17 thoughts on “Week 6 Video Picks”

  1. Flat Rock will score on a couple trick plays, but it won’t be enough.
    Flat Rock doesn’t stop anyone either.
    Still can’t figure them out. 1-4 ?
    This is it for quite a while Flat Rock.
    Need to get it right this Friday night.

  2. My apologies for thinking the 5 way tie was interesting at this point. If it pans out I’m a damn genius. It’s just a stupid scenario that I thought of. Has zero to do with me thinking Airport could still win the league.

  3. How do you guys pick the game of the week? How is it not CC vs GI with as much riding on that game… I know there is a lot of football left to be played but the results of the game will shape the Huron League race…

  4. My predictions

    Clinton 38, Summerfield 21
    Onsted 31, Dundee 18
    Ida 48, Hudson 24
    BCC 42, Mason 16
    Whiteford 65, does it matter? 0
    Grosse Ile 35, SMCC 24
    Milan 38, Huron 7
    Riverview 48, Jefferson 16
    Flat Rock 24, Airport 21
    Bedford 38, Monroe 30
    Carlson 31, Allen Park 28

    Clinton over Summerfield by 17
    Onsted over Dundee by 9
    Ida over Hudson by 21

  5. I actually spent probably 5 minutes on figuring that out but here it is again:

    Airport has to win out to finish 5-2
    Riverview loses to GI to finish 5-2
    SMCC loses to Airport to finish 5-2
    Milan loses to Airport to finish 5-2
    GI loses to SMCC and Milan to finish 5-2

    There is your 5 way Huron League Champions!!!

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