Thursday Night Scores

Please submit your scores with quarter. I will get them posted in between quarters.

Britton-Deerfield 26 Erie Mason 34 final

Dundee 54 Stockbridge 8 final

Riverview 24 Flat Rock 10 final

Trenton 24 Carlson 35 final

Airport 21 Grosse Ile 32 final

Lake Fenton 22 Ida 28 final

Pittsford 10 Summerfield 0 final

89 thoughts on “Thursday Night Scores”

  1. @ anonymous 8:22, sounds like it was a hard fought and good game. I was not able to go. Congrats to the Big Reds. Prayers for Nick Marino on a speedy recovery. The Falcons will move on and be fine.

    Did you have any knowledge or value to bring to the blog anonymous 8:22 or just smack?

    Falcon Alum

  2. Just FYI, Whiteford runs an offense called the Double Wing and it is a different offense than the Wing-T. Do they do some similar things like motion players, run a trap and boot or waggle play action passes, sure, and so do spread teams and I formation teams. I would guess if we asked a Wing-T coach if they run Whiteford’s offense and ask Mensing if he runs the Wing-T they both will say “No.”

    Wing T teams often align in more multiple formations than double wing teams but tend to base out of a TE/Wing to one side and SE/slot to the other side while DW teams have 2 TEs and 2 wings, Wing T teams have wider OL splits as opposed to toe to toe like DW teams. Wing T teams more often use angle blocking at the point of attack where as DW teams use double teams, overloads, and vertical push at the point of attack. The wings in DW are often used as the main ball carrier, and the FB and QB are often involved in blocking schemes. Main plays from DW teams are Power Toss, wedge, Counter, trap, and sweep, whereas in Wing T they are series based Plays like the Buck Sweep, Belly, Down, and Jet or Rocket sweep. You will also more often see Wing T teams with more of a pass game than Double Wing teams.

  3. It’s like this-Whiteford runs the entire playbook of the Wing T and expand off of it. Airport runs 20% of the playbook and doesn’t try to expand off of it.

  4. 1117 their offenses are complete opposites huh? You clearly know what you’re talking about…. this is why I can’t take many of you seriously…

  5. Whiteford and Airports offense are the complete opposite. They do not both run wing t, but agreed I felt bad for Airports QB, GI knew exactly what pass play was coming. They ran same 3 pass plays all night. Everyone was covered up all night and had pressure on him from LB’s. You can’t expect the kid to complete passes when the defense knows exactly what’s coming every play. Sure he did have a few bad choices, but for the most part it was the coaches being too predictable.

  6. Easy there “anonymous @ 5:30”. I looked at the game film one time with my sons on the team, saw it, moved on. I never went back after that. Here’s how you can know if I commented or not: I put my name on every comment.
    I’m not mad and I’ve said I think FR has a good team capable of playing with anyone but let’s be honest that call didn’t cost them the game. I bet the coach would agree: empty trips inside the 10 were far more damaging.

  7. The Trolls brother

    When something is not working you have to change it… weather its the offense or the defense. The huron league is strong and if you dont adapt you will be left behind. Airport needs change you cannot wait its time.

  8. Nobody runs the Wing-T anymore huh? Go ask Whiteford what offense they run? Guess what? It’s the Wing-T they just won a state title and havebeen to two in a row…..there is an entire coaching clinic held every year specifically for Wing-T programs attended by hundreds of coaches… just saying…

    Who’s The Troll

  9. Mossburg was an excellent coach he could have taken the last 2yrs to a playoff game but he just didn’t fit the airport mold. He was just a little to harsh for some of the players parents so they got rid of him.

  10. You had to be there to understand what he really means by outcoached. Play calling was probably the worst I’ve seen since this staff took over. For instance, Airport marches on down the field by running the ball the entire drive-a nice time consuming drive. It was 2nd and 5 from just inside the 20 and they call a pass play. Finish the drive by running the ball in!! Instead it was a pass into a stiff breeze that was intercepted. Another fine example is changing QB’s when it’s 4th and 1 for your TE to run a QB sneak?? Everybody including the cheerleaders knew where the ball was going. Would’ve been a better call to let your regular QB run the sneak. Then I guess you could say it was sneaky. Sure this is probably the most talented Airport team in a while but where does all that talent get you when you play kids out of position in quite possibly the worst offense ever invented? News flash!!! Nobody runs it anymore!!! Sure I sound like the typical Airport parent blaming the coaching staff like they do year after year but I don’t care. Airport should’ve never lost that damn game and I’m still PO’d about it.

    Maybe The Troll/Maybe Not The Troll

  11. I love how the holding call on flat rock is now evolving… at first it was definitely #54 then when they got called out on their bs.. now there were multiple holds. Then Adam Lockhart the expert even went to hudi and found the hold that was called. To find out it wasn’t the hold that was called. He didn’t see the hold on 77 at first, but after close examination he spotted more holds as well. Next the play will be examined by the cher coach for more in-depth analysis and wishful thinking.

  12. Hey Huron league come out tonight and watch us destroy SMCC and destroy your hopes at the same time …
    Milan Fans

  13. @3:38, the difference between you and I is that I don’t come on here calling out specific coaches or players. I come on here to support my team and local football. These are teenagers playing a game and coaches who don’t make squat compared to the amount of time they put in with these kids. So to me, if you call them out, go take a turn on the sidelines yourself and see how you handle the heat instead of grumbling under your breath in the stands or on a blog.

    Falcon Alum

  14. @337 the cupboard is bare at Airport after this year huh? You must be an insider of the program…. some of you people really need to get a clue….

  15. I thought Airport was terribly outcoached.
    The Jets are going to go 3-6 with quite possibly the most talented team they've had since 2012. If anyone's cupboard is bare after this year, its Airport.
    Can the Jets hold anyone under 30 pts?????

  16. @7:54, SMH. My guess is that he has forgot more football than you will ever know. Typical Monday morning QB. Tough with your anonymous internet thumbs. Why don’t you take a turn on the sidelines if you could do better?

    Falcon Alum

  17. Flat Rock competes for all 4 quarters with a league title contender and your gonna say that “Rams are in for a long year?” Give me a break. FR will be just fine. Bunch of Debbie downers.

  18. Definitely a hold on the FR td that got called back, two of them actually. # 56 on the pull held #4 for View and # 77 held LB #51. Other than that it was a great play. Can’t blame the refs for the loss. They were bad both ways. Not converting on view turnovers is the reason you lost. Just my opinion.

  19. 7:54 aaand what's the current regimes track record now and past? oh wait, does JV past assistant coach/ coach history count or go into the record books? did you see the hurry up and huddle, QB run to sideline to get next play offense, when down by 2 scores? did you see the guy that was cramping for GI go 56 yards up the middle and only one guy touched him? did you see the 6 fumbles (2 recovered by GI)? did you see the 30+ points AGAIN on the board for the other team? I'd be willing to bet my man 7:54 is the BIGGEST true blooded/believer with all his little heart, that the Detroit Lions are going to the Super Bowl every year.

  20. Adam Lockhart I am glad you saw the holding on number 54 the problem is the holding was called on the left tackle who is not number 54. Also if

  21. Flat Rock D line play was terrible. They were getting blown back 5 yards every play into the Linebackers area causing them to fight off blocks and catch their backs who would carry them an additional 5 yards every play.
    No defensive adjustment was made. If FR can’t stop the inside trap game like they did not do last night.
    The Rams are in for a long season.

  22. Flat Rock is much better than I expected and Riverview was not as dominant as I was expecting. There were several times when momentum could have changed the outcome. If FR scores on their first series after the fake punt and then scores a TD right before half it’s a different game. Riverview will move the ball on teams this year but has to tighten up their run defense. It was a great symbolic win but they have to stop comparing this team to last year’s. It’s not the same. 6 wins in the HL will be tough but 2-0 is a great start. Go Bucs!

  23. Two things hurt the Rams last night. They scored only 10 points even though they were inside Riverview’sv10 yard line 4 times and Defensive penalties. I believe Woods carried twice yesterday and scored both times. You have to have him covered every play.

  24. Come on. FR fan should quit crying about the refs. I would like to see how FR got spotted a first down on the play before that. Refs were pretty bad all night and my team won by 14. How many yards in penalties did FR have? Almost 100? Encroachment, false starts. Can't blame the refs.

  25. Saw FR and View last night. Both played hard. View dominated the line of scrimmage, boy are they big up front
    Prediction is View will go 7-2, losing to Milan and SMCC.
    The Rams will be lucky to win 4 games. Maybe 3-6.
    Their QB is good but won’t last the season being utilized like he was last night
    Just my thoughts.

  26. Now the Jets must win 6 of next 7 to get in playoffs.
    Must still play, SMCC, Milan, Riverviewand Flat Rock.
    I still don’t get it.

  27. @3:54 – I just watched the play on hudl. #54 was definitely guilty of holding and it was relevant to the play, not one of those cheats ones behind or away from it. Fans might not have seen it since it was on the Riverview side.
    Personally, I liked #9’s toughness and he showed some accuracy. A couple of well defended balls and a bad pick, sure but he also threaded a few passes and ran the read option incredibly well. Kid also showed heart playing to the very end.
    Penalties are ALWAYS subjective and both fans ALWAYS think their boys got the bell end but being field level I can assure you to wounds by FR were self inflicted and they got away with SEVERAL really bad false start penalties in the 2nd/3rd.
    Still…FR showed they’re not rolling over. #45 showed why he’s a 4 year starter and if they clean up a few things I think they can still have a huge impact on this league.

  28. The Riverview fan from above that said the refs were Flat Rock homers and did what they could to keep the home team in the game I'm not sure what game you were watching. Flat rock did shoot their selves in the foot with all those pentalies. FR is going to make noise the rest of the year they are a tough team.

  29. Flat rock is usually very well coached. I think they had 5 or 6 encroachment penalties. You can’t give a Riverview 1st and 5 on a continuous basis.

    Excited for tonight’s Games. . Good slate. Where is SMCC Milan being played at.

  30. They got rid of that problem before they (duffys) even took the job at AP he was terrible baas should have never hired him doesnt know football look back at his track record while at AP

  31. I don’t think flat rock is necessarily calling for the QB to run it so much. I think most of those are option plays where the qb is reading keep. I am pretty sure Riverview was playing it wide to take away the jet sweep. I think the qb is very good. Throws a nice ball, runs well too. I am not an excuse maker, Riverview won because they were better, but I would like to see the holding that called back a 45 yard td.

  32. I see everyone talking about fr qb he cant do it alone he had one good pass and a interception darn good running back through

  33. So for those of you keeping score…
    -Milan will be joining the Big 12
    -Smcc has a line the size of Michigan's
    -Flat Rock would beat Alabama if they would only stop shooting themselves in the foot
    -Riverview's offense will avg 15 yrs per play
    -Bridgeport is the hotbed of D1 recruits

    And it's only week 2. lol

  34. Flat Rock better fix their rushing attack. Can’t have QB run 20+ times. Mix it up some. Also the pass to the flats is a wasted play. Ran it quite a few times with no yards after catch plus the one thrown behind the line that was ruled a fumble. For a spread offense, they weren’t very creative tonight. They have some speed but don’t utilize it. Didn’t take advantage of good field posisiton from Riverview turnovers. They did run a nice fake punt play.

  35. Riverview fan. I thought the refs were horrible. Flat Rock homers. They did what they had to do to keep Flat Rock in the game.. Other than that, Flat Rock was undisciplined. Lots of encroachment, mental mistake type penalties. Should definitely be running some sprints next practice.

  36. @9:18 FR QB is not legit …are you serious! FR defense did a descent job there offense was mainly QB keep QB keep qb keep!! And really someone elsesaid refs were from Riverview what a bunch of panty waste sore losers!! Riverview came to play did what need to be done period! No excuses..

  37. A perfect summary of Riverview vs Flat Rock.

    Riverview more often then not was at 2nd and 4

    Flat rock more often then not was at 2nd and 7

    Those two statements are both true and explain much of the game.

    Flat rocks missed goalie opportunities had to do with no yardage on First down.

  38. Easy GI…. the meat grinder of SMCC ,Milan, Flat Rick , and Riverview is the second half of your season. Riverview Gabriel’s Richard and Airport and now world beaters.

    I have not seen Milan play but I know they have game breakers. Flat Rock is desperately missing those on this years team. Milan may have what it takes …. Riverview is not the Riverview of last year. Not even close.

    Riverview seemed like the better team but flat rock had many chances to win that game.

  39. The problem with Airport has been they have the skill guys but struggle in the trenches. Skill shows at the jv level but the lack of line play shows up at the varsity level. Guys catch up in speed and skill

  40. GI showed grit on defense tonight. Coming up HUGE when necessary. The O was also on Fire. This is the start of a season that nobody really predicted. As long as they stay healthy the will give the other teams fits…

  41. Yesterday, an Airport dad talking to a GI dad at another sports venue, talking about football. When asked about how’s Huron League football this year, Airport football player dad says, “it’s Riverview, CC, and us… then the rest of the teams.” Better add the RED DEVILS TO THAT LIST BROTHER!!! GO BIG RED!!!

  42. Flat Rock shot themselves in the foot several times…. Turn over on downs inside the five, fumble inside the five, long TD called back for holding. Game should have been a lot closer. FR QB Davis is legit… Around 200 yards total offense 100 in the air, 100 on the ground (guestimate). Riverview did what Riverview does… Hard-nosed tough football.

    FR probably won't be happy watching the tape.

  43. 1. Riverview is good
    2. Flat Rock penalties killed them
    3. I think refs lived in the Riverview Forest and Glens

  44. GI big INT of AP pass in the red zone. GI now punting deep in their end zone. 29 second left in 3rd. Still AP 14- GI 20.

  45. Grosse Ile loses their split end to a shoulder injury just before the end of the second quarter on a running play.

  46. At the half… Riverview up 8-3. Flat Rock had a chance to punch it in early in the first quarter, but turned over on downs on the Riverview 5 yard line. Riverview has two turnovers, Flat Rock with one.

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