Gerweck Nissan 2018 week 4 Power Rankings

1.(1) Whiteford 4-0, Bobcats dismantle another opponent.

2.(4) SMCC 3-1, Wins in thrilling fashion.

3.(8) Riverview 3-1, Big win over Milan

4(5) Grosse Ile 4-0, Red Devils begin a brutal stretch.

5.(2) Milan 3-1, Margin of victory a little surprising in loss to Bucs.

6.(7) Carlson 3-1, Just too much for Melvindale

7.(7) Ida 3-1, Good win vs rival Dundee.

8.(9) Monroe 3-1, Trojans overpower Skyline

9.(3) Dundee 3-1, Dundee proves in loss they are a playoff caliber team.

10.(NR) Flat Rock 1-3, Rams are a very quality team. Winning out is a real possibility.

54 thoughts on “Gerweck Nissan 2018 week 4 Power Rankings”

  1. Well said Big Bob. Glad its going well for your Grandson. My boy played AAU basketball with you guys, I will try and come see you at the half.

    Good Luck with your college decisions. !!

    GO BEARS !!

  2. I'd like to chirp in on the talk about the D 1 football players. My Grandson is Tristen Hines!
    not a lot of people want to believe that he is a Div. 1 player and has no secured offers yet but secured means accepting and signing the offer sheet!

    So we decided not to commit to anyone until he is ready to totally commit! After his Freshman season there was a D 1 school from the Mac that offered him a full scholarship! So someone thinks he is D 1 Player!

    How did Tristen get there is he's been blessed to have had great coaches, all along his football career! We have given him great opportunities to visit some great college football camps, Toledo , Eastern , Cincinnati ,Kentucky, Concordia for an allstar camp and was selected from there to go to another camp in Pennsylvania!!

    So how he has gotten to where he's at it's because of his love for the game and his commitment to try and be the best he can be at any sport he plays!! Don't ask him because he is a very humble kid and doesn't like to talk about himself!!

    So in a nut shell if you think your kids want to be Div 1 players get off your butts and help them get there! I'm retired and have the time so working folks might not have the time
    to do what I've done for him but I always have an extra seat to take more with me!!

    Big Bob Milan
    – A proud Papa!!

  3. This is my opinion on Div 1 football and the HL. It comes down to size, Period. I believe that there are a handful of athletes in the HL that have the numbers (athleticism) to play at the Div 1 level, but not the size it takes to play at that level. There is a size chart and most Div 1 colleges stick to it. As a whole the HL is undersized at most positions, especially at the skilled position. So unless you are a 4 or 5 star you are out of luck in getting noticed in the HL. Big colleges just aren't at HL games. I guarantee the big guy mentioned above didn't get noticed at a HL game.

    So this leaves camps and combines. This is where the size chart really comes out. 90% of the kids at these camps can play. Coaches get to go face to face an size these kids up. Undersized kids gets don't really get noticed here unless they run a 4.3 or lower.

    HS coaches with a NAME also play a big part in helping kids get scholarships. There are coaches in other leagues that just have to make a phone call and their player will get a scholarship. I witnessed it. There aren't any coaches in the HL that have that kind of CLOUT except maybe for SMCC. A few more dominating years and the View will be on that list.

    So if you think it's numbers, 40 times and film. in my opinion your wrong. I will give you off the chart numbers all verified and film for an undersized player in the HL. Size, size, and size is the #1 factor Div 1 college football coaches look at.

    Don't get me wrong. You have to be an exceptional athlete but the end result still comes down to size.

  4. Okay, so here is the thing. When I started the blog, there were rarely players from the league who went Division 1. However, since then there have been numerous players to play division 1 football. Why is that? I don't know. I named 3 players who are on rosters right now. So let's get past your thought that the Huron League has zero D1 players. In my humble opinion, Hines will play D1. It will most likely be MAC, but that in fact, is Division 1. I could see Sam Cousino from SMCC playing D1 football because of his size and instincts. Also, Division 1 Schools don't hand out walk on status to just anyone. The MSU staff saw something in Brent Mossburg to give him a walk on spot and I believe he is on the travel squad. You are accurate in saying D2 doesn't give a lot of money to play football, but that is because Michigan takes a different approach to athletic scholarships in D2. Go out of state D2 and you will find all sorts of money.

    Something that a few people may not realize is that Division 1 football isn't a goal of many kids in the Huron League. Heck, D2 isn't either. Why is that? Good circumstances, college funds, homes where education is a first priority and athletics is just something you do. In the city of Detroit, every player and I mean every player has a goal of D1 and for many their focus is the NFL. Why is that? It's there ticket out of their envirornment. They have seen others do it. So what happens if you have a goal like that? You chase it! What happens when you chase a goal? Good things happen. Do you always hit your goal? No, but good things happen is long as your putting in the work. I know this, if I asked the kids on my team at my school if they want to play college football, darn near all of them would say yes if they had an opportunity to do so. Ask that of Huron League players. I bet the number is well under 50%, heck I would venture to guess that it is 10%. They would just rather go to the college of their choosing and get their degree. Some obviously just hit the real world and go to work or join the service.

    In the grand scheme of things it really doesn't matter how many Huron League players play D1 football. Its a solid high school league made up of kids who just enjoy playing the game with their friends.

  5. The Huron league has zero D-1 players unless they would like to walk on and have offers. The big guy from Milan in the Power 5 is few and far between. The QB from FR is a nice player. He's a d-3 kid unless he's athletic enough to play another position in D-2. It's great for kids to walk on at D-1 programs, but 95% of the time, they won't play. Hines doesn't have a D-1 offer yet Chris, although he probably will in the future. He is a MAC type kid.

    There are plenty of kids who can play D-2, but they are not giving scholarships unless they are exceptional. There are only so many kids who can get rides at the d-2 level. It's a very small percentage. They get some money, but more so find ways in academic scholarships or financial aid.

    There is no one from SMCC that I saw that will get a ride in D-1. You notice those type of kids. Not great HS football players, there are lots of them. Guys who take over. SMCC should know when they lost to Clinton a few years back and got upset. Matt Sexton went to EMU on a full ride. That was his only offer. He almost single handily beat SMCC who was one of the best SMCC teams to ever play imo.

    Most don't understand how good you have to be. It's not a fault because there are so many kids who are great HS football players, but kids that get full rides to D-1 are few and far between.

  6. Davis is a dynamic QB. I would like to see what he could do with the o-line FR had last year. Their line this year is sub-par.

  7. Anyone know how Jefferson’s Nick Humphrey is doing at Tennessee? He was a great kid. Hoping he is getting some opportunities.

  8. 5:36 – GI defense will be the difference against FR. In the first 3 HL contests, FL has given up an average of 33 points a game. The GI D has only allowed 35 total in the first 3 HL games. Both have offenses that can score quickly with balanced pass/run games.
    GI 35 – FR 21.

  9. Lako is the only kid actually "playing". Furtney will get a chance. Mossburg is a great story, but he will never really play in a game… the kids are once in decade mehe once in 25 years per school..

  10. I disagree somewhat with that broad statement. Mike Furtney is playing at Wisconsin and Brent Mossburg is at Michigan State. John Lako is playing at Akron and is an impact player. Those players played in the Huron League. Tristen Hines has Division 1 offers. Blanzy is better than quite a few kids in the Huron league that ended up playing D2. Who knows where he ends up. He is only a junior and will most certainly get bigger, faster and stronger.

  11. There are no big ten caliber football players in the huron league. Nice player, but a division 3 type player who would be good at Adrian or Concordia etc.

    Most don't realize how hard it is to even get a D-2 offer.

  12. I say Riverview runs the table from here on out as long as chris doesn’t pick us. You are still invited to everyone of our tailgates, we destroyed 3 Homecomings last year and that fuels us this year. These kids have heart, my son was1st team all state last year and the fill ins are every bit as good.

  13. 11:31 and 9:10. Obviously you are not AP fans so assuming have not seen them play. They are much better than you give them credit for.
    I agree that the road gets a lot tougher, but there is no way that they get blown out or out scored by 100 the next 4 games. However, we will find out shortly and as they say “that’s why they play the game”.

  14. With all do respect to Airport they have no chance. I just see Riverview grinding the clock with long drives and Airport having short possessions. They will be in 2nd and 3rd and long all night and the Airport play action won’t fool anyone.Then as the game goes on views long drives get shorter because of chunk play after Chunk play. Could be 14- 7 at half then end up 41-7.

    I think the only one who can beat Riverview in this game is Riverview.

  15. Would love to see a CC/Whiteford game, but looks like Whiteford will be going D8 again this year. I’m sure the kids would love to play in that game as well.

  16. Airport has a decent ball team but still questioning some of the play calling and question who's in their secondary. But good luck to them rest of the year.

    I think if Flat Rock stays healthy and limits the penalties they will put a nice run together to finish the year.

    GI They have played Airport that's it. Let's see when the meat of the league comes in.

    Huron going to be very long season. Looking forward to the Bears taking it to them.

    Milan CC Riverview which team cracks first?

  17. Troll…..very deep insight for winning formula. L O L! every team would win if they had good run and pass blocking, able to run the ball, have wide open receivers and solid defense. "COME ON MAAAN!" sounds like a Michael Jackson moon walk post for what lies ahead.

  18. Airport has put together a cute little run. They are about to meet reality. They will get outscored by 100 points over the next 4 weeks and then finish the season 3-6.

  19. Gary and Chris,
    Your power rankings are just for fun, they don’t mean anything people!
    What happens on Friday nights is what matters.
    Some of these posts just kill me.

  20. Ok let me rephrase what I said-we’ll need good blocking, need to be able to run the ball, pass blocking, and receivers getting open in order to win these games. Then we’ll need our QB to keep doing what he’s been doing. Then on the other side of the ball our defense cant give up 30+ points a game. I would never put whether we win or lose on 1 person. Takes all 11 to win football games.

    The Troll

  21. As of now Whiteford dropped 2 spots and sits 3rd from the top in D8. Most are thinking they will stay in 8. If they go to 7, CC would be the best team they would play up to that point by far. Would most likely be a good game.

  22. If cc and Whiteford both finish d7 and play in the playoffs what do you guys think will happen? Think it's safe to say Whiteford won't play anyone on that level til then.


  24. Speaking as someone who finds a lot of this posting as complete nonsense, I made the trip to Milan to watch the Riverview game. Riverview is a solid football team. They have good numbers and they play the game with an attitude. That being said, Coach Hoskins and his staff of 4 has probably done more with less players than anyone in the league over his 8 year tenure. The Riverview offensive and defensive lines played very well as they rotated players in-and-out, while Milan's lineman played both ways. It was a nice win by Riverview, but its High school football and these games will not define, or at least they shouldn't, define who these kids are or what they will be in the future. For those of you that get so wrapped up in it, need to put your beer down and relax. They are kids.

  25. So Troll, you’re basically saying if Goins does good, Airport will win 3 or 4 games out of the next 5, and if he doesn’t they will win 1-2? It’s not gonna alll be on him I can tell you that

  26. Gary I agree with everything on the power rankings that you guys have. It’s just hard for me to agree with the GI #4 spot. Like I said 8-10 maybe. We (Airport) handed them that game on a silver platter. Turnovers in the red zone killed us. I will also agree with 1:07 to an extent. Airport is fully capable of winning 4 out of the next 5 or even all 5. Who knows. But it’s all riding on the play calling and QB play from my man Luke Goins. If he keeps it up we’re gonna shock the hell out of some teams. He has 3 very good receivers. Throw that damn kicker in there and he has 4!! Lol! Defense has to be extremely fast like they have been the last 2 weeks (yes maybe they looked faster because of Huron and Jefferson). All I know is the last half of this season should be exciting as hell for all these teams.

    The Troll

  27. Nice win for the Bucs but I’m not sure the gap between AP, GI, and the other chosen 4 is very big if at all. I think it is all pretty much hype. Milan easily could be 1-2 in HL with a close nc win vs Bridgeport who just got their first win over the mighty 1-3 Carrollton program. Hines and Aeschbacher and #78(Beck?) are all very good players but that was not the team I was expecting to see. And no, there are no “get to play them again” scenarios. I’m sure CC would like to play Milan again as well. I thought Riverview’s line was average and made Milan’s D-Line look bad. Hoskins has been getting praise for years in this league for his coaching talent but defensively, he never adjusted as his lbs ran away from every run up the middle. He also used 3 time outs in a row on 4th down before half I’m guessing as a Jedi mind trick then the line never blocked 2 of the rushers. Milan will get their 6 wins but it won’t surprise me if AP and GI both give them trouble. I haven’t seen AP or GI play but the league in my opinion is up for grabs between 6 teams.

  28. Yeah CC had the best chance, but they didn't get er done!!! Milan knows its self worth! And thats all that matters…they definitely dont let the negativity of the blog bring them down!!! They take 1 week at a time, win or lose they move on to the next week and focus on the game coming up…

  29. The Power rankings, as of right now, go in order of best wins.

    SMCC is 2 over View and Milan because their loss was a last second loss. Of the teams with 1 loss, CC had the best chance of winning that game. One could say they should have lost to FR, and they might be right, but I have to go by something to rank these teams who all played each other.

  30. I’m agreeing with you on Airport. My point was if you take GI and insert into your statement where Airport was it would make perfect sense as well. No way should GI be #4. Maybe 8-10? However just like Airport they will get there chance. If Gabriel Richard was a quality win then Monroe was one hell of a quality loss. Lol!

    The Troll

  31. I don’t believe Airport is capable of winning more than 1 of their remaining games and that would be debatable. They had the best and easiest part of their schedule early. Now they face the gauntlet of teams with better offenses and better pass defenses. Goins shined against the weaker teams, but he has to excel against the rest of the teams. Not sure the pieces will fit for that to happen.

  32. Milan seeks vengeance. The sweet agony of defeat has taken their pride and focus… only to return it a day later to fuel their epic quest of annihilating the league. The bears will have to bare being left bare after this weeks game. Nothing will stand in Milan’s way of justice and taking what rightfully has been bestowed upon them.
    -HL Maniac

  33. 1. GI is 4-0

    2. They have a quality win in RGR. 9-2 last year and should finish 7-2 this year.

    3. In a heads up battle vs Airport, GI won by 11.

    If Airport were to win that game, the Jets would be in the top 10. The Jets have had 2 true tests, and lost both.

    If you think Airport is worthy of the top 10, then that would be 2 quality wins for the Red Devils and still zero for the Jets.

    Airport will get their chance… hang in there.

  34. At 4-0, until GI at least plays view, CC, or Milan I can’t justify them being in the top 10.

    Just haven’t seen enough.

    (The contradiction of your statement. Yet GI sits at #4. For what?)

    The Troll

  35. Then how do you justify GI at #4? If Airport was 3-1 then you’re telling me you would have Airport in the 4 spot?

    The Troll

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