Thursday Night Scores


Monroe 36 Airport 18
Woodhaven 49 Carlson 35
Flat Rock 15 Garden City 0
Dundee 21 Ann Arbor Huron 16
SMCC 37 Chandler Park 30
Sterling Heights Stevenson 33 Bedford 21

Ida 16 Jefferson 0
River Rouge 32 New Boston Huron 6
Dundee 37 Ann Arbor Huron 6
Riverview 30 Romulus 6
Summerfield 30 Erie Mason 0

71 thoughts on “Thursday Night Scores”

  1. They were inside the 10 when the mouth guard happened and the player was moved off the field before the play ever took off. They only had 1 called back for a penalty and the long drive was because of some small yard grinding with a couple outside pitches. GC were never a threat to take the game from FR. All they were doing was making a late showing. FR will once again take down THE VIEW for a second straight year. Might be close again, but FR will succeed 17-14. Hopefully you will make it to the game so that you can make a semi accurate report.

  2. 4:19 must have been at the JV game. At the VARSITY game, GC had a td called back for improper equipment (mouthpiece wasn't in). GC also had close to an eight minute drive on Flat Rock in the first only to get stopped after a penalty. Say what you want, if GC can hold them scoreless for two quarters, you better believe Flat Rock has their hands full with Riverview.

  3. 12:29 was either not at the FR game or was given limited information to make that comment. GC had 1 called back on a hold and the FR defense stood strong for 3 plays from inside the 5 to finally finish the series with a stripped ball and fumble recovery. FR had 2 called back and had 3 long plays called back for penalties. FR could have won that game 27-0 easily, but they hurt theirselves on penalties. Better believe Buck will have that corrected this week. On another note, FR was missing a small chunk of their defensive line and a solid back for an out of town school event that ended Friday. They will be stronger and ready for Riverview. No worries here

  4. At 12:29- GC never made it in the end zone! FR had a goal line stand and GC turned it over on downs and the only other time they made it close to the end zone ended in a fumble recovered by FR. What game where you watching?

  5. The week 1 chatter about the spread is exactly that-Chatter! So far it hasn’t happened. When you practice 6 days a week you would think they would have plenty of time to work on it though. What they need to do is tighten up the spread defense.

    The Troll

  6. Level Pebble could have put three more on GC? LOL….c'mon. They were held scoreless for two quarters (1st and 3rd). Their linebackers and quarterback did play well, but that game was much closer than what that score shows. GC had two touchdowns called back (one actually called back, another play that brought them to the 1 yard line called back). Flat Rock squeaked by that game.

  7. Airport fans anything changed offense is same defense is same giving up 300 plus on defense and offense basically shut out week1 chatter on here about spread offense? What gives

  8. @1:21 poster
    You do realize rankings in the state don’t mean anything in high school football. Every year half the kids graduate and a new team emerges each season. That’s why they play the games. All 3 AA schools are not garbage. 2 of the 3 would win or compete for the title in the Huron League. The talent level and depth is just that much different.

  9. Bedford is down, but Saline should of Bear Chip Valley who is a top 10 team in the state. So saying Monroe will win the Sec red is a little bit crazy. The good thing is, all 3 AA schools are hot garbage, so they will make the playoffs I would think.

  10. TJ Potcova at 6’4”, Karter Fitzpatrick at 6’5”, and if Casey Jones played at 6’5” you could have all 3 out there to throw jump balls to.

  11. 1204 you’re wrong on weight of the LBs for Airport. my guess was closer without going over like the price is right. One of the outside LBs is a wrestler and is barely over 140. Highly doubt he gain 15 lbs for football season. But he played tough for 140+. After watching Monroe highlight film on Twitter, and doing side by side comparison with middle LB. 10lbs difference max puts him at 150ish. Heck put that kicker in at TE with the other TE that played and throw jump balls down the field. They both look to be 6’4 or 6’5. Herman Moore the heck out of the league. Be willing to bet no team has DBs tall enough to match up with them.

  12. Chris I agree a 3-4 is versatile… in the NFL where you dlinemen that don’t get moved and you linebackers that react in a tenth of a second. There is a reason the 3-4 is rarely run in high school. Can you run a 3-4 with 175 lb dlineman?

  13. Don’t know his name but the middle linebacker from flat rock must have had 20 tackles. Also heard flat rock is getting some added depth to their dline this week!

  14. The FR QB looked good last night- he should’ve had 3 TDS last night but a very nice rushing touchdown was called back on a very unnecessary hold. Garden City had no answer for FR’s MLB. He was all over the place! Good sized kid at least 6’2 and 215lbs. Fun to watch!

  15. I was at flat rock. One thing missing is garden city D line was huge. The D end must have been 6-7 280 and their D tackled 6’3 300. 71 on garden city destroyed plays. We will see how they do next Week. But it got to a point where they wouldn’t even go toward 71. He was not only big but he was good.

  16. AP is smaller this year, but they are not slower as was posted earlier. More team speed this year and I think it will show on the defensive side of ball by years end. Offense should be able to put up points. LB’s are small, but not 140lbs like ealrier poster stated. More like 155-175, which some other HL teams will have. I still think anywhere from 4-6 wins and see them being more competitive for the entire game against teams like View and SMCC.

  17. @10:25 poster
    I wouldn’t say Monroe was undisciplined. Undisciplined to me is a team that runs their mouths and has late hits. None of those calls were like that. It was holding penalties which can be called every play if the refs want too. Last night for whatever reason they wanted to. This may sound silly but during the game I just kept on thinking it’s as if the refs had graduated from Airport and wanted their team to stay in the game.

    I would guess half of the calls weren’t even holding.
    Monroe will move on and Airport will improve.

  18. When Gary says fast, were talking fast. Emari Obrien ran 10.85 FAT time at the MHSAA State meet last year and finished 2nd overall in the 100 meters. We're not talking someone running an 10.85 hand time that would equate to 11.14 FAT in some home dual meet timed by parents. Were talking big time athletes that were part of a team and school that finished 3rd in the Division 2 State meet as a team. Nobody in the Huron League has close to those times. I figured SMCC would out football them while CP would win the athlete battle.

  19. I would suppose that is possible. Steele had a nice game throwing. Some were bubble screens or flares out to the speedy Emeri O'brien. He did most of the work.

  20. In all fairness to our posters. The Airport/Monroe game was less than 24 hours ago. Let people talk a bit about the game. I think people have made fair and valid points along with some silly one's. Were just giving them a place to state an opinion on the game. Nobody will be talking about it tomorrow. It will be all about the games played today. Nothing said here affects anyone, both teams will continue their seasons.

  21. 832 you are right. airport looked really small. linebackers couldn't be more than 140 pounds-ish and DB's were even smaller. but I did see a bunch of big kids in the student section and walking around that aren't even playing. big generation change with kids from 10 years ago. if you were big you played football, period. not todays generation. going to a few games today to see if its a trend around the league.
    Hey Gary, was down in Monroe this morning and a guy said the kid from CP had over 400yds passing against CC. is that true? haven't got the paper yet to see stats

  22. Thanks Chris and Gary for your synopsis and opinions of the games. I was at the Monroe/Airport game and came away impressed with Monroe and hopeful for my jets. That will be the most talented team we play all year. No one in the Huron League has athletes and a line like that.

  23. CC v CP

    Was a tale of 2 halves. CP had the halftime lead of 22-12. Scoring everything on big plays. 60+yards. CC was overwhelmed early by their speed. CP was very fast and the QB could really sling it. Big arm.

    After the half CC made and adjustment and bracketed the WR’s and did a much better job containing them. CP’s only score in the 2nd half was a KO return.

    CC moved the ball all night with big games from Morgan, Richie and Bergmoser.

    I think CP ran the ball a total of maybe 8-10 times.

    CC was good to get out of their with a win. Had a few kids out but should be healed up for Milan.
    I expect CP to go 6-3 at a minimum. They were athletic as all get out and well coached.

  24. Can we stop hearing about Airport – Monroe ? We get it, Monroe won, Airport had a moral victory cause they played hard and they're going to make the playoffs until they don't again and then its all their coaches fault. Same story every year.

    LOL at the comment, AA Huron beat Dundee who Airport barely beat last year. Like that matters ??? from what I was told, AA Huron is much better this year and whatever happened last year between Airport and Dundee should have no bearing on Airport's 2018 season.

    If Monroe has that many penalties and is undisciplined as they were last night, they will not beat Bedford or Saline, I don't care how down they are this year.

    Sometimes this blog is alot of fun to read, and other times I wish for the days were all there was, was the newspaper because then you didn't have to hear every expert bleacher coach's opinion.

  25. My thoughts on last night's Monroe/Airport game: Beautiful night and a nice crowd for both teams.

    I thought it was apparent early on that Monroe had the better team. Well coached team with a ton of talent. Penalties hurt the Trojans, especially in the 1st quarter. Johnson, Linton and Banks are all legit skill people who are elusive. Monroe is very big up front and physical. Defensive backs were very good for Monroe and the Trojan defense was very physical as well. I still like 6-3 for the Trojans , but wouldn't be surprised if they won the SEC Red.

    Airport was well coached, their offensive and defensive systems are solid, they just didn't have as much on the field as Monroe. That isn't a knock, just a fact based on school sizes. Bondy is a real nice player and should have a big year. Monroe seemed to make a conscious effort to take away Dyl (you can't stop everything). Airport struggled on special teams, but I'm sure that will get better. I stand by my pick of 4-5, maybe even 5-4 if they catch a break or two. (Kinda like the Lions, anywhere from 7-9 to 9-7)

  26. Enough about Monroe vs Airport. How did The mighty central defense give up 30? Were the athletes just that much better or kids out of position on plays? Congrats on the win though.

  27. @9:13. troll

    Monroe may look that good to you because of the level of play the Huron league is but Monroe could just be a middle of the road SEC team. Time will tell. Monoe’s Athletes are good but so are all the other teams they have left on their schedule. There may even be teams with better athletes and bigger lineman. Saline has had them the last few years. That is SEC football. Even the worst team in the league AA Huron almost beat Dundee who Airport barely beat last year. The athletes at this level are just bigger, faster, and stronger. Nothing against Airport because I thought they were well coached just out manned but they would be at the bottom of the packet in the SEC. That being said, I think they are in the top 3 in the Huron and have potential to win it all if they stay healthy.

  28. Troll, there is an old saying that you could call holding on every play. The referees did their best to make sure that happened against Monroe. As for The unsportsmanlike penalties, young official on Airport sideline threw the 3 flags. Just saying. Airport played hard and are decent, but this game could have been really really bad.

  29. I went to the Flat Rock game and they didn't look very good in my opinion. They looked so small. I am really worried about them against Riverview a team known for its strength. They just looked weak and couldn't get a decent push or hold a block. Their pass block looked good, but the run block was terrible in my opinion.

    On the good side, the QB looked real good. He is very slippery and has a decent arm on him. The Ram backfield did a decent job despite the lackluster blocking. They have some speed back there in typical FR fashion.

    I really hope Coach Reaume gets these boys in line, he is an excellent coach and I am so proud to have him there. He never loses his cool and he genuinely cares about these guys.

    GO RAMS!!!

    – 2015 FR Alumni

  30. I’ll say this though-if Monroe can clean up the holding penalties and personal foul penalties they could very well go 9-0 or at worst 8-1. They are that good.

    The Troll

  31. Sure if unsportsmanlike penalties and holding penalties didn’t exist Monroe would’ve scored more but guess what? Penalties play a huge part in the game. The penalties were obvious penalties. Why isn’t anybody talking about the 2 plays that gave Monroe 2 TD’s in the 2nd quarter. The game was 8-6 and Airport went to punt on 4th down when a high snap that went over the punters head gave Monroe the ball at the 20. Couple plays later it was then 14-6. Another play was the long TD pass with no time left on the clock. Going into the half it could’ve been 22-12 (maybe even 14-12 if Airport got the punt off) with Airport getting the ball back after the half. Instead it was 29-12 at half. I don’t think it was Monroe’s speed that hurt Airport. Monroe could’ve put the 2nd string backfield in that game and had almost the same results. Monroe’s offensive line had at least 80-100 pounds on Airport’s defensive line.

    The Troll

  32. What's going on in carleton…no size anywhere, Monroe was big but not huge, airport was just small….havent been to a game in probably 10 years, moved to New York, but airport used to always have decent size, they all look like baseball players….5'9 155, the backs the linebackers the qb, even some lineman would be lucky to weigh 180, looked like varsity vs jv

  33. I'd like to see Monroe play someone equal in size, that was the main difference in the game and there's not much you can do when completely overmatched as airport was in the trenches…78 for Monroe is a monster and the qb linton is a jitterbug, very hard to hit square and bring down…bondy stood out for airport as did Chambliss on the defensive side, that kid is physical and aggressive despite being undersized at LB

  34. This game wasn’t close, but that doesn’t mean Airport doesn’t have a decent team. The score could have easily been 49-6 or 42-13. The officials inserted themselves in to the game early in the first quarter. Monroe had theee penalties on their opening drive totaling40 yards against them. They finally were forced to punt. Linton actually broke a run that would have been a 70 yard TD but a tripped and fell. Literally nobody was within 10 yards of him. Airports first score was aided by 25 yards in penalties against Monroe. Banks broke a 60 yard TD run early in the 3rd quarter that was called back for holding. It reminded me of the year that SMCC played Plymouth. The Falcons were competitive but the game wasn’t close. Just a neutral observers two cents.

  35. Decent showing for airport…trojans were bigger stronger faster across the board not even much of a comparison at all positions, bigger by 6 inches and 75 lbs on the lines….but monroe played very undiscuplined, holding and numerous personal fouls…it in all honesty should have been a 40 point win, I'd guess Ontario isn't too happy

  36. The score could've been a lot worse than it was. I'd guess penalties were lopsided 15-3 if not worse with false starts being the only ones called on Airport. Seemed there was some homering going on but who knows. Airport played tough but Monroe could've hung close to 50 on them if they wanted to along with the huge penalties. One long TD called back as well for Monroe. Airport will be solid in the HL I do believe. Good luck to both teams!

  37. Well the guy at 10:40 did say Monroe had a bunch of penalties or the score could have been worse, but then again, most of those flags if not all were holds so it may have mot been as many big plays if not for those holds…just a thought….but the airport offense looks solid as everyone else seemed to agree

  38. Gary I would be curious to see penalty totals. Monroe had one 65 yard TD called back and I can recall 3 times Monroe was inside the 20 of Airport and because of penalties, ended up back on their side of the field for a punt.
    As far as defense 1120, I would have to say no. They seem smaller and slower than last year. They had less than 3 tackles for losses. But that could have been because of Monroe’s speed, spread offense, and solid blocking. Either Airport is way smaller this year or Monroe is just really big. I’m gonna say Airport is smaller this year. But they did play hard. And Bondy ran tougher than last year

  39. Interesting… I heard Monroe had MANY BIG plays called back on penalties. Can anyone confirm?

    Then I see 11:54 comment. Looks as if he is saying Airport caught the back breaks.

  40. I think Airport may have a pretty good season this year. They played well and were out maned especially at the skill positions. Only Milan may have anyone close to who Monroe had for skill guys. There are no moral victories in a loss but Aurport play extremely well. I was one who thought they might lose 45-0 when they scheduled it. Few bad breaks and the score was not representative of the final score.

  41. AP gave up an average of 32 points a game and over 300 Yards of offense last year. Any signs that changes in 2018?

  42. Obviously Monroe had there fair share of mistakes-personal foul penalties and what not. But 2 plays in that game stick out to me-first is the high snap that sailed over the punters head that gave Monroe the ball at the 20. Monroe scored seconds later to make it 14-6. 2nd play is the long TD pass with no time left on the clock right before halftime. If that score stays 22-12 instead of 29-12 going into the half then Airport comes out with the ball after half with a ton of momentum. However, even if those 2 plays never happened I will say Airport would’ve still had a tough time hanging with Monroe. Airport’s offense did a fine job today-moved the ball well. Defensively I guess the good thing is they probably won’t see another front the size of Monroe’s so that’s good. On average I’ll bet Airports lineman were out weighed by 80-100 pounds. Good luck to Monroe and keep working hard Airport!

    The Troll

  43. Excellent move but for the fact Monroe scored a TD. That call never works. College, pros. Hate the call especially w a high school kicker. Much rather have him kick normally and take that risk.

  44. Airport looked better than they have lately. The kids battled and bondy and dyl are 2 very good HL backs, goins was fine at qb. The jets will score this year. Up front just so much smaller than monroe both ways and the qb at monroe cut em up running. Score Could have been worse, tons of penalties for the Trojans hurt them. But airport could make a run at the playoffs with an upset or two.

  45. I’ll explain that Squibb kick. You do not want to kick deep to the guys that Monroe had back there. It was a good move that just ended up backfiring because of the pass at the end of first half.

  46. Anyone explain the Squibb kick by AP coaches with 17 seconds to go before half after cutting the lead to 22-12?

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