Friday Night Scores

Please submit you scores with quarter. I will get them posted ASAP.

Monroe 62 Woodhaven 28 final

Grosse Ile 21Chelsea 28 final

Carlson 21 Trenton 22 final

Riverview 20 Allen Park 23 final

SMCC 52 Sand Creek 34 final

Ida 62 Robichaud 20 final

Milan 38 Cody 0 final

Whiteford 51 Lenawee Christian 14 final

Bedford 55 Crestwood 21 final

141 thoughts on “Friday Night Scores”

  1. Yeah…real ugly comment. Nasty stuff – especially knowing Hunter played great despite being in obvious pain and no where near 100%…plus two senior linebackers returned in our first shut-out…although both not 100%. And we are still missing a senior starter for the entire season…in fact, there are only 11-12 seniors and 4-5 of them have injuries affecting their game right now. But a comment that they are healthy enough is just a tremendous shot to the heart, eh? And to think we pick on the millennials because they need safe spaces!

    And, take a big breath, you can handle this…the COACHES awarded Furtney and Morris, two juniors, team awards last week because they played their most consistent and best games of the season. Now remember, Chris Beck has not played a bad snap for 10 games…could say the same for a few other seniors too.. So, saying a junior FINALLY improved to a higher consistent level is NOT an insult to a senior unless you make it one. I am kind of surprised we did not see this "HIM" character that made so many nasty replies to the blog here also then post nasty replies on facebook when the coaches released that info from last week. I mean serious…how could these coaches honor juniors for playing well now? What a slap in the face!

    Hey all good fun! Serious — No real harm, no real foul, and words don't hurt…plus its a game. But, if a sophomore has a break out game this week, and if a person wants to brag on him…let him. Lose the chip on the shoulder. Your guys delivered.

    Its our time!


  3. First, there is no drama with the Milan team. The guys that will make this happen on Friday are a tight-knit group regardless of grade and role on the team – and they are having fun. And this year's Milan senior class delivered! 8-2 — that is a cemented legacy that can only grow bigger now…I think it will! Not a lot of Milan teams play 11 games. So this is a very talented senior class & they certainly delivered on their abilities — two playoff appearances in their main two years. From Hunter A. & Chris Beck as 3rd/4th-year starters to even the guys killing it on the special teams as their only role…it has been an excellent season. Don't be surprised to see a few of these seniors earn a banner on the wall at Milan's field as well…and more honors will roll in for guys like DJ, Jared, etc. They deserve it.

    But I just re-read the initial post of concern…and there is ZERO insult to seniors. I thought someone said something bad based on the responses. But I see nothing bad directed at seniors – NOTHING. Actually all that is there is a compliment to another group of Milan kids…the juniors for their improved play. That is a long way away from an insult. People can compliment others and that will NEVER be a true insult directed at you. That is NOT hurtful unless you work yourself up and make it so…and, when you do that it is pretty clear: we call that jealousy…no better way to define it. You can't be all in for the program if you get jealous when a group that does not include your son gets positive attention. That's not really how it works.

    So Here's my advice: how about we IGNORE an entry we don't like. OR BETTER YET – post your own version of the team like I just did above about the seniors to counter the message…All year now when a certain group of Milan supporters have posted that the demise of the program begins next year – a posting that has been shared now at least 3-6 times already this season… nobody took the low road on those posts. No one suggested those posters were not all in for the team. It was ignored or countered with positive responses…so you can do that too going forward.

    Here’s hoping Milan beats Chelsea Friday for the first time SINCE 1999…it would be huge win! I am sure beers will be flowing that night – and all dads and supporters can brag about their favorite players no matter how they want! And, if the team loses? Hell of a season…Everyone there should feel fortunate to be part of a very special program and such a special year.

    Go Big Reds!

  4. Livonia Franklin is in the best league in the state might be one of the dumbest comments ever written on this blog. I don't even know what to say to that.

    Have you heard of the OK Red or the Ok white. If you haven't they include Muskegon, Mona Shores, East Grand Rapids, Rockford, Hudsonville, Grand Rapids Christian, the list goes on.

    Have you heard of the Catholic League. Catholic Central. OLSM, Brother Rice, De LaSalle….

    Have you heard of the OAA? Oak Park, Clarkston, Harrison, Rochester Adams, lake Orion, Groves, West Bloomfield…. The list goes on.

    Please don't make stupid comments like this. Franklin is an ok team that has had a couple good teams over the years, even making a state title before getting beat by 40 bu DLS. The league they play in is about as good as the Huron or Down River league or the SEC. They are just an A school. Did they play one team still in the playoffs? The answer is no. Churchill gone….. Canton gone….plymouth gone….

    Please help this man lol


  6. 12:12 Now with that comment you can stay anonymous all you want, I was always taught if you don't have anything good to say about someone then don't say anything at all!" I'm afraid if I put my name on there my kid will face the consequences." Now that is funny!! lol !

    1:34 the same to you too! We have a senior who has been injured for the last 2 years and finally comes back and everybody loves it now when he makes a play!! Alex you Rock Dude!!

    Big Bob-Milan

  7. Milan is pretty well balanced when it comes to which class is dominant… seniors Aeschbacker,BecK,Smith,Jones. Juniors Hines, Cray, Furtney, Morris…

  8. If you read all the comments from top to bottom someone is trolling every school and it looks like the milan fans are biting the hook.

  9. I'm not upset at all! We have a team ! It don't matter if they are seniors, juniors, soph mores, or Freshman!! All I'm thinking about is this Fridays game period! Hey if the Seniors are able to play they play! If the underclass kids are better then they play!! Jessie is a very good coach who wants to win!!

    Any coach is going to put his best players out there. Almost all of our seniors play! We only have 12 seniors to begin with!! The only thing that bothers me is the comments that are directed at me without saying who you are!! I know who #9 Dad is so I respect his opinion cause he knows football!! Enough said!!

    Big Bob-Milan

  10. 8:28 hard to know who is tearing each other apart since everyone pretty much posts anonymous ! The Big Red family all root for each other’s kids!!! Myself included!!! When we congratulate one, we congratulate the whole team!! Tristen, Hunter, Evan can not make them big plays on their own! That’s where the “team” comes into play!!! All we can do is pray for no injuries for the teams still playing Friday night!!! Go Big Reds and Go Falcons!!!

  11. Parents that post comments like these are why Milan isn't better. It's honestly sad. All Milan does is win and if your kid doesn't get enough playing time or stats, then lets blame everyone else and make excuses to why they should be better. Same old song and dance with every small School team. even when they have success, there is a reason to complain.

    Milan Dad

  12. I’ll say this a a school of choice parent. Do your research before you send your kid to another school. Every school has its fair share of problems but some schools have some MAJOR political problems that will always come first before winning ever will.

  13. What are you upset about Bob? Junior dominant team and seniors are healthy enough is a slap in the face to those seniors. Enough said.

  14. Dear Milan parents/family members, way to tear each other apart. This is why adults suck and cause issues with the kids. It trickles down. Grow up. As far as being able to be anonymous, it’s a great way to speak your mind without the kids being required to deal with the consequences. It’s a way to have the message attacked without the messenger being attacked. If all you can do is attack the messenger, the message must hit a nerve. Support our kids, they are in high school, we are not.

  15. I love the blog and read it all the time but the biggest problem with the blog is that it gives 4:12 a platform to complain. Milan is having a great season. They went 7 and 2 and won their first round playoff game and some parent is on here starting problems. I could see why some coaches might not like the blog because parents use it as a platform to complain.
    #9 Dad

  16. Funny, the talk of Smcc must get out of league. When every team gages their team and season against them , the smallest school in the league

  17. Nobody is brushing the Milan senior kids aside! I know for a fact Hines has played with pretty much all of those seniors and has a lot of respect for all of them! And is really close friends with them! Milan makes it to the second round and all of a sudden people wanna hate on them?? One thing about Hoskins is that no matter what hand he’s dealt, him and his guys always find a way to win!! I’m pretty sure he will have his group ready to play next season, just like he did this season!!! Good Luck to SMCC and Milan this coming friday!!!!

  18. I think everyone has an opinion and that is fine!! But all the coward people out there that has something to say then say it but sign your name and own it! Stop being chicken crap and start a conversation! If you're being a coward on the blog what are you teaching your kids? How to be a coward also!!

    Big Bob-Milan

  19. What's up with all the hate? Support your kids and his team mates!The end of the season stinks because the boys and their coaches have been going hard at the season all summer and fall. Losing your last game still stinks! There are only 8 teams that will win their last game of the season. Don't hate the teams that are fortunate to still be playing. I think the Huron League was good football all season. Good luck to our Big Reds on Friday night against Chelsea.

  20. @1:13 PM, continue the hate for Milan, downplay the win, we are still in the playoffs. Good luck next season. 😉

  21. @9:36 AM, amen. Our son has pretty much been accepted by his teammates, not so much by the parents. Who in the hell cares what a players address is? Too many politics and I could name one mom in particular but I won’t. Although, the dad is amazing. I wish she had no part in Milan football. Absolutely, your son will be missed and is one hell of a player.

  22. Don't try and get teams out of the league figure out how to beat them! Riverview beat Milan the last 2 years in a row and Milan beat SMCC the last 2 years also!! If you don't like the HL then go play Pop-Warner!!

  23. Sorry to hear that 9:36. My kid was a school of choice kid at Riverview and we loved it. I'm not sure that anyone there knew who was from Riverview or who wasn't. Good luck to all the teams that are left this Friday represent our league or our area well.

  24. Neither the Huron or the Downriver League are very good. Both leagues are on par with each other but that doesn't mean the leagues are good. I guess everyone will point to Riverview last year, but one team going far out of 20 years doesn't mean the league is quality.

    GI was the undisputed Huron League Champ. They are gone after one week to a 6-3 team.

    Riverview in everyone's eyes was the clear #2. They lost to a Allen Park who's best wins were vs teams who got absolutely destroyed in week 1 of the playoffs, wyandotte and woodhaven.

    Woodhaven was Co-Champ with Carlson, both lost, woodhaven embarrased, Carlson lost to a peer.

    Wyandotte lost to a 5-4 Frankin Team, but Frankin plays in the toughest league in the state. Not a single team did to wyandotte what Franklin did. That game was over at halftime.

    Milan played a team from detroit not named Cass or King. Yawn….

    Everyone will point to SMCC, they are division 7. When a bunch of D3 and D4 schools are saying, look our league is good, one of our teams is doing well in D-7…. enough said.

    Huron is competitive, fun to watch, and I enjoy following it, but there are leagues outside of the downriver/ Monroe area bubble that just play a different brand of football. Once in a while, one of our teams will go far, but year in year out, it just doesn't happen, unless we cannibalized each other in the playoffs.

    Looking forward to next season.

  25. @1:55 PM, no one is saying other teams lack those things, just saying our team has those things listed. @8:34 PM, what a dumb question and why? I for one felt horrible for Detroit Cody, they had nearly zero support show up. Their cheerleaders were great and tried to make up for it. My son reported the players were very humble after the game was over, even with the 38-0 loss. I support the players regardless of who they are and try not to let the parents get under my skin. Adults suck…a lot. As far as the Milan vs Chelsea game goes, don’t count Milan out. Everyone expected GI to win last Friday’s game yet they lost. #gobigreds

  26. @10:11pm a lot of if’s in that statement. You either win or lose. The results are what counts. You can make excuses all
    You want.

    Trojan Fan

  27. Sad Truth. After 3yrs of playing varsity football, there are only a few parents that make my kid feel accepted at his school of choice. He's still the outsider or that kid to most of them. The parents post on this blog is an example of that. Chris and Gary, I thank you for what you do for ALL the kids in the HL. Playing with broken fingers, a torn labrum and a broken wrist still isn't enough. You'll miss him when he's gone. Oh, I forgot some parents already have him replaced.

  28. I think SMCC is the comeback team of the year!! Last year it was Milan! Both these teams always play each game with what we have and 2 years in a row at one point we both got down to 19 players each during the season and both teams made the playoffs!! That is because both teams play one game at a time! If we win it's the kids of the whole team and all of the coaches! If we lost it was because that night both teams were better than us!!

    Both teams will represent their school and the Huron League this Friday! Both teams will be well prepared if we win or lose to a better team! No excuses. But I'm sure there will be a lot of them made up that is a given each week in the HL. I hope both teams do well!!

    Instead of finding fault with the teams come out and wear your colors boys and support the Huron League. It was another good year for all of us and congrats to GI for going 9-0!!

    Big Bob-Milan

  29. 8:34 sounds like a jealous person who either lost to us during the season, or just mad cause you are not in the playoffs!!! And besides, a poll to vote Milan out of the Huron League done on this blog dpesnt mean anything!!! So get pver yourself…

  30. People want Milan out of the Huron League?? Well, Milan fans, you have joined the list of "The Huron League Deplorables". We at SMCC have been waiting for someone to join us. We've had one foot out the door for years. It's nice to have some company, finally.

  31. Chelsea hasn't lost to a Huron league team since 04. They have won 11 straight. They are due for an L. Can Milan avenge last year. I think they can. Monroe has a taller task against D1 loaded Belleville, also the Huron league is fine, this back in my day grandpa stuff is tired and played out.

  32. Fall is my favorite time of year mostly because of HL football. I've been watching it 40 years and it's still excites the shit out of me. I'm a CC alum and parent and this season was as good as any because of the parity and the close, tough games every week. My hat's off to all the young men in the league for playing tough every week! If you wanna say the league is down…go ahead. That doesn't matter to the kids and they're what it's all about. All they do is come out, work hard and do their best every week. Try and remember that when you criticize…

  33. @12:34 Awesome idea!! Chris and Gary please consider putting that filter in place next year. Only problem is you'd have about half as many posts…

  34. The comments about the league being down are usually from outsiders or fans that don't have teams in the playoffs. It's ridiculous. Riverview and SMCC could of very easily been in state title games last season and lost coin flip games against Harrison and Madison. Milan beats Chelsea in the playoffs last year if Hines doesn't get concussed in the first Quarter. Flat Rock could of won a district last year if they didn't get a terrible draw having to play Rouge. League is as good as it's ever been because of good coaching at most of the programs.

    I would say the league was really good from top to bottom this season. NB and Jefferson were down, but you saw every single other team in the league play toss up games. Flat Rock would have beat a handful of playoff teams last night if they made it in. I feel the same way about AP. NB had a hard season, but destroys a 7-2 Garden City team.

    SMCC winning games this season with 22 guys decimated by injuries. Milan is 8-2 and by mid season dressing 25 players. GI runs the table and beats an undefeated Crestwood to go 9-0 with 22 guys.

    How would you feel if your a DR fan? Lots of talk about how strong they are for years. When is the last time a downriver team won a regional title or a state title? It's a good football league, in regard to winning regional titles, going to a state championship, or the rare case that you win one, I'd say the Huron league has been better in those areas.

    You can pick apart every league in the state and complain that their great or their down. The realitizaton is that you can critique this every year in every league, but I would say the Huron League has been better than similar leagues of the same size like the SEC white or the Downriver in the last 10 years.

  35. Reading this blog sometimes makes me feel sad about the future of interscholastic athletics.

    Best of luck to all the area schools that are so plain and. Congratulations to all the teams that had the opportunity to play on Under the glow of what our Friday night lights and were able to build some lasting long time memories.

  36. @9:39 Milan you make it really hard to root for you… You imply the rest of the league doesn't play with heart or like a TEAM or have great fans or have the best cheerleaders (eye roll) – and then you take a shot at the teams that lost Friday. I realize it's probably just a few of you but the chest thumpers are annoying. #behumble

  37. 11:57
    Chelsea lost to an up and down Alpena team that handed Escanaba one of its two losses this year. They have one very good player and are big. They lost to four playoff teams and beat two. Best wishes to Milan and all the region teams still alive. Hopefully CC can make a good run.

  38. HL down…NOTTA!!
    GI was strong. Milan strong. SMCC typical good. View in the hunt.
    Great year of HL FOOTBALL. Not sure we miss Airgage though��
    Super proud of the Red Devils…winds of change have stayed strong for a few years now.

  39. This blog would be more enjoyable if the moderators would do most of us a big favor and censor the following types of posts:

    "the Huron League is down"
    "Watch out next year, our JV team won the league"
    "The coaching staff sucks"
    "The refs screwed us"
    "We beat you by one score so your team sucks… And so does your whole league"
    "I heard one blowhard parent complaining so their whole fanbase and school has no class"
    "We lost to you, but Whiteford would beat you"
    "They recruit, they have school of choice, etc."

  40. Milan and smcc are the only two Huron league teams left. They are as equally matched as it gets. They deserve to be the only two teams left.

  41. Expected Carlson to beat Trenton and win that district. Trenton’s QB Solano seems to be the real deal. I’m assuming Trenton plays at AP next week,

  42. Their are without doubt athletes in the Huron league that would shine on teams in the leagues that are “up” and
    To base your thoughts on up or down from a loss which you determine on records shows you don’t understand football and why players of all levels
    say, “it can happen on any given day”,
    you must prepare each week and perform each week records in playoffs don’t mean shit, each team is there for a reason and one goal

  43. Not a great team in HL this year (like last year View), but still some very good teams. The league overall is not down like some say. Ask Garden City (which made playoffs 6-3). They lost to FR and Huron (2 of the bottom 3 teams this year in HL).
    Go ask Crestwood (they won their league), but got handled by GI and would have finished near bottom in HL. Most, if not all leagues across the state have top tier and bottom tier teams. Pound for pound, top to bottom, I'd put the HL against any other league (not counting the division1/2 ones). Jefferson did not win a game in 2 years, yet they battle every week and gave undefeated GI a game (14-7). It is a grind to go through the league week in and week out. Again, not a super power team in league this year, but pretty darn good teams still. A couple still have a chance to win some games and make some noise. Good luck to those 2. As for the rest, work hard in off season and be ready to come back next year and show the haters how good of a league we are.

    HL guy

  44. I hear the same rhetoric in the stands when the home team is losing. I hear the same negative comments at work when things go bad. I hear the same complaining when their political agenda is not met. It’s all part of the game. These are the same schmucks that will tell you how much you suck after they win instead of being proud of their team. It goes with the territory. That mentality contributes greatly to the reasons high school football in general continues to drop in participation. That, along with the deranged ideology that sports are the pathway to higher education. If you don’t believe me, stop by the little league on a Saturday and sit in the middle of the stands. View is hurting for sure as well as GI and Carlson. Many seniors will move on and hopefully bring the skills learned from high school football into their jobs and punch “I told you so, League is down guy” right in the face. In a non violent manner of course.

  45. Congrats to everyone for making the playoffs.
    Reality is no one around here going anywhere except Whiteford. Period.
    SMCC May continue because of easy draws, but won’t get past regional.

  46. The league is always down to the following people:

    If you recently graduated from a HL school

    If you are the parent of a recent graduate

    If you played for a team that won the HL championship 5-10 years ago but now that team is struggling

    If you see a team that was struggling 5-10 years ago but is now contending

    If a team you beat 5-10 years ago when you played beats your team this year

    To the rest of us, including myself, who have followed and enjoyed Huron League football for 40 years, and not just the 2 years we played varsity, the league is doing just fine.

  47. You can write off Milan – as earlier in the year some more veteran teams caught them in growth moments and beat them. So talk all you want. The dominant junior class is playing like seniors now…Sam, Cray, Evan and Robbie all have put together their best two games two weeks in a row…to join Tristan's normal dominance. And the seniors are healthy enough – and they are leaving it on the field for their great teammate Duane Bartnicki who was injured earlier in the year. Trust me – these boys will play their hearts out this Friday for Duane. There is a lot of love in that locker-room.

    And one thing you forget about your own youth: the only history with Chelsea that matters to these boys is the one they want to write for themselves. Since we are MUCH older, its something we get consumed with…but when you were 16 & 17…history means what you did yesterday…and what you are about to do…to make your own history.

    The Milan boys are going to show up. It is in their nature…they are going to take the fight to Chelsea.

  48. And please remember, that those who are cutting on Milan and CC are just haters.

    They don’t know half of what they are saying and mean even less.
    Brush it to the side and be glad you are still alive.

  49. I think people confuse not having a great 2017 view, that the league is down. When in fact from top to bottom the league is pretty darn good. I would never say the 2018 HL was down.

  50. Go BIG REDS. Our boys play with heart always. They are TEAM. You win some you lose some and you move on and learn from week to week. All this Milan hate has been going on for years. We have proven ourselves over and over. We have a great group of boys, a great group of cheerleaders, awesome parents and fan base. Come to a Milan game, in fact we have one next Friday I hear many of your Friday’s are open. #bigredproud #onohmilan #playoffs

  51. For everyone picking apart GI right now because they lost to a 6-3 team you need to stop. The fact is in the playoffs you have to throw away the records, because every team is good. And if anything the league is not down it is up. You can’t say the league is down when 4 out of the 7 teams make the playoffs.

  52. I agree. HL is down. Has been for a few years. It has provided for more parity and a
    chance for anyone to win the league. That’s great for the kids at schools like FR who typically had no shot. It’s not a slight on the league or kids it’s just the reality of the overall talent some years.

  53. You go Gary!! That's rite!!. Chelsea and Grosse Ile both played their butts off last night. It was a very exciting game. Hats off for a great season. I too will rout for the 2 remaining teams left for the Huron League – Lets Go SMCC and Milan.
    Huron League Fan

  54. View losing to AP says nothing about how weak or strong the HL is. Just stop with that.
    View finished 2 games off the league race and AP 1 game off their league race.
    The goof above tried to spin the standings to make his point but let’s stick with the facts.

    The GI loss did surprise me a bit. However, Chelsea is a very good program and their should be no shame in losing to them.

    Milan Roled and CC racked up 52 and 500 yards rushing.

    Things get tougher from here but the league has 2 teams remaining and I will root for both.

  55. Look at the hate for the Milan Big Reds. Get well soon to the parents of teams no longer in the playoffs after last night. No other reason to be talking smack. Congratulations to every single team, player and coach that made it to the playoffs. #onohmilantothenextround

  56. Huron league is down guys. When we play the legit teams around we do not fair well. Nobody in our league would have beat Chelsea or Allen park tonight. Sorry, but that is reality. Not always like that, but this year we are struggling. Everybody says oh here comes the usual Huron league is down stuff. Well, we can't be up every year, some years are bad, people need to admit it sometime.

  57. Monroe and Whiteford definitely best teams in the region tonight. Whiteford is just blowing people out and Monroe beat a very good Woodhaven team. Way to represent the area. Not so sure about Huron League, 2 best teams went down right away tonight.

  58. I wouldn't count Milan out. They match up very well against Chelsea. Sounds like GI might of got out-coached a little bit this evening as Chelsea lost to a really bad 2-6 Alpena team last week. Chelsea lost to a pretty good Lincoln team that Milan was up on 42-7 at halftime last week. I wouldn't count out the Big Reds. Getting the Markowski kid back at MLB is huge for Milan. I like Milan's chances at home next week. They are starting to play their best football at the right time. It will be a very good game.

    Milan Fan

  59. There sure are a lot of trolls tonight. A lot of has-beens and never-beens. Ok I'll summarize… You suck, everybody sucks, all teams are weak, nobody is as tough as I was, as I hide behind my computer.

    Oh how I wish they would link comments to Facebook….

  60. People talking about how lucky Milan was and this and that and they won't make it far in the playoffs, you're obviously just jealous because your team either lost tonight or didn't even make it at all! Lets Go Big Reds!!!! You can do this !!!

  61. I didn’t think GI was that special. Even thought they won the league. I personally think the league was very down, but they competed well together. Which is exciting and all you can ask.

  62. As a fan of a different Huron league school I actually feel bad for grosse Ile. They were so damn good and they deserved to go farther. When they beat crest wood I thought that they were going all the way.

  63. Yeah I’ve never thought the leagues were too great. They play great against each other but almost never in the playoffs (with the exception of CC)

    View fan

  64. AP – View. Yeah that was kinda shady how they measured that. Ref bumped the ball before the measurement and it moved forward, maybe accidentally but come on

  65. @10:17 you weren’t at the GI game, They did not lose to a bad 6-3 team and GI happened to just not capitalize tonight, so get out of here with your stupid comment you don’t know what you are talking about, it is easy to pick apart from the outside

  66. Reality check. Both Huron and Downriver league are not very good.

    Woodhaven blown out
    Wyandotte blown out
    Riverview lost to 4 place AP
    Trenton beat one of their own

    GI lost to 6-3 team.

    Milan has the draw of the century. Everyone knows all the kids serious about football in Detroit go to cass and king.

  67. The only game I’ve ever seen worse officiated was last year view against Harrison
    If you can honestly say you’ve ever seen a ref tilt a ball on a chain measurement your insane
    Oh by the way nice face mask call!
    Not taking snuything away from AP they played their hearts out but it’s hard to beat 15 let alone 11

  68. So HL like a lot of people said is not what it use to be 15-20 years ago it’s just not a physical league anymore it’s just down

  69. The top 2 teams in the Huron are out week 1. Milan got a great draw they will be out next week. Smcc only man standing.

  70. Again… Riverview beat 1 team with a winning record and Milan had 5 turnovers . They just weren’t a good team this year. The worst possible thing was them going so deep last year cause that validated their little league offense.

  71. Cousino kid from SMCC hits the hole to slow. He needs to use his tree trunk legs and show us that Falcon Power by running some kids over.

  72. Riverview lost 23-20. Couldn’t get it together in big games this year, with the exception of Milan. A team that didn’t seem to be able to put it together really. And as stated before, history repeats itself. Allen Park beats riverview, per the usual.

  73. Update the scores your boys overseas can’t see updates on their alma mater! Just messing with you guys. Us not at home are VERY thankful for this blog.

  74. Carlson down 15-0 at halftime. Hoping a new team shows up after the coach reams them out. The Carlson concession is spectacular. Both sides are open for a no waiting courtesy. Deep fried oreos and kettle corn are the specialty tonight.

  75. Milan brings back their trick handoff from the SMCC game, allowing Aeschbacher to rip off a huge run and take it to the house. The Big Reds follow that up with their version of the Milan Special with Hines getting the ball back as a receiver in the end zone for a successful 2 point conversion.

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