2018 Week 4 Picks

Melvindale (1-2) @ Carlson (2-1)
Chris’s Pick: Carlson 46 Melvindale 12
Gary’s Pick:  Carlson 50 Melvindale 0
Frank’s Pick: Carlson 48 Melvindale 6

Erie Mason (1-2) @ Hudson (1-2)
Chris’s Pick: Hudson 40 Erie Mason 20
Gary’s Pick:  Erie Mason 32 Hudson 28
Frank’s Pick: Erie Mason 34 Hudson 28

Bedford (1-2) @ Saline (2-1)
Chris’s Pick: Saline 30 Bedford 12
Gary’s Pick:  Saline 28 Bedford 14
Frank’s Pick: Saline 34 Bedford 16

Monroe (2-1) @ Ann Arbor Skyline  (2-1)
Chris’s Pick: Monroe 21 Skyline 19
Gary’s Pick:  Monroe 14 Skyline 10
Frank’s Pick: Monroe 27 Skyline 23

Summerfield (1-2) @ Britton-Deerfield (1-2)
Chris’s Pick: Summerfield 29 B-D 20
Gary’s Pick:  Summerfield 24 B-D 14
Frank’s Pick: Summerfield 31 B-D 27

Whitmore Lake (2-1) @ Whiteford (3-0)
Chris’s Pick: Whiteford 56 Whitmore Lake 12
Gary’s Pick:  Whiteford 50 Whitmore Lake 7
Frank’s Pick: Whiteford 52 Whitmore Lake 13

Grosse Ile (3-0) @ Huron (1-2)
Chris’s Pick: Grosse Ile 31 Huron 12
Gary’s  Pick:  Grosse Ile 35 Huron 14
Frank’s Pick: Grosse Ile 38 Huron 14

Jefferson (0-3) @ Airport (1-2)
Chris’s Pick: Airport  21 Jefferson 13
Gary’s Pick:  Airport 30 Jefferson 14
Frank’s Pick: Airport 45 Jefferson 7

Flat Rock (1-2) @ SMCC (2-1)
Chris’s Pick: SMCC 30 Flat Rock 17
Gary’s Pick:  SMCC 28 Flat Rock 14
Frank’s Pick: SMCC 28 Flat Rock 14

Riverview (2-1) @ Milan (3-0)
Chris’s Pick: Milan 31 Riverview 30
Gary’s Pick:  Riverview 27 Milan 21
Frank’s Pick:Milan 27 Riverview 26

Gerweck Nissan Game of the Week

Dundee (3-0) @ Ida (2-1
Chris’s Pick: Ida 22 Dundee 20
Gary’s Pick:  Ida 31 Dundee 19
Frank’s Pick: Dundee 24 Ida 20

Overall Predictions
Chris: 8-3 last week, 26-10 overall
Gary: 9-2 last week, 28-8  overrall
Frank: 7-4 last week, 26-10 overall

19 thoughts on “2018 Week 4 Picks”

  1. We’re in for another solid week of HL Football

    Riverview vs Milan
    Riverview is coming off a tough loss & I know they are looking to get back on track tonight against the Big Reds. Milan played a good, tough game last week against FR & pulled one out. I like Riverview to keep the league race going tonight.
    View – 30 Milan – 24

    Flat Rock @ SMCC
    CC picked up a huge win last weekend over league favorite Riverview who will now battle Milan for a chance @ the HL Title, but CC will need to be FR to stay in the hunt as well. CC is going to play a tough game tonight that may be closer than some think. I like the way FR matches up in this one.
    FR – 28 SMCC – 24

    GI @ Huron
    GI is 3-0 & the Islanders are excited. Don’t really think any of their wins mean much due to their easy start, however 3-0 is 3-0 & I believe they will be 4-0 after they beat Huron tonight. Huron isn’t a bad team, they are poorly coached.
    GI – 38 Huron – 14

    Jefferson @ Airport
    Airport demolished a poorly coached Huron team last week who didn’t make any halftime adjustments. However airport seemed to also get in a nice little offensive groove. Look for a hard hitting football game because Jefferson will show up tonight. Going to need string running between the tackles from 24.
    Jefferson – 22 Airport – 24

    The Insider

  2. At Chris S. I don't think we need the family history and coaches helping coaches crap. Not to mention the oddball comparisons. Stick to the teams, players, and football. That's what i was referring to. Many people are posting and have no idea. As far as coaches helping coaches, this occurs throughout the league and the state. That's why coaches go to clinic. There are entire clinics dedicated to the T, the spread, the veer, etc. Leave families out of the conversations period.

    HL Fan

  3. AP fan here. Jets 4 life, please quit making statements about how good we are. Let’s play and win some more games before you start talking smack. Also, been putting a lot of pressure on QB. Lucklliy im sure he nor most of the players don’t look at this stuff.
    Im also curios how you know so much about Milan D line. I’m assuming you go to the AP games, so wouldn’t see Milan in action.
    I love your enthusiasm, but just pump the breaks a little!

  4. I'm confused is this a football site and blog page or a social media page discussing family, friends, who dates who, and spygate. Come on people. Lets talk football and facts not all this other BS!

    HL Fan

  5. Milan's D-line is very good else they wouldn't have stopped SMCC multiple times and only gave up 14 points on Defense. Milan was also down a starting D-end and very talented player who would of made a huge difference in the FR game due to injury.

    AP needs to enjoy their early season schedule while it last with GI, Huron, and Jefferson. SMCC, FR, Riverview, and Milan are the 4 best teams in this league and I think the blog guys would agree. Have fun trying to stop the T against Riverview and SMCC, which AP has not shown the ability to do since the Redman days. Then you get to see the QB from FR who is extremely impressive along with good lineman and good skill kids. Coach at FR is doing a very nice job there and will out coach AP. Then you'll get Milan who you haven't beat in 7 years….. at Milan. As a Milan fan, playing the 3 best teams in the league in the first 4 weeks, is not easy, but it shows who you are early and I think most would agree that Milan has a nice team this season.

    Enjoy being 2-2 because your next win won't come until week 9 against a pitiful Tecumseh team. 3-6 is an improvement I will say.

  6. Smcc and the the view coaches are tight. Seen them hanging out together before, plus a smcc coaches brother is vice principal there. After they play each other, they try to help each other out. Smcc gave them lots of tips on their offense.

  7. Flat rock and Milan was 33-26 with 5 min left. Don’t overlook the Rams. Smcc matchup vs flat Rock will be interesting. Davis could cause smcc problems.

    Airport needs to make a statement that last week was for real. Look for going going Goins to have a big Game.

    The whole league needs Riverview to win. Milan is unimpressive on the Dline and they get tired. Look for Riverview to finish.

    GI is having a team dinner serving caviar and sushi . That will motivate the Red Devils. Huron is finished.

    Jets 4 Life

  8. Love Frank’s prediction for Airport!! Apparently Chris and Santa haven’t drank any of the Carleton Kool Aid. Maybe I can give you guys some samples Friday night as you pull into 32 Taps smelling nothing but Jet Fuel!!!

    The Troll

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