Friday Night Scores

Please submit your score with quarter. I will get them updated at the quarters and half of the game that I am at.

Monroe 41 Bedford 6 final

Allen Park 29 Carlson 47 final

GI 33 SMCC 14 final

Airport 25 Flat Rock 21 final

Milan 29 Huron 0 final

Riverview 49 Jefferson 20 final

Dundee 24 Onsted 13 final

Ida 26  Hudson 14 final

BCC 55 Erie Mason 7 final

Clinton 41 Summerfield 28 final

Whiteford 50 Morenci 8 final

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    Gary and Chris; Keep up the good work. I don't always agree with what you guys say on here but I don't agree with everything they say on Sportscenter either. Don't let a small group of jack@$$es ruin your day. These are likely the same people who think they can coach and would have a dozen state championship rings if their son's coach would give their boy the ball more and "turn the page coach!" I wonder how many people would say the things they do on here if they were required to register a name and email address?

  2. I gotta give credit to chris and Gary for continuing to do this. I’d have been done a few years ago considering how some of you act.

  3. @12:32PM, so Flat Rock is the better team yet was beat by all the teams you mentioned? Interesting. A win is a win. On to the next one. Shoulda, coulda, woulda. As long as a team is working hard and toward something as a team, they are learning. Time on the field is never a loss.

  4. 850X is correct. Its a blog. Its where people express opinions good or bad. Gary, ever here sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me. Words causing harm. HHhhhmmmm. Ever here what some of these coaches say to the kids. Yes both of you say how good all the coaches are, all the time. Film don't lie.

  5. @4:10, oh boy, we have a Trump supporter. You are free to your opinion but not the consequences of it. Unless you have something to offer up, don’t bitch. Let these kids be kids, I’m assuming you had your chance at football moons ago. Here’s your drama queen trophy. 🏆

  6. Hey 850X, Chief Officers – look up the definition. That’s who Chris and Gary are. That means they can run this blog the way they want. If they demand a little bit of respect towards players and coaches, they can do it how they see fit. As I’ve said before, go follow all of the other FREE blogs that cover local football.

  7. And frankly. If anyone wants to take shots at the coaching, just put your name to it. It will get posted. To hide behind anonymity and then complain when your comment doesn’t get posted, easy fix…. put your name to it.

  8. Please read, there are plenty of critiques on coaches over the years.

    However, when it is obvious that the comment is meant to do harm and/or had zero basis, it shouldn’t be posted.

    It’s important to remember, your kids read this. Let’s be respectable, resposinible and give the kids the credit. Win or lose.

  9. I thought this was a blog. Look up the definition. Blogs are place where people express there opions. Quit complaining when someone questions a coach. Oh I forgot let’s all be politically correct and give everyone participation letters.


  10. 12:32 of FR was better than Milan, SMCC or Aitport, then I’m pretty sure they would have won!!! FR has the potential to Beverly good in years to come! But not this year…

  11. 1. We’ve never said the coaches are the greatest.

    2. My comments on coaching revolve around the amount of hours donated by coaching staffs to the kids and the program. The time put in should at least garner some respect. Frankly, some of the comments we receive are disrespectful.

    3. Is it really a revalation that coaches can and do make mistakes? NFL coaches make mistakes. They shouldn’t be pointed out at every turn.

    4. Your assertion stating we set the coaches up for criticism because we think they deserve respect, is utter hogwash.

  12. HL 2 loss possibilities:
    GI 5-0. Loss vs Milan. Loss vs RV. 5-2
    Riv 4-1. Loss vs Huron. Win vs GI. 5-2
    Milan 4-1. Win vs GI. Loss vs AP. 5-2
    AP 3-2. Win vs SMCC. Win vs Milan. 5-2
    SMCC 3-2. Win vs AP. Win vs Jeff. 5-2
    Whoever wins AP vs SMCC still has a shot to share title if top 3 scenarios play out as slim as it might be.

  13. Chris and Gary, actually you may be indirectly responsible for some of the coach bashing that goes on here. Here me out. I have never heard anything other than every coach in the HL is the greatest coach. CC and View have great coaches and have their kids ready to play every game. After that its a crap shoot. A little more truths from you guys about the coaches mite help. It's ok for you to say a coach is having a down year, team plays undisciplined or that the staff made some questionable calls during the game. It happens, but by saying how every coach in the HL is the greatest, it's setting them all up to be criticized. JBR…

  14. I can say that coming from a team who has played FR and we did beat them, but them boys are some hard workers and they have some great players!! Same thing is said about Huron! They stayed in the whole game even though they knew they had lost the game!!! These are just young kids out here playing, give them credit for what they are out here doing and just pray they all go home safe to their loved ones!

  15. Well said Gary! I have seen a lot more of the coach bashing this year than in years past. It is very disappointing when your team loses. No one benefits from bashing coaches, players or the moderators of the blog. Instead of mentioning all the negative things that are happening, mention the positives! I am sure there are a lot more positive things happening in the game than negative. Remember that a lot of the boys read the blog and don't need to read the crap that some people are putting on here. Don't be a hater, be a promoter of all the good things these young men are learning.

  16. Chris, was that post out of line? I thought it was pretty much PG. The G version is I love Pirate football. Jefferson is struggling and had many turnovers along with their best player #2 getting injured. View’s first team offensive line did not look crisp like they have looked earlier in the season vs Milan and FR. Approaching the ball and firing off as a unit was average. The T works best when the backs and qb are running their fakes well down the field. I didn’t see that very often. Maybe they didn’t need to. Yes, there are some great seniors and I expect average will work possibly vs Huron, but it won’t vs GI, Trenton, Carlson, or Allen Park. It was nice to see a lot of kids playing on both sides of the ball that haven’t had a chance but for Riverview to play for a HL Championship or winning a playoff game, they will have to play offense better than average. #stilllovethepirates. How about a heads up if my response is getting axed? It’s a little scary out here on the plank. I think I even see JD on a train coming to push me off.

  17. Needed GI to lose to SMCC last night for my 5 way tie to pan out. Now it’s looking like a couple 1 loss teams will share it. My thoughts on Flat Rock-I saw a very good team. It was fun to watch them. Very good young QB. Still a lot of talent coming up through that program.

  18. Flat Rock should be 5-1 or 4-2 at the least,
    They are a better team than Milan, SMCC, Airport and should have beaten GI.
    Good luck next week Rams, you should win out.

  19. In my opinion. Anyone that chooses to bash coaches on here can feel free to never post again.

    Chris allows a certain freedom of speech on here but it still gets tiresome.
    Attach your real name next time.

    And for those that question FR, you guys really need to get a clue. It’s embarrasing. The folks at FR should be proud of this team, players and coaches. Each week they take tough loss after tough loss but they still come back the next week ready and prepared. That says a ton. Could FR have won a few more games, yes, but it is because of the coaching that they were able to possibly win. You put an average coach at FR and they do not compete in any of their losses.

    Leave the coaches alone, leave the refs alone. It helps no one.

  20. You realize when this Flat Rock coaching staff took over 4 years ago Flat Rock had lost the last 18 games straight, including a loss to Riverview 71-6….. those 2 years CC, Riverview, not only beat Flat Rock, but they out scored them 216 to 20. CC/Riverview total over the last 2 years including this year? 78 to 73….. a difference of 5 points. My point is they have closed the gap tremendously over the last few years by turning around the culture. Don’t discredit them because they have lost the last 3 games by a combined 12 points.

  21. I thought there were scenarios where 2 loss teams could tie for a share of the Huron League but that was based mostly on Troll math. Lol

  22. Obviously every coach wants to win but these high school coaches do so much more for our kids then coach football. Respect them and show your kids you respect them. If not your kid will not benefit from all that they do outside of football for them.

  23. There is a person who keeps saying Flat Rock has enough talent to win the league. Flat rock has enough talent to compete ..

    1. Flat Rock vs Riverview.. Flat Rock had many chances to go up in that game, but Riverviews solid goal line D was the story. The better team won

    2. Flat Rock vs Milan… Flat Rock had a horrific game, meltdown before half, tons of penalties, and still was in it. But the speed and athleticism of Hines was too much. Milan was the better team.

    3. Flat Rock vs SMCC. I will say flat rock actually was the better team. CC not the same after #6 got hurt.

    4. Flat Rock vs GI. Flat Rick went up 14-0… they had no pass rush or any answers for GI qb and passing game. Better team won,

    5. Flat Rock vs Airport. I actually felt flat Rock was the better team. But a kick return and long run at the end hurt them.

    Just because a team can complete doesn’t mean they should have won all those games. I do feel flat rock should be 3-3 right now.

    But SMCC should have beat Milan

    Riverview should have beat CC.

    So you win the ganes you win and that’s it.

  24. Any FR parent that says they “should” be 5-1 is just proof you do not know the game. Back off the coaches. It’s been a tough year for you guys. Losing close games makes it sting worse but taking your anger out on a HS football coach who has brought you back to having a chance…not too smart.

  25. Look, When you sign up to Coach you sign up for a lot of things Good and Bad. Getting criticized is One of them. That's what this world has come to. Whether you like or not, it comes with the territory. Plus 90% of the bloggers do not know what they are talking about, but Some do. I coached in 3 National Championships and had a parent try to take their kid home during the game for not getting enough playing time. 2 games away from possibly becoming National Champions. The kid told the parent NO. It is, what it is. You will never make everybody happy. I believe a great, wise blogger once said, "Opinions are like buttholes, everybody has one and they usually stink." LOL

    P.S. I would rather people express their ill feelings here on the Blog than in person…

  26. Flat Rock is simply not as good as last year cause they were stacked with good seniors and a few underclassmen last year. That kind of team only comes around once in a while for some schools. Just like the View last year, CC in 2014, and Milan and other teams a few back when they contended for State titles. Don't throw your coaches under the bus for having a couple tough years. It simply just happens. If us parents don't get it I hope at least our kids GET IT !!! JS

  27. Well CC fans there is a couple of good things about not winning the league this year. (1) WE don't have to hear that we win cause we recruit and that (2) we should go play in the Catholic league.

  28. Black Beard seriously Riverview looked average…lol have you been watching Riverview this season? If you have been you would have seen that last night they were trying out different plays on Jefferson… I mean really the score was 28-7 at the half and half way through the 3rd quarter Riverview took out the starters on defense that's how Jefferson scored scored 2 TD's and they took out starters on offense near the beginning of the 4th . Everyone knows this isn't the Riverview team from last season alot of Juniors and sophmores on this team ! Naiff,Johnson, Rice, Lockhart,Wood are above average seniors.

  29. Black Beard – I think your eye patch was over your good eye tonight. Haha. Just kidding, man.
    We put up 35 first half points and there was one defensive miscue leaving a receiver over. Normally that would bother me but our secondary had been solid all season.
    The starting offense ran the first drive of the second half and scored on that too.
    Nearly the ENTIRE SECOND HALF was spent emptying the bench and getting every jersey dirty.

    Also, did I see someone say 5 teams had a shot at HL title? At this point isn’t it just a 3 team race?
    0 losses GI plays Milan and the View
    1 loss Milan plays GI and ?
    1 loss Riverview plays Huron and GI
    Everyone else has at least 2 conference L’s at this point.

  30. Hey here is one for ya. If you want to talk about coaching out your name in and go coach. You have no ideal how much time these coaches put in to be out there with your son. So since you know so much I look forward to seeing you on the sidelines helping the coaches.

  31. 10:35 You don’t understand what coaches go through. How about you go out there and call the plays yourself ??????? Go put in the work that cached so everyday just for the kids. So hush

  32. @ the parents being assholes on this blog. Everyone likes their team to win but seriously, it’s high school football. Pull yourselves together. It’s a game, most of these kids won’t step foot on a field again after their senior year. Also, the blog is free, don’t like it? Start your own blog. #getagrip 😑

  33. FR fans sound upset… you had a good team last year that made a great run… the talent is not there this year (just one guys opinion). If Mr. Davis isn’t on your team you guys would be awful… coach Reaume seems like a stand up guy and brought y’all places you haven’t been in years and y’all should be grateful for that…. and it was great seeing Mike Simons out there as well, heck of a football player for four years… Flat Rock people stop hating on your coach before he goes somewhere else and y’all are cellar dwellers again.

  34. 10:55 "Huron league is not even close to what it once was" – Says every huron league kid who graduated in the last 4 years.

    Another way of saying "The league is down this year" that I've seen every year since this blog started. Come on, Man.

  35. Ok let's talk flat rock nobody is upset with anyone's playing time and how the heck would anyone know if their are any play makers on Flat Rock when #9 runs the ball every play #23 is a stud running back and I believe he has a td in every game but not used much at all #20 is a play maker hes proved that last year also #4 is as sure hand as they get and #45 hell of a all around player te and fullback #14 is a possession receiver and #5 looks like he has the speed and agility to to break loose at any time let me continue #15 when used has shined also so to say all they have is #9 is foolish this team is full of talent. On defense the safeties are solid and I believe they have the best middle linebacker in the league the line plays solid except on the edge. So to say #9 is the only talent on the team is ludicrous although he is a solid qb he can not and will not be able to win games on his to say I am a disgruntled parent whose kid lacks playing time is far fetched. I just believe football is a team sport where games are won and lost as a team not by any one individual.

  36. Both GI and SMCC have 22 players on roster. SMCC played tough, however GI ran up the middle all night. Idk what happen with the D-line it was uncharacteristic. GI’s o-lineman were getting to the linebackers all night. Defensively GI’s 3 linebackers were all over field made it very tough to run the Ball inside the tackles. But the Qb bootleg and outside run game seemed to be there don’t know why it wasn’t implemented a little more.
    Momentum wise, the third play of the game Blanzy stripped the the ball from Cousino and GI scores three plays later. GI caused 5 turnovers CC why throw the ball? 3 ints. Cousino was stripped 2 times. Not going to win with 5 turnovers.

  37. I think it’s pretty clear now that the Huron League was never about top and bottom tier teams. It has been a 6 team race all along and the league is still up in the air. 1 or 2 losses can still get a shot for at least a share of the HL championship. Aside from FR, who just can’t find a way to win a close game, the other 5 have scenarios that can get them a share somehow. GI sits in the driver’s seat with two tough games to play. Riverview looked pretty average against a deflated Jefferson squad. Their Qb got hurt early on and they have a small team with low numbers. I expected view’s line to dominate the los and they didn’t. It was mostly poor tackling on Jefferson’s part. The T is all about carrying out fakes and View was pretty poor at that tonight. They won’t be able to just ram it down Huron’s or GI’s throat. Excited to still be in the mix to see how it finishes up. Go Bucs!

  38. Typical Ida fans…gloating at Frank. You won’t be talking next week when Hillsdale beats you by three scores. Pride comes before the fall

  39. I post everything that people right about me. I don’t care. I just don’t allow a lot of the stuff written about the coaches or anything about the players. Thank you for thinking I’m an idiot. Hopefully it makes you feel better about yourself.

  40. I thought Flat Rocks defense was good and yes they looked like they have some talent. Personally I like the style of offense they run and the QB is very good. Gonna be a great QB next year. Flat Rock people need to keep in mind Airport scored on a kickoff return (blown coverage) and a long run. Take away those 2 plays and Airport doesn’t stand a chance. Every coaching staff has there positives and there negatives. It’s not exactly perfect at Airport either….

  41. Chris, I know you won’t post this but you are an idiot.
    You know absolutely nothing and I mean nothing about football.period.

  42. You remember , hey people, flat Rocks not going anywhere?
    Well they found a way.
    They are much better than 1-5.
    Play calling and lack of adjustments as well as line play is terrible.
    WTH Flat Rock?

  43. Great statement win for Monroe. Linton proves himself and the RBs have confidence-boosting games. Also very well coached by Notario. Watch out if they play like that the rest of the year.

  44. Not a word about the SMCC game. How about a report. We can take about games when we lose too. Not the end of the world. What happened to the defense, 33 is a lot to give up. Down on kids, but so are the rest of us.

    Any info would be great.

  45. 10:35 is obviously a disgruntled parent. I have been to every flat rock game. There are not slot of playmakers there. It seems when 9 doesn’t touch the ball bad things he happen. Players make plays. We f you are upset your kid isn’t make plays maybe you should have given him better DNA.

  46. I normally wouldn’t let a post like this through. But I really feel that most everyone will realize how ridiculous it is. Very self-centered from your part. Most of the teams in the league only have two kids maybe three tops that touch the ball. It’s just the nature of football. I’d be a little bit more worried about the defense at this point.

  47. Well Flat Rock once again was out coached. You know it's bad when the airport announcer comments on #9's 344th carry of the night. It's a shame the talent going to waste on this year's team. You can not win using two players on every play QB to the left QB to the right qb up the middle and when he is not running the ball #14 is the only other player getting the football. This team with its talent should be undefeated and on it's way to the playoffs but instead they are battling for last place with Huron. At what point is the head coach gonna start coaching. And don't tell me how lucky the Rams are to have him as a coach they are 1-4 I think he needs to watch the film from Airport and Grosse Isle and learn how to coach the read option instead of allowing qb to run the ball every play. Everyone on the team bust their butts to prepare for friday night only to be let down by the coaches…hey coaches lose the egos and coach these boys or continue to lose and be the laughing stock of the huron league.. May God have Mercy on these kids..

  48. Thank you Chris for all that you do on this blog. I especially appreciate you understanding that the scores can wait and you being a responsible adult and not texting while you drive. You're a great role model to the kid's and the adult's that just can't seem to understand that texting and driving are a recipe for disaster. Thanks from the parents and the fans of the teams you cover on here.

  49. 7-7 at Allen park at half. Not a good concession stand at Allen park. Pretzels are too salty. Hot chocolate is not good. M&Ms too stale. Edsel Ford still a unanimous #1. Still dreaming about those salads.

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