Thoughts and Questions

Why not keep throwing the ball?

Giant awakening before big rivalry game?

Huge game against Allen Park coming up.

Was he in or not?

It’s all about blocking and tackling.

Rams can still get in?

Is the “View” nice from atop the league standings?

Sometimes addition by subtraction is a good thing.

I won’t bet against the Bluestreaks.

It doesn’t get any easier.

Not sure I’d bet against Milan either.

Biggest game for Trojans in quite a while.

Loss was a good thing again this year?

How many healthy players left?

Bulldogs quietly doing what they do.

Bobcat defense their best ever?

Will Michigan have a home game in Evanston next week?

B1G road win against an undefeated opponent is never a bad thing.

Season determined Sunday night.

52 thoughts on “Thoughts and Questions”

  1. But how do we know the “real” Troll is the person who signed up this google account? Any clone can do that. Riddle me that.

  2. 12:16. I’m not the troll, but know who it is, and can assure you he does not post many of these posts that claim they are the troll. He will not be done after this year, because son is not a senior.

  3. 12:16-The Troll was getting Trolled by fake Trolls if you can follow what I mean. I made it so people wouldn’t comment as me. I’ve been commenting on this blog for about 5 years so why do you assume I won’t be back next year?

  4. yes, there are many more 5-4 teams that make it nowadays then in 1999(the only other time CC could have made it in at 5-4). In 1999 there were 15 teams that made it in at 5-4. This year will be around 50.

  5. CC being class C and playing all lather schools will never not be in at 5-4.

    The others. Will have to play out. If Dundee can beat a team that will finish with 7 wins that will help out a lot. This all depends on who you best.

  6. Flat Rock is a dismal 1-4.
    They need to worry about their next game.
    They could win all 4 remaining games or lose all 4 remaining games.
    No room for error.
    They should be 4-1 or 3-2 at the least right now.
    Not sure what’s going on over there in Flat Rock.
    Good luck Friday, may need it!

  7. Yes, that is where I have them finishing… around 48 points.

    I have GC winning 5 games, Airport 4. Those are best case scenarios. GC could get to 6 I suppose.

    Bonus point total wont change much with those win totals because the divider changes from 5 to 9 by years end.

    The exact way to get bonus points is to take team total wins(team you have beaten) multiply by 8 then divide by games played.

    A team thats 3-2… 3(wins) X 8(multiplier) = 24 divided by games played = 4.800

    A team that finishes 6-4… which GC might, will have 6 X 8 = 48/9 = 5.33
    If GC only gets to 5 wins the total would be 4.444

    So what Im trying to say is the divider changes each week. It is very possible for the bonus points to drop.

  8. Gary, do you have an idea of which of these teams would make it in at 5-4 ? I know there is plenty of factors that go into each, but based on what you know about their schedules, what do you think?

    SMCC (if they lose to Airport)

  9. Gary,

    If FR wins out and all the teams they have played lose their remaining games (impossible since some of them play each other), they end up at 47.666 points. They need to win out and have GC, Airport, Jefferson, NB Huron, and AA Huron win a total of 3 more games and they should be fine.

    First things first though, they need to play well for 4 quarters and beat Airport.

  10. troll thinks he's famous now with his google account. troll makes bold statements then back tracks on them. a lot of good comments but A LOT of excuses lately. Riverview was a better team, PERIOD. GI was a better team, PERIOD. you'll be a better contributor after your kid graduates this year. Windy conditions for Friday's game. It's a lock, 100% that FR throws it! rain, snow, wind, sun in my eyes, seeing spots from looking into lights, new ball was slippery, got small hands, and no matter if blocking is good or bad. take that to the Monroe Bank on Trust on your way to 32 Taps.

  11. Playoff Points

    If you beat a Class A school you get 80 points, B= 64, C= 48 and D =32.

    Those points are divided by games played.

    You get 0.9 points(approximately) for every win the teams you beat have. Those are called BONUS points.
    So if you beat a Class A school who finished 5-4. You will get 80/9 + 4.444= 13.33 Playoff points.

    You also get bonus points for teams you lose to and how many games they win. If you lose to a team that winds up goinf 6-3, you get 0.555 playoff points. If they went 9-0 you would get 0.888 or 3-6 you would get 0.222

    So you take all 9 of your wins… add up the total points. Class A=80 and so on. Then divide by games played.

    Now you have a number. Playoff Points

    Add up your BONUS points for teams you played. Take that number and add it to your Playoff points. Now you have your total playoff points.

    Clear as mud?

    For the Flat Rock folks wondering what point total they will need. In 2017, the lowest point total for a 5-4 Class B team was 50.333 , Madison Hights Lamphere. The 5 teams they beat had a total of 18 wins combined.

    Flat Rock needs to be very close to 50 playoff points by years end to make it in.

  12. I'm going to assume that after 5 weeks, a scenario like this has presented itself on more than one occasion. However, there is a reason the way you have it laid out, has never happened.

  13. If Airport wins out they finish 5-2
    If SMCC loses to Airport they finish 5-2
    If Riverview looses to GI they finish 5-2
    If Milan looses to Airport they finish 5-2
    If GI looses to SMCC and Milan they finish 5-2

    If all of the above happens it puts FR at 2-5
    Huron 1-6
    Jefferson 0-7

    First time in history there could be a 5 way tie for HLC

  14. I agree with AP Fan. Riverview’s defense was tough. They came through twice in Airport first 2 drives on 4th and goal. You’re talking the difference of Airport going up 16-0. Instead it was 2-0. Or 2-6. I don’t remember exactly which drive Riverview scored. Riverview’s D linemen were big, fast, and stronger than most grown men. But I will also say this, Airport’s defense played the best they’ve played all year. Seemed like they got a little wore out towards the end of the game. GI/Riverview game is gonna be a good one. I would like to see how Riverview’s secondary does against 5 WR’s at times.

  15. Was hard to throw because of many factors (wind, blocking), but mostly because view was good. It’s hard for high shcool kids to substain blocks long enough for any QB to have a lot of time to throw. Some of the longer pass plays take little too long to develop and thus makes it tougher to complete. So, blame goes everywhere. But again, more credit to views defense than anything.

    AP fan.

  16. They will take around 12 Class B schools at 5-4. If GC can get to 5 wins that would help out a lot. Would be the same amount of points as beating a 9-0 Class C team.

    Basically FR fan should root for Huron, GC, Jefferson, AA Huron and Airport to win. The current record of those teams is 6-19.

  17. Chris-see what you started with your Airport comment about passing? Now we have our runningbacks parents blaming the linemen and our linemen’s parents blaming the runningbacks. Lol!!!

  18. If FR wins out they would have 3 wins against Class A opponents. You get 80 points for a Class A win. Plus bonus points for any wins those teams have. Now granted the two Hurons wouldn’t have many wins but still get 80 points plus whatever ones they do end up with.

  19. Who’s taking Flat Rock lightly? I just thought of something today though. All this talk about Flat Rock being the best 1-4 team around and still having a chance to make playoffs going 5-4. My question is how? That would mean there biggest win would have to be Airport. They better hope they beat Airport first and foremost. Then hope that Airport wins out. Am I wrong?

  20. Agree with the Troll. The inability to throw Friday was on the crazy winds, good pass coverage by the bucs, and poor protection form the lineman. Not much you can do when those three things happen

  21. How does the chant go Chris? “We’ve got the jug, got the jug, got the jug, yes we do!”? This old timer is excited to be back home and will definitely be going to the game. Do they play for the jug still?

  22. Airport will keep throwing the ball as long as there aren’t any more 30mph winds and our QB has time to throw. Give the View defense credit. They pressured the hell out of Goins. He actually made some great decisions on a couple tuck and runs for some nice gains though.

  23. Another reference to loosing being a good thing for the Bucs. Way too much comparison to last’s years team even in the View’s stands. Last year’s loss to Flat Rock was good for last year’s team but this is not last year’s team. Every win has been a good thing and difficult at that. Guys like Wood, Rice, Johnson, Naif, Lezotte all benefited from last year’s experience but this is their time now along with some new kids that have developed into a pretty good team. If they survive the next two weeks vs Jefferson and Huron, a HL championship will be on the line with their biggest rival. That’s a story. SMCC is very good and deserved to win. They were not our “wake up” call.

  24. Please keep our Milan Big Red, #40, in your thoughts as he goes in for surgery in the am to repair the fractured bones in his left arm. We are very sad that his season is over but you better believe that he will be on the sidelines to support his team. #onohmilan ♥️

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