-EATERS. Haven't seen that kind of D from Milan in awhile.

  6. Hopefully Bedford is working on some things!! If not, Milan should be right up there in winning the league again.

  7. Milan did what they when they wanted to do it last night. Not sure if Milan is that dominate or Bedford still working on some things.

  8. I wasn't there but I heard thru the grapevine Milan man handled Bedford Tuesday night at Concordia in every phase of the game. Is this true. JBR

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