2018 Week 8 Picks

Sorry we didn’t do a video picks this week. Here are our normal Thursday picks.

Ann Arbor Huron (0-7) @ Bedford (3-4)
Chris’s Pick: Bedford 42 Huron 12
Gary’s Pick:  Bedford 45 Huron 7
Frank’s Pick: Bedford 49 Huron 6

Airport 3-4 @ Milan 5-2
Chris’s Pick: Milan 28 Airport 27
Gary’s Pick:  Milan 33 Airport 28
Frank’s Pick: Milan 35 Airport 28

Carlson (6-1) @ Wyandotte Roosevelt (5-2)
Chris’s Pick: Carlson 32 Roosevelt 31
Gary’s Pick:  Carlson 30 Roosevelt 28
Frank’s Pick: Carlson 28 Roosevelt 27

Onsted (2-5) @ Ida (5-2)
Chris’s Pick: Ida 40 Onsted 12
Gary’s Pick:  Ida 38 Onsted 14
Frank’s Pick: Ida 50 Onsted 6

Sand Creek (4-3) @ Summerfield (4-3)
Chris’s Pick: Sand Creek 34 Summefield 26
Gary’s Pick:  Sand Creek 27 Summerfield 21
Frank’s Pick: Sand Creek 38 Summerfield 26

Flat Rock (2-5) @ Huron (1-6)
Chris’s Pick: Flat Rock 31 Huron 17
Gary’s Pick:  Flat Rock 35 Huron 20
Frank’s Pick: Flat Rock 27 Huron 16

Erie Mason (1-6) @ Dundee (4-3)
Chris’s Pick: Dundee 2 Erie Mason 0
Gary’s Pick:  Dundee 40 Erie Mason 15
Frank’s Pick: Dundee 38 Erie Mason 6

Monroe (6-1) @ Saline (6-1)
Chris’s Pick: Saline 28 Monroe 27
Gary’s Pick:  Saline 31 Monroe 28
Frank’s Pick: Monroe 31 Saline 28

SMCC (5-2) @ Jefferson (0-7)
Chris’s Pick: SMCC 30 Jefferson 12
Gary’s Pick:  SMCC 30 Jefferson 20
Frank’s Pick: SMCC 42 Jefferson 7

Riverview (6-1) @ Grosse Ile (7-0)
Chris’s Pick: Grosse Ile 30 Riverview 28
Gary’s Pick:  Riverview 24 Grosse Ile 21
Frank’s Pick: Grosse Ile 24 Riverview 22

Gerweck Nissan Game of the Week
Clinton (6-1) @ Whiteford (7-0)
Chris’s Pick: Whiteford 40 Clinton 26
Gary’s Pick:  Whiteford 45 Clinton 19
Frank’s Pick: Whiteford 44 Clinton 28

Overall Predictions
Chris: last week 9-2, overall 66-14
Gary: last week 9-2, overall 65-15
Frank: last week 8-3, overall 62-18

36 thoughts on “2018 Week 8 Picks”

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  2. @10:09 PM
    you are correct he is the volleyball coaches son. He torn his labrum junior year of football but played basketball and baseball. he got his surgery in the summer time and missed football because he wanted to play baseball in college.

  3. @5:25 pm
    He’s actually the volleyball coaches son if I’m correct.
    Had a shoulder injury so he couldn’t play his senior year

  4. Cousino is bigger faster, stronger then Laplante ever was..Cousino as a junior is better than Laplante as a senior… Cousino is a D1 type linebacker compare him to D1 backers like Chris Thompson or Cory Gildersleeve both went to Central Michigan as linebackers and played for CC.

  5. Who cares about past players, don't get me wrong, God bless them and hope there doing well, but who cares ..all that matters is this group of kids..past players had there time now let these kids…

  6. 11:10 – Laplante doesn’t hold a candle to Cousino…. The other combo comparison is laughable. No credit given to quitters…..

  7. Haut n obrien were a lot longer and way better athletes..both are D1 athletes one in basketball well obrien was till his injury…you can't go wrong with either set …

  8. That post was so long I nearly fell asleep at my computer…..From what I saw against Airport I personally believe any of SMCC’s RB’s would’ve had significant yardage against that defense. There wasn’t much penetration from Airport’s defensive line in that game. Don’t get me wrong-they fought, clawed, and gave it there all. But SMCC outweighed and overpowered them up front.

  9. I agree 100% with Frank. Comparing Cousino to Howey is BOLD.

    Comparing Laplante to Cousino – I think Laplante hit a little harder especially on his blitzes but Cousino has more awareness. For example, Laplante had a late hit personal foul on 3rd or 4th down in 2016 that gave Jefferson a first down towards the end of the game which led to a score for the bears. On the other hand, Cousino runs the ball knowing the down and distance every time he runs. He also had a spectacular catch this year against Flat Rock in the 4th quarter in the end zone to give CC the lead. One was a TE and the other is a RB. They both make plays when they need to and they both will have had 3 years of varsity experience. One is a state champ and the other has immense potential. If I had to rate them on a scale of 1-10 as linebackers alone, I give Laplante an 8.6 and Cousino a 9.1.

    Don't get me wrong, they both lay/layed the hammer down and are great players but each have their own respective styles and strengths.

    As for Haut & O'Brien vs Gullen & Flint –
    I think Gullen & Flint get to the QB more while Haut & O'Brien were better at containment. All 4 players are hardworking and it shows on the field. I don't have the exact stats but that has been my impression of the combos. Last week, the airport QB Goins threw 2 interceptions (one to strube and the other to worrel) and both throws were off target because Goins was hit on both plays. There were many other times throughout the game that he was hit by either gullen or flint. The downside to the Haut-O'Brien combo was that they only got 2 years on varsity because one was injured and the other wanted to focus on basketball their senior seasons. On a scale of 1-10 as a DE combo I would award Haut-O'Brien a 8.6 and Gullen-FLint a 8.8. This is very fair because at this point in time they each have 2 or nearly 2 years of varsity experience.

    Flat Rock -34 Huron – 21
    Milan – 38 Airport – 26
    CC – 36 Jefferson – 12
    Grosse Ile – 33 Riverview – 26

    -Peter Parker

  10. I know this isn't about the games or anything but I am cc grad and I have seen both Laplante and Cousino play. Who do you think is better?
    Also what combo was better defensive end combo. Haut and O'Brien or Flint and Gullen?

    I just wanted to know your guys opinions. Thanks

  11. Sorry, Gary and I had busy weeks this week. We both enjoy doing them but just not enough hours in a day.

    My Dundee/Mason pick, was obviously tongue and cheek. I was hoping to use that in the video picks this week.

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