Gerweck Nissan Week 5 Power Rankings

1.(1) Whiteford 5-0, Yep

2.(4) Grosse Ile 5-0, Big win on the road

3.(2) SMCC 4-1, Down to 22

4.(3) Riverview 4-1, Quality win vs Airport

5.(5) Milan 4-1, Throttled the Bears

6.(6) Carlson 4-1, Huge test this week @ AP

7.(7) Ida 4-1, Took care of business vs Mason

8.(8) Monroe 4-1, HUGE game vs Bedford this week

9.(9) Dundee 3-2, Controversial call on 4th down.  Vikings play tough @ Blissfield

10. (NR) Summerfield 3-2, Big game this week vs Clinton

18 thoughts on “Gerweck Nissan Week 5 Power Rankings”

  1. Not much talk about Monroe high over the past 5 years. Things are starting to come together for the Trojans. Hopefully the county and the monroe evening news will get on board. Good luck to all the Monroe county teams this Friday play hard play safe and win.

  2. 5:45-Airport has no line blocking?? They’ve moved the ball very well against everyone including Monroe and Riverview. Turnovers in the red zone is the difference of them being 4-1 and 2-3. I’m not making excuses for them being 2-3 either. But to say Airport has no blocking is about the dumbest comment I’ve heard in a while. Well that and people thinking they know who The Troll is.

  3. FR will not beat Airport. Their defense isn't stopping Airport. Sorry. FR is very overrated.. they spend too much time working on tricks instead of working on basic fundamentals. If they were fundamentally sound they'd be 4-1

  4. You make your own luck. Find a way. No excuse. FR and Huron have talent and are not utilizing it properly. FR is showing me what they're all about. They were loaded last year big time now they are a top 4 team talent wise and aren't winning.

  5. Airport has no line blocking and are way to predictable, and to easy to stop the outside run. They haven’t had a passing game in several years.Flat Rock 36-14

  6. One thing they have going for them over at Milan is that they do not get cocky!!! They know that anyone can win a game no matter what their record is!!! Way to stay humble boys!!

  7. Unfortunately most teams have suffered injuries to some very good and important player's on their teams. So I really don't think anyone has an easy schedule ahead of them.

  8. Sorry to disappoint you 8:13, but Airport played the easiest part of their schedule and will now go down like a JET with no engines. Flat Rock RAMS win easily 28-6.

  9. In a hundred years you will give your kid a DNA set for Christmas and she can make a Tyrannosaurs whatever. But not this year, the Huron league is about to shine like a shiny shoe that just got shined by a shoeshiner this year. Good luck to everybody outside the teams on the desolate path of Huron.
    -Pinball Wizard

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