Friday Night Scores

Carlson 50 Taylor 14 final

Monroe 42 Pioneer 7 final

Bedford 51 Skyline 14 final

Whiteford 48 Sand Creek 21 final

Summerfield 33 Madison 0 final

Blissfield 61 Erie Mason 26 final

BCC 32 Dundee 26 final

Ida 28 Hillsdale 44 final

Flat Rock 35 Jefferson 0 final

Riverview 50 Huron 28 final

Airport 26 SMCC 38 final

GI 42 Milan 21 final

162 thoughts on “Friday Night Scores”

  1. 2:13PM hasn't played since freshman year. Doesn't like baseball. Says its to boring. Might play this year. Hasn't ran track since sophomore year. Lost 1 race that season. Came in 2nd. Concentrates on football. Never said he was getting scouted for baseball or gave an email to anyone. Does get letters from coaches and prospect camps for baseball and invited for tryouts by some of the top travel teams in MI and OH and hasn't played in 3yrs. You are the one saying the NO ONE in the HL is getting recruited for football or going NAIA or DIV 2. Just saying your wrong. YES, its coaches and he gets the 3 tickets and all the works. I know just because he gets invited to Div 1 schools doesn't mean they are offering anything. Your the one saying that kids in the HL aren't get recruited. Team doesn't stink, just need to make some adjustments. If you work for a recruiting agency, you SUCK at your job if you don't know who the kid is. You should just stop posting 24/7.

  2. 12:58am a quick google search can find Baseball's OFFICIAL 2018 18U National Team Roster and there isn't a person on there from Michigan, so he must have reached his plateau on the Middle School Roster. Are you trying to convince us he's getting scouted as a senior when it sounds like you are saying he hasn't played since he was 14? Just because you gave your email address and asked for updates on their website doesn't mean he is actively being scouted. Enough already with the theatrics. Also, just because you are taking him to visit D1 schools doesn't mean they are offering him anything. Are you visiting with the coaches or just going on a campus tour? Word of advice.. When you think you want to post to this blog at 1am… dont…

  3. 10:14 – Most of us reading this wouldn't even know he was upset if someone hadn't posted saying how upset "their son" was. So there must be some reason behind the emotional rant bringing all of us into it. I am a little confused about what you're complaining about. You paint a picture that your boy has numerous offers in multiple sports, I believe you also posted about him being an all state track star, so I am not understanding what he is crying about. Sounds like he has tremendous talent but lacks humility. I understand disappointment if his team stinks, but if what you say about his talent is true, he should be counting down to leaving this all behind him and shining in the big leagues. Sounds like he is the best athlete the Huron League has seen in decades….

  4. There should be a basketball blog. Multiple kids going D1 in the HL right now. Among them is Jackson Barath, promising player from Jefferson. Another is sharpshooter, Lennon Stewart. Grayson Friar looking great in the shootarounds. Christiaan Harrington Following in his father Geoff’s footsteps as a floor general. Excited to watch him play. Great potential for all of these players.

  5. 4:19 1st half ran 12 running plays RB or QB hit in back field or line of scrimmage 8 times
    2nd half ran 13 running plays RB or QB hit in back field or line of scrimmage 7 times.
    Passing plays QB sacked 3 times hit hard 7 times. Over 20 plays during game for loss and 4 INT's. FILM DON"T LIE. So why does my kid being upset and hurt bring you anger? No names, No school mentioned. You have to be close to the situation to know he was upset after the game.

  6. Chris,
    I think a basketball blog would be fun. Just know I would not be silent or anonymous. So I’d want my name in the posts like you and Gary have. You’d have to show me how to do that.

    Sam cousino

  7. 634. Its 1210 here and it depends on your grade and level for scholarships. Most d1 and d1 scholarships are given before senior year for football and baseball and basketball. NAIA and d3 are later. They take what's left. I played college ball and follow the huron league still.

  8. Want to thank this blog for giving me the courage to step up, throw my hat in, raise my hand, not be anonymous, apply for the job, stand up and be heard and attempt to be a football coach. Sooooooo at parent/coach game film viewing today at 32 Taps….minus the Troll! I throw out a possible “what if” defense to play against Milan…Let’s just say it was a bad idea (or really funny like, “is this guy serious?”). And taking advice from another parent that was also there…. I am retiring from attempting to coach football effective immediately! and 100% I shall focus ONLY on coaching basketball. So very glad Chris and Gary don’t do a basketball blog.!! Coach Duffy I like what you’re doing and see the vision and direction you’re trying to take this program.
    I am a fan.
    ALL IN
    John Paul

  9. 4:19 if you are talking about Milan. There is NO BLOCKING for the QB or RB. Sounds like you are looking for excuses to make yourself feel better about something. There is no blocking and no adjustments are being made. Film Don't Lie.

  10. Doesn’t matter how a game is won, a win is a win! At least that’s what they say…Only thing I ever wish for going into a game is that there are no injuries! Yeah we all want our teams to win, but no injuries and a win is even better!

  11. Sorry 12:10 you are wrong about the scholarships offers. Sorry you didn't get visits or even really play when you were in HS and now your a coach. I have NO idea why I am even acknowledging your comments but I an bored and the deer aren't moving yet. The National All Star Team was picked from 84 teams from around the U.S. and Canada picked by the National All-Star Committee out of KY. 2 kids from MI made it. For your info most baseball and football scholarships are not given to spring time, but keep thinking your smart. When coaches take time out of their day to personally call you or text you every week after their game they are interested. Really I have NO idea why you are so interested or even have an opinion on why he is so upset. Thanks for your concern, but he has plenty of options. Now fix yourself.

  12. Poster 12:58
    Please tell me who this superstar is in baseball? I have been around the travel baseball circuit for years and yet to hear of anyone in the Huron League with all this talent. We do have some very good players but just interested to hear the name. Is it Mookie Betts?

  13. Milan only won that game on a bad call by a bad ref who didn't even look at the play from 4 ft away. Jones threw a good ball to Furtney for a great catch, both boys are good kids who I know personally. Wanted you to stick it to GI!

  14. Milan beat CC because of a new play Milan added to their offense that game which resulted in 2 TD's. CC was ready and handled everything else Milan had for them. The entire HL know what the play is now and stops it. Just being honest.

  15. 12:58 anyone that is ok can get a visit somewhere that is ok. Making an all star team at 14 doesn't mean anything because its the daddies that vote. There are no RB's in this league right now with NAIA offers. Sorry to burst your bubble. And baseball there is no one in the league right now with an offer.

  16. The story of Airport’s season-should’ve, could’ve, DIDN’T. Has absolutely nothing to do with the coaches. We are overmatched in the trenches in every game we play and it really showed against SMCC. Until the farm boys of Carleton start playing football again I think we all should just sit back and enjoy what we’re watching. Win or lose it’s a great group of kids and parents to be around.

  17. 7;09, CC pound the hell out of everyone? Milan beat them while they were healthy!! Any team can win at any given time!

  18. Poster 4:19PM. You have know idea what you are talking about. He is out there playing. Every play on both sides of the ball b4 his injury. He talks to college coaches weekly. Has offers from NAIA div 1 level and level 2 schools. So go back into your hole. Now about baseball. He split time between JV and Varsity as a freshmen hitting over 600 and had over 40 stolen bases. Oh I forgot to mention he made the National All-Star Team for the North at 14. Gets emails every week from baseball coaches interested in him playing baseball. Not big schools but they know who he is. Also qualified for states in track 100m and 200m individual and relay, with his times equaling those at small Div 1 and most Div 2 schools. He has options. Hard to win when everybody knows where the ball is going. Hard to run the ball when you are getting hit in the back field on every play. Hard to throw the ball when your QB is running for his life. Hard to watch because the coaches do nothing to change it. He has given his everything to his team for 3yrs. He expected the same in return. Maybe you can go on a Game Day Visit with him. He has 3 in Oct and 2 in Nov. One of them being a Div 1 school.

  19. Come on blog guys, you have to admit that's funny! "Why would coaches need resumes when you have a chain gang guy as a reference"

  20. #12 from Airport had one of the best catches I've ever seen last night. Still don't know how he came up with that ball

  21. You people talk about the chain gang guys from Airport, let me tell you I'm a fan for a H.L. team and that's the best group of chain people you've had there in years and that goes ditto for FR

  22. It was only a matter of time before our lack of size caught up to us. That was noticeably the difference last night. We have 1 defensive linemen around 200 pounds and the rest are probably 170. Linebackers and DB's are all under 160. I'm not saying they're not tough at all because every one of them are tough as nails but eventually there's only so much you can do. Offensive line I think has 2 kids over 200 pounds-maybe 3. It's hard to consistently win in the Huron league without the beef!

  23. I've said a million times keep your athletes, I'll take the guys in the trenches that get after it…Airport has good athletes n speed and a decent line, CC has some nice size n talent in the trenches and kids that run hard with some ok speed… the difference always will be in the trenches in any game…case in point look at where CC gets gashed on defense, it's up the middle on there dline…I'll tell you what injuries are part of the game and that's the way it is…if CC was healthy they would pound the hell out of everyone in the league…believe that …

  24. You people talk about the coaches from Airport, let me tell you I hold the chains for a HL team, and that's the best group of coaches you've had there in a long time.And ditto for FR.

  25. My reply to 8:26am wasn’t ok? Not sure why it wasn’t posted with all the other stuff being allowed through today. 8:26am paints the picture that SMCC was unstoppable last night and it was all because of one player. The truth is it was a good game, but when the Jets slapped 3 TD’s on them in less than 12 minutes in the 3rd Q and went ahead their heads were spinning. That game was A LOT closer than the Falcons wanted to admit to this morning. Congrats to the birds on the W, but that post was a little over the top. Gary and Chris, maybe you guys could create a topic specifically for “Best Player of the Decade” and let’s see what people come up with…….. 2008-2018 GO!

  26. Yea, and blame the blog guys if Airport coaches don't turn it around in one year! These Airport people keep trying to get BEST post of the year!

  27. To the kid crying, the only players in this league that are getting looks for college football are out there playing. Tell your kid what you want but sounds like excuses. And if they haven't signed to play college baseball yet as a senior then they are not playing big time college baseball. D3 will take just about anyone. And I'd say most players have a life long dream of playing college sports.

  28. Regardless, you still allowed somebody to call an anonymous poster an asshole but you won't allow someone to say that anonymous poster has some B.S. ??

  29. @9:34am
    This guy who called the other guy an asshole might be right with that comment. But he has some B.S. in some of his comment too. Everyone that DOES know Airports program knows that everyone has been watching the Bondy class since they were in 7th grade and thought they were going to be tearing it up when they got to the varsity level! And for this guy to say nobody expected this regime to turn it around is B.S. Everyone, thought with this group of kids they would turn the program around immediately! So although, this guy calling out the other guy is good, he himself, is throwing a little B.S. too by saying "nobody that really knows the Airport program thought the regime would turn it around immediately" changing his tune after the fact. Bondy's group has some really talented players with great speed just not enough of them on the defensive side of the ball.

  30. Funny blog will let one guy call another guy an asshole but you won't let another guy that does know Airport too say this guy might not be an A-hole but he does have some B.S. and explain why and it's not posted!!

  31. The absolute BEST blog line I have heard all year was last night! AIRPORT GUY FAN – The blog caused us to lose because the blog staff picked Airport over CC and the kids were reading the clipping! HILARIOUS!

  32. It’s just sour grapes and that’s ok.

    Put as many points on the board as possible in the 1st half and then back it down in the 2nd once you know the game is in hand. By the score, it looks like that is exactly what FR did.

    Trick plays? To me. There is no such thing. Some plays are more intriquet than others but rarely involve a “trick”.

  33. Guess Flat Rock should have laid down for Jefferson quit crying . Flat Rock just was the better team period Jefferson should have stopped the they aren't the only team that Flat Rock ran those plays against Flat Rock was prepared Jefferson wasn't.

  34. Records don’t matter Chris. You do not run trick plays or fake punts against a team that you are beating badly
    You just don’t do that.
    This is the part where I again tell you, you don’t really understand the game at all.

  35. Jefferson fan who posted at 10:44 a.m. Im not going to let that comment through, but I will share some thoughts.

    It's obvious that you were part of the chain gang last night. Nobody else would be on the FR sideline to hear the things you say you did.

    FR always runs numerous trick plays. Every game they do it. There have been numerous referrals to the Back Yard football of FR.

    FR has been penalized a lot this year. Certainly in both the games I went to. It's also been talked about on here any times. So the officials weren't throwing flags to penalize the coaches for going after a 35 point running clock. They were throwing flags at a rate that FR always gets penalized.

    As for your comment on going after a player. Many teams go after specific players to make them work harder during the game. This may make them less effective at their other position or both positions for that matter. Whatever you heard the coaches say to their players could be how they talk to their players. Make a player hurt would be different than saying go hurt that player. I can honestly say, I don't know any coaches who tell someone to go hurt a player, but I know many that would say make them hurt. I personally have used stomp on their neck or choke them out to let my players know to take the other teams will away and finish this game. I know what I mean and my kids know what I mean. I assuming other coaches do the same thing.

    As for the running clock, I addressed that in an earlier post. It gets the game over quicker and the game ends up a little safer because of less plays. In my opinion, I don't think its the job of the winning coach to keep the score down. that is the job of the other side. In my basketball career as a coach, I was up on a varsity team from Carleton in 2012 and called off the dogs when I was up 33 with 6 minutes to go in the 2nd quarter. We lost by 7. Sure wish I would have gotten that game to 40 points and the 2nd half. We might have won and I wouldn't have fired myself afterward (true story). With that said, there are times when sportsmanship comes into play, especially in football and you call off the dogs. I wasn't there last night, but I would venture to guess that FR's 2's played the whole second half and the game was over in less than 1/2 hour because of the running clock.

    Anyway, just my thoughts. One question though, that was a 1-5 team playing an 0-6 team last night right? It wasn't 6-0 vs 0-6?

  36. Jefferson fans a little bit angry that they lost homecoming 35-0 .
    10:48 It's simple why Flat Rock didn't score in the second half . First Jefferson had the ball almost the entire 3rd qrt. But didn't score missed a field goal attempt. The time that was left after that was run off by the running clock. In the 4th qrt. Flat Rocks second string played both side of the ball. The bottom line is Flat Rocks a good team who plays hard and everything came together for them last night .

  37. So let me understand what 10:03 is trying to get at.
    1. It is bad to score more than the other team wants you to.
    2. A football player on the field is afraid to get hit and should be laid down like a baby for a nap.
    3. He has supersonic hearing since he heard the FR coaches instruct our boys to intentionally hurt Jefferson players.
    My, my. What a terrible thing to win a game in grand fashion. Maybe you thought you were gonna come in and win for the first time in 20+ straight game attempts. And just as a point, I was on the FR SIDELINE and couldn’t even hear the coaches yelling into he field. So for you to hear such a specific instruction is unimaginable. Actually to follow your line of wording, RIDICULOUS. Better luck next year. And glad to see number 2 get up after each failed attempt to hurt him

  38. If you play to win and not make a team feel good, why all the sudden the coaches took the foot off the gas in the 2nd half. You could have scored more with the running clock. Something happened at half time and it wasn't good.

    I know a little bit more about this than many of you.

    It's over now. Move on. Hopefully Flat Rock learns a little more about sportsmanship when they are winning and hopefully the Bears get back on the winning track.

  39. Great post 9:34am. I am not even an Airport person and know they have improved over recent history. Too much sports radio for this person. This is high school. Not pro or college. Let little Johnny transfer if you’re not happy with his playing time.

  40. Nobody on this log pays attention!! Head to Head does not matter People! Grosse Ile is this tears Champion and it will be up to the view to make them co champs!!

    Big Bob Milan

  41. @10:03 PM

    First off no one was going after any specific player.
    And secondly without the running clock FR puts another 21 on us.

    Know the game. Understand the coaching. Stop posting. It’s that simple.
    You play to win. Not to make the other team feel good.

  42. Not that I care eiter way but if RV beats GI they wouod be league champs. In the event of the same record the nod goes to the head to head match up. So just win GI and problem solved.

  43. @ 9:47….. interesting stat, Airport won 2 games total in two season prior to he “new regime” get out of here with your “interesting stat” no one who really knows this program thought the change was going to happen over night. Think you could do a better job? Go to practice and see if they’ll let you coach. Some of you people are straight up assholes with apparently nothing better to do.

  44. Sam cousino #28 for CCis the most dominating player the league has ever seen! (In the last decade) Complete destroyer! Both sides of the ball. A man playing with kids. Bulldozered two kids on a TD run that was impressive. Airport had no way of stopping him. He out weighs every defensive player they had by 30 lbs. easily. And once he got past the line. The LB’s and DB’s where in survival mode. Gotta give props to Airport, they didn’t backdown. Just didn’t have an answer for the CC Crusher.

  45. And by the way @1003….FR could have ran the score up but they didn’t…so don’t say they aren’t classy. Those kids were hungry for a win. That’s it. It’s football. It’s tough. Let them play and stop being so negative. Trick plays have been part of their offense since Reaume took over. Don’t be mad they actually are successful at them.

  46. 12:19 Huron is not the only team doing that. Riverview QB runs to the sideline every play. Drives me crazy! Send the plays in to the huddle with rotating wideouts or signal it in. So much time wasted!

  47. Great win by GI. Too many mistakes for Milan that they will have to clean up going forward, but GI was a good team from top to bottom and made plays when they needed to. Really hurt Milan that they lost their Mike backer yesterday with a serious shoulder injury. Like most, depth becoming an issue for Milan as well. Let's hope for a speedy recovery for Mr. Markowski going forward. And good luck to GI and Riverview next week for a big game. Both are very good teams.

    Milan Dad

  48. I would say when 2 is in the backfield instead of at QB I’m guessing our coaches are seeing that you are trying to get 2 the ball. Not sure what we were suppose to do? Not hit him when he has the ball? I’m sorry we ruined your homecoming and everything but you were just obviously not prepared for us and we were prepared for you, I’m assuming that’s how you have felt the last 16 games? I mean let’s just call it for what it is, you thought you finally had a chance to win because you were playing flat rock and now your feelings are hurt. NEWS FLASH Flat Rock is done just rolling over and losing by 40. Done being the doormat, and from the looks of it Jefferson has turned into the new doormat.

  49. Wow. My kid is sitting hear in tears and he doesn't cry. His life long dream has been to play college football and there are a lot of schools interested in him. Game Day visits every week. He just said, he is going to college to play baseball. You don't want people to bash coaches, so I won't……Chris and Gary, I love what you do for these KIDS, but you just don't know what goes on at some of these schools. Sometimes people, coaches need a dose of reality. Keep up the good work.

    P.S. Chris great taste in beers. Gary, not so much. LOL.

  50. So was not at Jefferson FR game but got to watch it off of friends Hudl. FR seemed very prepared for Jefferson and took it right to them. Jefferson couldn't tackle and that's not like them. After reading many of the comments I tried to find where they said fr went after a kid and did not see it in any play. I don't believe a coach would try to intentionally hurt a kid.

  51. HURON coaches need to work on sending plays in better it was 2 delay of game calling plays. Get a number System print on QB arm quit making those kids walk the sideline EVERY Play! HURON is the only team I see do that. And it’s not working!

  52. Man, some FR fans are just plain disrespectful, you do a great job Chris. I’m really rooting for Huron to beat them next week.

  53. Coach Smith needs to work on tempo with the offense next week, I think they just took another delay of game penalty. But at least the DC finally changed the defense in the 4tg quarter when the game was lost. Smh

    On the bright side at least the obnoxious dad finally shut up as the game went on

  54. Riverview won't have any more trouble with the GI passing attack than GI will have with Riverview's trench dominance. Play the Game!

  55. Wow, that was kind of harsh. I didn’t allow the comments because of the swearing and derogatory remarks.made directly at the Jefferson players. If you want to change it up a bit I will post it. As for the comment from the Jefferson people, I only posted it because I wanted to see what tiype of comment would come back. I had my own comment planned but I was out having some dinner. I have an opinion on that. I always think you should try and get a running clock. Gets everyone home a little earlier and a little safer.

    Pretty sure I played football at flat rock. I’m also pretty sure we had a winning record when I played there. Not sure what the gym teacher Comment is about. I haven’t the foggiest clue of what that even means. I did notice that you posted anonymously. It really is funny when tough guys post anonymously. SMH

  56. 10:30 Nobody's whining. Play the game.

    10:31 Yeah I forgot about that. View wins, both Champs. GI wins, outright champs.

    Colvin Cup: 37-21 View

  57. Airport fan here – man o man, the heart and determination SMCC showed tonight is impressive. to have all of those kids hurt and come out and go blow for blow, very tuff. Then to see another go down with a shoulder injury, ouch. No hate here, SMCC has heart, desire, and everything they need to keep winning. Good game, good luck, keep plugging along.

  58. Riverview will NOT beat G.I!!! So Riverview will not be co champs!!! Lol As good as you think you are, They are definitely better!!!

  59. Chris these people are calling out your alma mater and your not accepting our comments calling them back out? Just because you don’t know how flat rock football was played because your teddy bear ass played basketball doesn’t mean you don’t let our comments away. Just because you don’t like the high schools gym teacher doesn’t mean you hate ass soft ass bitch.

  60. The freshman receiver for Huron looked impressive, he and #12 look like they’ll have a couple good years together. If they can get someone to complement him on the other side so he doesn’t get doubled they will have a high scoring thing going on. I’m afraid Riverview will have some trouble with the GI passing attack, but should be a great game to watch!

  61. @1003 really?? Sounds like someone is being a sore loser. Flat Rock came out to beat you good…as every team tries to do against their opponent every week. Right?!? Isn’t that the point?? To try to win games…flat rock has some of the classiest coaches, kids, and parents in the league. These kids have played tough every week. They deserve a win. Let them enjoy it.

  62. @10:03 please go watch flat rock film they pull that fake punt every game and yes we had our first win in 6 weeks and you guys haven’t had one since 2016, so cry some more. Coach Reaume and his staff would not “go after” a player so don’t call us out maybe we had our best guys covering him, but not targeting him. So tell #2 to stop whining to his soft dad – flat rock parent…

  63. 9:40, it’s been customary for decades that Huron League co-Champs claim “Huron League Champions” when sharing the title. Good luck to Riverview next week. But regardless, GI are 2018 Huron League Champions!

  64. Isn't it great Carlson? Finally have a good team after 50 years. People actually go to the games now. Keep up the good work.

  65. Riverview came out and did exactly what they needed to. Dominant up front and they scored pretty easily on each possession. If you are a receiver for Huron and you are not graduating, buy a case of stick’em or a few pair of your favorite gloves because #12 can sling it. He was very accurate and looked very comfortable throwing the ball. Congrats to GI for a League Title. I hope the Bucs can earn a share of it. Looking forward to a great finish with the Colvin Cup on the line. Go Bucs!

  66. Congrats to G.I. for coming out to Milan and winning the Huron League title. That's probably
    a great ride home to the Island! All those kids Good Luck for your next 2 games!!
    were that and then some!!

    Big Bob Milan

  67. Carlson rolled out the red carpet for homecoming. Two concession stands to make sure lines were short. Kettle corn vendor, shaved ice vendor and deep fried oreos. If you haven't been to a Carlson homecoming game, you ain't living.

  68. Let’s be clear Airport can still get into the playoffs and have their championship run. They had a solid late run vs SMCC but I blame the blog. They all knew that Gary and Chris picked them and they read their own press clippings. This was just a minor setback for the jets. They still have everything to play for. Jets 4 Life still has faith. So you can bring me up and LOL at me all you want. You know me and I don’t know you. I would like to share a poem I wrote about tonight.

    The jets came and gave a great fight
    The holes for our running backs were very tight

    We ran into a great foe
    His name was cousino

    He was fast and big and strong
    He reminded me of King Kong

    We got down big in the first half
    We fought back cause of our coaching staff

    we came up a little short
    We didn’t protect our home fort

    We may be hurting like a beaten mule
    But we still got that Jet Fuel

    Jets 4 Life

  69. Terrible game with Flat Rock tonight. Can't believe what goes on, on their sideline.
    Trick plays, calling 3 time outs before half to get to 35-0 to get the running clock. They actually sent kids on the field to specifically hit our #2, who is sucking it up the very best he can to play and Flat Rock went after him on purpose. This is uncalled for and ridiculous. I know this because I could hear it.

    Flat Rock came out ready to roll and beat us good, but to pull out every stop to get 35 points before the half and go after a specific player is not classy at all.

    This will be remembered. You guys have a decent team every 20 years or so, there is no need to act this way. I think something was said to the staff and team, because the second half it was a different story and hmmm? Flat Rock didn't even score in the second half. Congrats on your 2nd win.

  70. Congratulations to GI!! Goes to show how much a team can improve during the course of the season with great coaching. Very impressive season so far. Make it even more impressive and beat Riverview next week for outright HLC.

  71. Interesting stat: new Airport regime has 1 win against teams finishing w a winning record over the last two years. That team is Tecumseh in 2017 who finished the season just over 500 at 5-4. AP 0-4 in those matchups so far in 2018.

  72. What is going on with the view defense? Every game it seems they have no problem in the first half. But to give up 28 to Huron? Come on.

  73. So much for that 11 way HL tie for
    First. Time to troll the troll. Same jet line, same jet story each year. A few athletes but get pushed around by the big boys.

  74. Milan forces GI to punt but gives the ball back to the Red Devils on the next play. Milan tries a trick play with the momentum but throws a long interception. End of 1st. Milan 14, GI 7.

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