Thursday Night Scores

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Blissfield 14 Dundee 8
Milan 28 Jefferson 22
Michigan Collegiate 30 Advanced Tech 14
Huron 13 SMCC 8
Grosse Ile 18 Flat Rock 6
Carlson 59 Anderson 14
Riverview 38 Airport 0
Madison 20 Whiteford 14
Summerfield 32 Vandercook Lake 6
Monroe 55 Ann Arbor Huron 0

Huron 35 Lincoln Park 22

26 thoughts on “Thursday Night Scores”

  1. And when I said middle of the pack year after year I was referring to roughly the last 20 years. The last 10 years for sure seems like they were middle or bottom and now all of a sudden they’re the epitome of a true football program. They’re gonna reload year after year from what I can tell.

    The Troll

  2. Troll asks for honest answer. Troll questions why Riverview is a powerhouse. Nobody claims Riverview is a powerhouse. Troll doesn’t want any backlash. Your name alone implies you are stirring the pot. Riverview had 1 very good season last year and are a few plays away from sitting at 0-3 in the Huron League this year. Of course we are excited about our season, but other than busting a few chops, their hasn’t been any “we are better than you”. You are probably a decent guy who is excited about your team as well but please don’t manufacture questions and expect no return jab – signed one of the guys that will not be driving up to the bar to find out who the troll is.

  3. First off, Riverview is not a powerhouse (yet.) The T is part of the reason but it's not because they run the T. It's because that's the offense their coach happens to run. Does that make sense?

  4. Riverview a Powerhouse? How can you be a Division 3 powerhouse and lose to a division 7 school? Stop with that. Please respect the true PH schools in the state. For example, Detroit Catholic Central, Farmington Hills Harrison, Mendon, Orchard Lake St. Mary. Riverview has been a good program for a long time but let's not confuse things.

  5. Let me chime in on this. Riverview has the 53 best overall winning percentage in the state amongst schools that are active. There are 545 active schools with 11 man football. That makes them a top 10% program in the state. Don't let your limited knowledge of Riverview football history cloud your judgement.

  6. The answer lies somewhere in the middle. In top programs, development matters more than winning at the lower levels. That being said, if you are developing players, some wins are probably going to come your way.

  7. Here’s my question-please answer honestly if you really want to answer. Before Riverview implemented the T they were a middle of the pack or even the bottom of the pack when it came to the Huron League year after year. How in the world did they become a football powerhouse a year after implementing the T? There has to be more to this than just a change of the offense. If it were that easy every team would just switch to the T. Do they get a lot of school of choice kids? It’s fine if they do. It’s not illegal. I just can’t believe that a program facelift would automatically bring that much success in such a short time. I’m not looking for backlash from the Riverview people or Mr. Black Beard either. I give them credit for turning it into what it is even if it is out of district kids. More power to you guys.

    The Troll

  8. The entire program matters and any one that says they could care less about JV'S record and progress is crazy!!!! (youth, 7th & 8th for that matter). Winning is contagious AND BECOMES EXPECTED IN GREAT PROGRAMS.

  9. Riverview really couldn’t care more about JV scores, records, touchdowns etc. We understand now that it means everything. Coach Mac has drilled that since day one so he couldn’t care more. Every player from little league up through middle school into high school are all part of the same program. Their success is vitally important with the understanding that those win loss records do not directly translate to Varsity’s success.

  10. Airport really could care less about JV scores records touchdowns for/against etc we understand now that it means nothing Duffy’s have drilled that since day one he could care less

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