Gerweck Nissan’s 2018 Week 3 Power Rankings

1.(1) Whiteford 3-0, Who will beat the Bobcats?  I have an answer

2.(4) Milan  3-0, Good win on the road.  In the cat-bird seat in the HL

3.(8) Dundee 3-0, Vikings most surprising team on the list. Ida awaits

4.(9) SMCC 2-1, Huge win @ Riverview.

5.(6) Grosse Ile 3-0, Close game vs the Bears

6.(7) Carlson  2-1, Two tests left for the Marauders

7.(5) Ida 2-1, Tough loss to a very good BCC team

8.(2) Riverview 2-1,  Lost to SMCC @ home. Big game this week

9.(3) Monroe 2-1, Somewhat surprising loss to Jackson.

10.(NR) Bedford 1-2, Good win vs Pinckney

19 thoughts on “Gerweck Nissan’s 2018 Week 3 Power Rankings”

  1. Double wing teams are different than most teams. Double Wing teams would like an entire team worth of full back types. 5'9" 180lbs. hard nosed types. Speed does help but its not the most important thing.

  2. i know you need big uglies, but you also need athletes to put ball in end zone. 4.7 and 4.8 get caught from behind a lot or are easy to cover in their routes. It has to be more than the big ugs. Again just asking. very curious. Thanks for answer Chris

  3. I have a question and would love to get an answer. I watched a HL team scrimmage Whiteford this year in a 7 on 7. To me it was obvious that the HL team was faster and more athletic at most position as a whole. They HL team looked like the better team. I watched a HL team go against Saline and came away with the same opinion, the HL team looked like the better team. Are the coaches at Whiteford and Saline that much better than HL coaches. I know the season is still young but I really thought Saline was going to struggle this year. Yet they are still ranked highly. Is division 8 just that bad. I don't see how NO one can stop Whiteford. is all coaching or what

  4. Bubble teams

    Whiteford currently sits as the top team in D8 enrollment wise.

    Milan is 3 teams from the top of D4.

    I will update this weekly as things will shift every week.

  5. The Lions game just reminded me why I like high school football.
    Total disgrace to the city, region and all Lion fans on Monday Night Game of the week.
    Martha Ford should not even pay these idiots.

  6. From What I have seen from Whiteford. No one is beating them unless they go D7 and take on PW or maybe Madison Heights … Thats all I see. Very good football team.

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