Gerweck Nissan’s 2018 Week 2 Power Rankings

1.(1) Whiteford 2-0, Just keep rolling

2.(3) Riverview 2-0, Nice win on the road

3.(4) Monroe 2-0, beat a really good Elkhart team

4.(5) Milan 2-0, huge early season victory in the last seconds

5.(6) Ida 2-0, just keep rolling

6.(8) Grosse Ile 2-0, 2 quality victories to start the season

7.(10) Carlson 1-1, victorious vs a good team in Trenton

8.(NR) Dundee 2-0, best start since 2011

9.(2) SMCC 1-1, lost in last second 4th down dart to the end zone.

10.(7) Flat Rock 1-1, played well in defeat

35 thoughts on “Gerweck Nissan’s 2018 Week 2 Power Rankings”

  1. CC always has a chance. Coming off a tight loss I truly expect a focused and dangerous team. Good teams rarely lose back to back games so my beloved Bucs need to come out ready for another war.

  2. The Ida folk seem to forget that BCC hung half a hundred on them last season at Hemelgarn Field. BCC will beat them by double digits this time around. Ida won’t have an answer for Khol Partridge.

  3. Plenty of the smaller schools in the area haven beaten Bedford. Granted the program has improved greatly but a HL team did beat Bedford in 2005,2006,2008,2009,2011.

    Whiteford is not your typical D8 team at the moment. Not even close. Could they beat a decent class A school? Maybe? Could they beat a DCC, or a Muskegon, no. But that wasnt the question proposed.

  4. Well idk if you’re aware but I can assure you Bedford is not even in the same realm as Detroit CC and everyone else listed.

  5. @3:07, I don’t disagree with you 100%, but this year’s Bedford squad is none of those Catholic league squads either. On years where the big boys are down, some of the little guys with good teams would definitely compete and sometimes beat them.

  6. Whiteford could not beat Bedford. Whiteford has another good shot at winning D8 this year. There is a big difference between D8 and the big boys at D1 and D2. An example would be SMCC. They are a good D6 or D7 team but, they are not going to play in the catholic leagues and compete with Detroit CC, Brother Rice, DeLaSalle, and Orchard Lake st. Mary’s or any of the other good D1 and D2 teams….depth, size, and speed…..big difference….

  7. BCC will not stop Ida. Give me ball control over the spread. If Ida doesn't come out in a goofy defense like they did in the 1st half last year they'll be fine

  8. I think BCC vs Ida will be a great game. Ida knows how to win, period.

    Its a tough game to call.. I think BCC is the favorite to win the LCAA but Ida just keeps on trucking.

  9. I saw some highlights from Saline’s first 2 games against Chippewa Valley and GRCC. Saline is still good as ever. They should’ve beat Chippewa Valley. Not sure how I feel about Monroe winning this one. Might be a good one though.

  10. Gary, I didn’t mean for that “little world” comment to be offensive. The point I was trying to make is to the fans of these teams. The whole argument about who can beat who is really a waste of time. Personally I understand the lower rankings and understand how you guys place different programs within them. I enjoy your blog and understand it’s value to athletes. I like getting my Friday night updates here when I am
    At work and can’t make a game.

  11. Yes, the power rankings are mainly just for fun. To recognize teams that are playing well. Nothing more than that.

    This little world that Chris created, I believe, means a lot to more than just a few people. A lot of work is put in, it gives our players some recognition that they dont get elsewhere and we give the fan a voice <—- not seen anywhere else.

  12. This whole my team can beat your team argument is really childish. I hope that the people posting this are actually children. I would hope adults have enough sense to not try and compare teams that will never face each other on the field. The power rankings mean absolutely nothing outside of Chris and Gary’s little world they have created here. The game is meant to be played on the field and if the two teams don’t play each other, why waste time on an argument? If the two teams do play each other the only way to settle it is on the field.

  13. Why does Milan need to fix the middle of the D-Line? They were exceptional.

    Milan gave up two offensive scores against a very good CC team. You are not going to just shut out a team like that. Only gave up one really good drive. The other TD was a trap on 3rd and long that was just executed very well. All teams need to get better and make progress that's for sure, but the whole defense played extremely well against a CC team that I think will be very hard to beat the rest of the season.

  14. How about this weeks games?
    What are your thoughts and comments on week 3?
    Nothing better than high school football!
    Respect and enjoy all the coaches and players , they are all working hard.
    Regardless of records they all work hard and out their heart and soul into these games.
    Laud them and be respectable, no one is trying to lose.

  15. Yeah I don’t think Bedford would beat Riverview, Milan, and CC would be a good game but I still think CC wouldn’t win. And no Bedford would not beat Whiteford.

  16. I wouldn't be bragging about playing a tough SEC Red schedule. The 3 AA schools are all absolutely terrible.

    Monroe has won 1 playoff game in the last 17 seasons. Not exactly some power house program. Saline will out-catch and beat them like they do every year. And considering they just handled GRCC, I don't see any reason why they wouldn't be a favorite to win the Red again every year since Palka got there. Monroe should make the playoffs without issue, but look for their district to include Saline, Belleville, and possibly a team like Canton. Monroe could possibly win a playoff game, but I wouldn't expect a whole lot more.

    Bedford is obviously down and it's not coaching, because Wood is a great coach. Just a down year. I wouldn't say they would beat every team on this blog. Milan was much better when they scrimmaged before the season.

    The coach at Whiteford is really good and has built a power house program since he took over. I don't think any team on this blog would be excited to play them truth be told.

  17. 12:14, I thought the D7 and D3 and so forth had to do with the size of the school and not necessarily how well a team plays? So if that’s the case, you never know how any team will do in the playoffs!!!

  18. Not sure how you calculate the rankings. I assume it is all for fun.
    Realisticlly, Bedford would beat every team listed here except for Monroe.
    Monroe would destroy all of these teams.
    Just my thoughts.
    You can’t believe that Dundee or Flat Rock, Grosse Ile would stand a chance against Bedford.
    No knock on any of those teams, they don’t play an SEC Red division schedule.
    Good luck to every team this Friday.

  19. Monroe is a really good team that team Elkhart they just beat was ranked 7th in the state of Indiana. An the only reason the game got close is banks got hurt right before half time, he had two touchdowns and almost a hundred yards before he for injuryed they couldn't stop him.

  20. I would say Monroe is the top team in your list. The only two teams that will do something in the playoffs will be Whiteford and SMCC. That means pass the third round. Carlson could go to the third round just because 3 or 4 teams from their conference will go to the same district. Ida and Riverview are the sleepers come playoff time. D3 Milan barely beat D7 CC, so I don’t think Milan does much in playoffs.jmo.

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