Varsity Athletic Week 3 Players of the Week

Carter Scott, TE/K, Dundee: The senior was the difference maker for the Vikings, as he accounted for 27 of Dundee’s 33 points. Scott caught four passes for 133 yards and three touchdowns, was 3-for-3 on extra point attempts, and also booted field goals of 38 and 35 yards in Dundee’s 33-6 victory over Hudson.
Luke Goins, QB, Airport: The Jets needed a win, and Goins did his part by throwing for 196 yards and two touchdowns, and rushing for 34 yards and a pair of touchdowns in a 47-0 rout of Huron. Goins also recorded an interception on defense for the Jets.
Tristen Hines, WR, Milan: Hines was his usual electrifying self on Friday, as he hauled in six passes for 205 yards and three touchdowns. The junior also returned a blocked field goal attempt 80 yards for a score in a 45-26 win over Flat Rock.

DJ Jones, QB, Milan: Hines wasn’t the only one who turned in a big game for the Big Reds. Jones was on fire as well, as he threw for 303 yards and four touchdowns.
Christian Brown, RB, Bedford: After fumbling on his first rushing attempt of the game, Brown responded by running for 234 yards and two scores on 31 carries in Bedford’s 40-20 win over Pinckney.
Sam Cousino, RB/LB, SMCC: An injury to teammate Nick Marino forced Cousino to move from TE to RB, and the junior answered the call as he rushed for two scores. Cousino also rang up 11 tackles from his linebacker spot on defense.

30 thoughts on “Varsity Athletic Week 3 Players of the Week”

  1. Jets Defense line is worth checking out
    Not big kids but strong and fast off the line
    Szuper- Smith and Plensdorf
    I will be watching these boys
    Very impressed

  2. The next couple weeks will be won and lost on the frontlines for the Jets! We always struggle against T teams! I believe our boys have the grit to take it to Jefferson this week and give Riverview a run for their money the following week! Remember your not playing for yourself your playing for the guy next to you and the rest of your team! RB

  3. Lions 4 life I mean Jets 4 life, love the enthusiasm. But every team that will play Huron will have a player of the week if they don’t figure things out real quick. Airports game theme this week is Troll jerseys and signs that say GOING…GOING…GOINS!

  4. Just some thoughts after watching a few teams.

    Airport lost by 11 points to GI. The great thing about the game of football is that it’s a team sport. You don’t just blow games little plays throughout a game determine the outcome. Poor execution lost airport that game. They were the worse team that week. By no means is GI a league favorite, to many unknowns and inconsistent play. And yes airport is starting to gell and the other HL teams should watch out. Hopefully they can bring that same energy and execution this week. Team Culture is the difference in winning or losing close games.

    The Two teams from top to bottom with the most talent along with team unity forsure Milan and SMCC. You can sense that watching them play.

    Most Dominate players in this league that hold the greatest impact on there team… Hines, Cousino and Blanzy no doubt.
    However,there are many players not named that are phenomenal athletes and difference makers on there teams but these three stand out the most in my opinion. Many athletes in this league that are fun to watch. It will be exciting to see how the season plays out in the Huron league.

  5. Don’t get me wrong-I’m the first to admit we blew the GI game. That was ours to win. I know Luke Goins very well and I hope you’re right about him understanding the offense and seeing the field better all of a sudden. I hope more than anyone that his game against GI was a fluke and the Huron game was the real Luke Goins. I’m not sure about Jefferson this week but after that we’re gonna see 5 defenses that are more than likely better than GI’s. If he can run the offense in those 5 games the way he did against Huron then I’m gonna get T shirts made that say I Love Luke Goins and wear it to the games. On the back it’ll say I Am The Troll. Now can somebody get me some of this damn Jet Fuel because the Kool Aid is gone!!!

    The Troll

  6. 2:09;

    Lake Fenton is a quality program at the least. Who has Dundee played? Ann Arbor Huron who owns the longest losing streak in the state of Michigan and Stockbridge who is averaging 6 points a game! Hudson is awful this year and will lose to Mason this week just like Gary predicted. Credit to the kids at Dundee for exceeding everyone's expectations but reality is about to set in. This game could be a running clock by the 4th quarter. U-G-L-Y

  7. Wait now Troll. …,, Airport played a tough tough Monroe team. Then had a tough loss to GI. The game was much closer than the final score. Airport was right there with them. A little more efficiency in the red zone and we win that game.. Some in here predicted GI as league dark horse.

    Then with a very young team we played Huron and took care of business. Why shouldn’t jets fans be optimistic? A very good Monroe team beat us. We beat ourselves against GI. I would rather be overly positive about our boys then constantly negative. Troll just can’t handle the jet fuel!

    I don’t think someone saying Goins is a good player and his improvement is noticeable is putting a target on the kid. Good players are always talked about in here. Do people raving about Hines in here make him a target? No people just giving props to players is a great thing about this blog. The troll is flying an empty jet and he needs some jet fuel.

    Jets 4 Life

  8. I'm starting to think people need to take a breathalyzer test (and no Gary and Chris it has nothing to do with your predictions location this week!) in order to post on here, or maybe an IQ test. I really hope it is not members of teams posting some of the thoughts on here.

  9. There’s no way in hell the Jets 4 Life person is from Airport. I’ll give you my name as The Troll. And if you are you probably just put a big target on Luke Goins back for the rest of the league. Be realistic people. The top 4 teams in the league will be playing there 2nd and 3rd string against Huron before halftime. There’s something in that damn kool aid!!

    The Troll

  10. So I was drinking some Kool Aid last night with the people of Carleton and I believe if we beat Jefferson this week by a land slide we’re gonna finish 6-3. The Troll lives on until we beat Tecumseh!!

    The Troll

  11. Get use to seeing Goins as player of the week. Duffy has coached that kid up so well that he understands the Offense and is really seeing the field well. I can’t even control my excitement for the Jets over the next few weeks. After our statement game vs a very talented Huron team the sky is the limit. Do you smell that?? That’s right, the Huron league needs to smell the jet fuel. 2 in a row comming!

    Jets 4 life

  12. Hey Dundee… knock knock… who's there… Ida… Ida who… Ida 47 Dundee 6
    Hope you enjoyed your 3-0 you've played NO ONE

  13. This is a travesty.. Ravion Davis QB of flat rock threw for 200 yards and ran for another 100. Yes in a losing effort but nonetheless.

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