2018 Week 7 Picks

Taylor (2-4) @ Carlson (5-1)
Chris’s Pick: Carlson 44 Taylor 13
Gary’s Pick:  Carlson 45 Taylor 10
Frank’s Pick: Carlson 49 Taylor 7

Pioneer (3-3) @ Monroe (5-1)
Chris’s Pick: Monroe 34 Pioneer 14
Gary’s Pick:  Monroe 40 Pioneer 17
Frank’s Pick: Monroe 42 Pioneer 14

Bedford (2-4) @ Skyline (3-3)
Chris’s Pick: Bedford 22 Skyline 20
Gary’s Pick:  Bedford 27 Skyline 13
Frank’s Pick Bedford 34 Skyline 16

Whiteford (6-0) @ Sand Creek (4-2)
Chris’s Pick: Whiteford 48 Sand Creek 6
Gary’s Pick;  Whiteford 50 Sand Creek 7
Frank’s Pick: Whiteford 48 Sand Creek 14

Adrian Madison (2-4) @ Summerfield (3-3)
Chris’s Pick: Summerfield 24 Madison 16
Gary’s Pick:  Summerfield 28 Madison 10
Frank’s Pick: Summerfield 42 Madison 16

Erie Mason (1-5) @ Blissfield (4-2)
Chris’s Pick: Blissfield 38 Erie Mason 15
Gary’s Pick:  Blissfield 39 Erie Mason 7
Frank’s Pick: Blissfield 48 Erie Mason 6

Dundee (4-2) @ Columbia Central (5-1)
Chris’s Pick: BCC 21 Dundee 17
Gary’s Pick:  BCC 28 Dundee 14
Frank’s Picks: Dundee 24 BCC 21

Hillsdale (6-0) @ Ida (5-1)
Chris’s Pick: Ida 28 Hillsdale 26
Gary’s Pick:  Ida 21 Hillsdale 20
Frank’s Pick: Ida 22 Hillsdale 21 OT

Flat Rock  (1-5) @ Jefferson (0-6)
Chris’s Pick: Flat Rock 24 Jefferson 6
Gary’s Pick:  Flar Rock 31 Jefferson 12
Frank’s Pick: Flat Rock 28 Jefferson 14

Huron (1-5) @ Riverview (5-1)
Chris’s Pick: Riverview 24 Huron 3
Gary’s Pick:  Riverview 28 Huron 7
Frank’s Pick: Riverview 45 Huron 14

SMCC (4-2) @ Airport (3-3)
Chris’s Pick: Airport 21 SMCC 20
Gary’s Pick:  Airport 28 SMCC 22
Frank’s Pick: Airport 27 SMCC 26

Gerweck Nissan Game of the Week
Grosse Ile (6-0) @ Milan (5-1)
Chris’s Pick: Grosse Ile 31 Milan 27
Gary’s Pick:  Milan 32 Grosse Ile 24
Frank’s Pick: Grosse Ile 35 Milan 28

Overall Predictions
Chris: last week 10-1, overall 57-12
Gary: last week 8-3, overall 56-13
Frank: last week 9-2, overall 54-15

28 thoughts on “2018 Week 7 Picks”

  1. Should be a few, but a lot of us tailgate before the game at the school. Will be 100's of us after the game. Either celebrating or drowning our sorrows! I sure hope the former. See ya at the game!

    AP fan!

  2. Chambless is another kid at Airport that tends to get overshadowed. I mentioned it earlier in the week about Potcova. They are both big pieces of the puzzle for Airport. Chambless is the leader of that defense. After tonight he’ll have well over 100 tackles. He might weigh 150 pounds in full pads but he’ll be the first one to the ball every damn play!! Fun to watch

  3. As an outsider I would say this is the best AP team I’ve seen in 5+ years! They have some tough kids and the coaches are putting the kids in places to succeed. They need to not drink the kool aid and stay the course! Win tonite and playoffs are a possibility!

    View fan

  4. Look for Justin Chambless of Airport to have 24 tackles this week.. he had 53 in the past 3 weeks for Airport. Yet there is not mention of it in the MEN or Blog LOL.. Airport about to get humbled.

  5. I’m not sure what negativity I’ve ever said about the kids or the program. I try to point out the obvious while adding a little bit of humor or sarcasm. Most people and parents that I talk to about the program are very realistic with what the program is right now. We’re obviously trying to get the program back to what it once was. Personally I feel like this team can compete with most teams but the kids have to get back to that winning mentality. They need to learn how to win and learn how to finish drives. Learn that it takes all 11 kids to win. Learn to be unselfish. Learn to play as a “TEAM”. Having so many bad years of football created a losing culture. Kids that should’ve played football didn’t even bother coming out. It’s just like any other high school football team that has that losing tradition-not many kids want to play. You can see it with this team now-we’re a bit undersized. We have some talent and speed but we’re not very big. As the program wins more and more you’ll see the numbers go back up because everyone will want to play. So for now-HUGE game tonight against SMCC. It’s another game and another test.

  6. Ida fans sure are arrogant. All Frank did was just point out that Dundee and Ida are ranked 1 and 2 in the LCAA in scoring defense, and 9:43 has to act like BCC is some juggernaut offensively. Maybe you need to realize that Dundee held Blissfield to 14 points, when they had scored 51 and 34 in their first two conference games.

  7. Cute Stat Frank. Keep in mind part of Ida stats on defense include the lose and points that BCC racked up on them. Bottom line is Dundee does not have the fire power on offense to stay in the game with BCC.

  8. When everyone claimed the sky was falling on Airport earlier this season, including the Troll there was once constant voice in here that supported the Jets "Jets 4 Life". Sure there may be some over the top posts, but that just puts the idea that the Jets can win into the fan base. If your fans don't believe, then how the hell are the kids supposed to.

    AP fans are now cautiously optimistic but scared to wear their heart on their sleeve. They don't want to get burned, they don't want to admit coaching is getting better, they want to complain about losses then celebrate the wins.

    I say embrace the positivism and enjoy the ride. Jet have a real chance to win their next 3 and get into the playoffs. Once you get it the weather changes, injuries pile up, and who knows what will happen. If Airport gets in as D4 look out. Smell the Jet Fuel.

    Jets 4 Life

  9. I’ll also point out that there’s a chance of rain tonight. If so, that’s gonna play against Airport. I finally figured out who’s been stealing all of my kool Aid though.

  10. Come on “Jet 4 Life”. Quit posting such non-sense. I’m starting to think you are not even a jet fan, but just posting idiotic comments to get the others on blog to dislike AP even more.
    So, to all the other bloggers on here, this so called “jet 4 life” blogger does not reflect in anyway how the true jet fans feel. The sensible AP fans are just happy to have an opportunity to go out and have a chance to prove something. Still a lot of work ahead of the boys. Just take it one game at a time and see where the cards fall. Should be a tough and exciting game with SMCC tomorrow. The fact that they are missing some key players and beat up right now, does not make it an automatic win for AP. They will still be a tough out for anyone.

    AP fan!

  11. Ok jet haters…. we should have beat the league leader GI. We had two picks in the end zone. Played Riverview tough as nails. Flat Rock literally played everyone tough. All we have been doing is Win win win as if late and you all love to hate. Airport boys love the hate! Keep giving us fuel, though we already have plenty of jet fuel. Every week the haters say “wait until…..” I say wait till we have a ring. Riverview and Grosse Ile can have the Huron championship, we got our eyes on the state championship. If we are D4 I can’t wait to go to GI and take care of business. D3 and Carlson gets a dose of the Huron league then our dream matchup with either Riverview or rouge.

    Haters gonna hate, Airport going to win States

    Jets 4 life

  12. Jet fuel w’s vs 0-6 Jefferson 1-5 Huron 1-5 Flat Rock just saying and you have a JV team tomorrow night because of injuries very close to Michigan program beat up on weaker teams can’t hang with the big boys

  13. About time the Troll and I get some respect. I believe we were the first two to smell the jet fuel. Airport set up perfectly not just for playoffs but for a state championship run. I can see the jets sneaking by Carlson week one then on to Riverview. Smell the jet fuel. People accused me of drinking and posting weeks ago now I’m nostridomis.

    Jets 4 life

  14. Great pics guys! Frank, I do struggle to think Dundee has a chance to beat BCC. guess that's why they play the games!

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