Thoughts and Questions

Huron League lambs out of the way, Lions await.

Bedford may be out of losses.

I wish the Downriver League had divisions, I would love to see Carlson play non-league opponents.

FG’s are worth 3 points, right?

You can’t continually give up 40 and expect to win.

I could see Flat Rock running the table.

Is a first place finish possible for Grosse Ile in the Huron League?

Growing pains?

Difference in team speed won that game for Ida against Dundee.

I don’t know what to say at this point.

I would like to see Milan and Riverview play again.


Sometimes a loss is a good thing.

For a moment I thought the Falcons snatched defeat from the jaws of victory again.

Did Summerfield play this weekend?

Can we just give Whiteford the State title again?

For the challenged, each thought is about a school in alphabetical order.

40 thoughts on “Thoughts and Questions”

  1. If any team leaves the Huron League in the near future it will be Jefferson. Their enrollment is on a steady decline and they would be a good fit in all sports in the LCAA. I could see the Huron League then taking in Riverview Gabriel Richard.

  2. Thanks Gary and Chris for all you do. This site always has me tuning in during football season. The players, coaches and families all appreciate all the time and in site you put into this.
    The old guy dressed as a pirate in the riverview stands.

  3. The point I was making or offering had nothing to do with the correlation between enrollment and Huron League Titles. Remember I'm a CC homer, I'm fully aware there is no correlation.

    I was replying to a post in-which someone said Melvindale may be leaving the DRL. The poster asked if any team would fill their spot or just leave it for a non league matchup.

    I replied with maybe View would give it some thought because they have been a class A school now for a number of years in a row and get "jipped" on playoff points in football. Because they play all Class B and a class C school. Although Huron is Class A this year as well.

    It looks like Riverview has things moving in the right direction and just might be a perennial playoff team. I hope they are. With that possibility, might they want to be in a league with other class A school(especially one in their own backyard), thus having the chance to garner the same amount of Playoff Points that the other teams are in D3. As of now, View cannot do that.

    My remark had nothing to do with league titles. It was all about football and playoff points—>>> Playoff home games, and the like.

    It was all just food for thought, something to chew on.

  4. 2018 Huron 922 Champ ?
    2017 Riverview 928 Champ Riverview
    2016 Riverview 937 Champ Milan, Grosse Ile
    2015 Riverview 912 Champ CC
    2014 Riverview 935 Champ CC
    2013 Riverview 993 Champ Milan
    2012 Riverview 966 Champ Milan
    2011 Milan 1016 Champ Airport
    2010 Milan 961 Champ CC
    2009 Airport 1000 Champ CC
    2008 Airport 1034 Champ Milan, Airport
    2007 Airport 1037 Champ Airport, Milan
    2006 Airport 1040 Champ CC
    2005 Airport 1028 Champ CC
    2004 Airport 1031 Champ Riverview
    2003 Airport 997 Champ Airport
    2002 Airport 951 Champ Airport
    2001 Airport 916 Champ Jefferson
    2000 Jefferson 917 Champ Milan, Airport
    1999 Jefferson 871 Champ Jefferson
    1998 Jefferson 867 Champ Airport, Riverview
    1997 Jefferson 870 Champ Riverview
    1996 Jefferson 891 Champ CC
    1995 Jefferson 891 Champ CC
    1994 Jefferson 886 Champ Jefferson
    1993 Jefferson 829 Champ Jefferson
    1992 Carlson 987 Champ Riverview, Jefferson, CC
    1991 Carlson 1007 Champ CC
    1990 Carlson 1027 Champ CC
    1989 Carlson 1097 Champ Riverview
    1988 Carlson 1167 Champ Riverview
    1987 Carlson 1255 Champ CC
    1986 Carlson 1288 Champ Riverview, Jefferson, Grosse Ile
    1985 Carlson 1273 Champ CC

  5. Every year we have to read posts about somebody leaving the Huron league for the Downriver league. Before we get too far in this debate why dont we look into some data.

    There are no "Class A" football schools in the league, as far as football goes. D3 would be the old BB division. In other sports the bigger Huron Lge schools might be class A, but that is because of the amount of smaller schools in the state that field basketball teams but do not have football programs. But remember, this is a football blog.

    Since 1985, 6 different schools have had the highest enrollment in the Huron League.

    Only 8 times in those 34 years has the biggest school won the league championship, so I really don't see a correlation between titles and numbers.

    While the old Mega league played different random schools every year, The Huron League is a solid league, and has remain largely unchanged in the last 50 years, save for 2 moves, Carlson and Milan. That is a tradition in itself. The rivalries are historic.

    Leave it alone. Nobody is going to the Downriver League.

  6. @11:15, you need to chill out on Gary. I know he doesn't need any of us to defend him, but give it a break. Gary will admit he can be a homer, but SMCC is not afraid to play any team in the Huron league, including Riverview. Gary was simply suggesting what might be in the best interest of Riverview football. There will come a day when they will miss the playoffs at 5-4 because too many of their wins were against small schools. Had they been in the DRL that year, they would likely make the playoffs.

    Ram Fan

  7. Riverview isn't leaving. People are just trying to plant a seed. And I'm pretty sure it looks like they were talking about last year because they reference 2 years ago. But thanks for the running the Gary Hauf CC huron league blog.

  8. Look dude, I could care less if anyone leaves for the DRL. I just thought it would be in the best interest of Riverview since they are a downriver school. Class A teams playing Class B and C schools will hurt your playoff points in football. Riverview can compete in the DRL, Huron currently cannot.

    As for the last part of your comment, over the last 20 years Riverview is 104-88(4th best in the HL) and has beat CC (if you were directing your comment towards me) 4 times, with your margin of loss being astronomical. It was just something to ponder.

  9. Again Huron has more students then Riverview so why not them. You want Riverview gone because they beat you. You didn't want them gone 2 years ago when they were 2 and 7.

  10. To the Troll. Riverview baseball would compete in DRL with no problem..they played Southgate,Allen Park, Taylor, Wyandotte they would be ok

  11. 32 Taps added another beer to the list-Jet Fuel!! It’s a 7-2…I mean a 7.2% flavorful beer!! They had to find something to replace the Airport Punch that had 6.3% in it. The people of Carleton loved that flavor until Jet Fuel was tapped into late Friday night!!

    The Troll

  12. The only sport that could compete in the DRL is football. And that’s compete-not win. The rest of Riverviews sports would suffer miserably in the DRL. Look at basketball, baseball, wrestling, girls basketball, softball, volleyball. They would all suffer from that standpoint. Football would do well in the DRL but that’s about it.

    The Troll

  13. It may… I wonder however if Riverview would entertain the thought of switching to the DRL. More schools their size(class A) to help with playoff points, football wise.

    View went 8-1 last year and had only 1 home game. There were 2 D3 teams who went 7-2 with more Playoff Points.

    Im sure the View faithful is nice and cozy in the HL but would the DRL be a better fit?

  14. @5:55 You must have missed the game or was at the concession stand for 4 quarters. Milan had no chance once again riverviews running game is unstoppable. They have 2 players returning from the starting offense from last year. A Quarterback and a guard. Riverview is turning into a football factory.

  15. I don't think Milan wants to face Riverview again! The outcome really wouldn't be no different. Milan was just to predictable it might be worse for Milan if played again.. I'm not say Milan is scared just doesn't make sense.

  16. Milan would love to play Riverview!!!! No turnovers and Milan would win it!!! Anyone who thinks they can’t win is to stuck on Riverview to see aMilwn is a good team

  17. the "preseason games" for some teams are over! some great games over the next few weeks.
    chris-how do you pick which game to go to now? and what game are you looking forward to go see in the next few weeks?

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