Thoughts and Questions

Jets win the jug.

When was the last time Bedford had a running clock against them?

Carlson made me look silly with my Allen Park pick, but I did manage to go 10-1 this week.


Relax people, you’re headed in the right direction.

Anyone remember what 2013 or 2014 was like? Good then settle down would you?

Welcome to the playoffs Islanders.

Was that the biggest crowd in Huron history Friday night?

I predict Ida makes the playoffs.

Does Jefferson finally get one next week?

Big game for Milan this week.

Trojans opened a can!

Pirates still have league title on their mind?

With the white hot passion of a thousand suns. (inside joke)

Still not sure if anyone from Summerfield reads the blog.

Not sure if there is anything to say at this point.

Not sure if State could win the MAC.

Good thing UM had more talent than Northwestern because they certainly didn’t look prepared Saturday afternoon.

No Kool-Aid for me.

23 thoughts on “Thoughts and Questions”

  1. It's one thing when the PA announcer thinks he's a play by play man. It's another when he thinks he's the color commentator or acts like a superfan in the booth.

    He should step down and make a wacky internet broadcast of the games. I'm sure Jets fans will love it.

  2. You know we have melted into a soft culture when the snowflakes are offended by a high school football game announcer making a joke.

  3. Milan and Grosse Ile will be a fantastic football game. Hopefully the weather will hold up so that both offenses and defenses can really play. That being said, Milan found a way to beat SMCC with their full compliment of players early in the season. Grosse Ile beat an SMCC team that has been beat up an injury ridden.

  4. Yes the Airport announcer did say for the 344th time Davis on the keeper. While not the most professional thing to say he didn’t say anything everyone in the stadium wasn’t thinking… He made several other comments like- you’ll never guess who ran the ball… opposing defenses have it pretty easy when a team is that predictable. FR has some very talented kids on the team, it’s a shame more of them haven’t been given the chance to shine.

  5. "If Airport announcer actually said that about 334th carry of game that’s sort of bush league and should be addressed by someone at Airport"

    Oh No!

    The Airport administration should direct all resources to get to the bottom of this heinous crime!

  6. I saw the Summerfield vs. Clinton game on Friday. I was really impressed with the right arm on Summerfield QB, Brendan Zeipekis. On one play while being chased by a couple clinton players, he rolled away to his right and threw a pass over 40 yards, but his receiver was out of bounds. Clinton's defense has given up alot of long passes this season, and Summerfield consistently tried to throw over the top. A couple of PI calls against Clinton and a couple of drops by Summerfield receivers kept Summerfield from making it really close with Clinton.

    Anyway, as I was watching, I was thinking to myself that Zeipekis must be a pretty formidle baseball pitcher with that arm. Does anyone know if that is true?

  7. If Airport announcer actually said that about 334th carry of game that’s sort of bush league and should be addressed by someone at Airport.

  8. I agree with 11:04 post, that’s why I don’t get 1-5.
    Winning out at 4-5 not acceptable with the talent on this team.
    Giving up 26 points a game not acceptable either, over 28 in league play
    Come on Rams You are better than that.

  9. 8:45, thanks for the heads up. I am guessing they will cancel the rest of the season…with your blessing, of course.

  10. Milan also beat Huron, at Huron’s homecoming, on Huron’s field last week. Huron scored ZERO points against Milan. Milan also beat SMCC in week 2. It should be a great game. See you at Milan’s home field Friday 3:03 PM. #onohmilan #gobigreds

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