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  1. I work for the D-zone website and There is not one kid in The Huron league who has a d-1 offer let alone a D-2 offer at this point as the D-2 schools won't offer until late unless they find a world beater, and those kids have Mac offers if that's the case. The kid from Milan, Hines has the possibility as only a junior to be a Mac kid, but there is no one else in this league that is even close to having a D-1 offer.

    There are a ton of people that cover this stuff and when kids get offers, it comes out immediately, either by the kid or by the school or someone connected. This stuff is not secret. And colleges don't hide when they offer a kid d-1. I wish people understood how good u have to be to even play d-2. Size and speed have a lot to do with it. You'll see lots of all state players end up at the d-3 level, which is nothing to be ashamed of.

    For those who like to follow this sort of thing, look at the D-Zone website. We cover literally every kid who has an offer and /or takes a visit every single week in HS football state wide. This includes out of state NAIA schools. We also have their own player rankings that show every kid who has offers or has been offered in the state.

    D-zone member

  2. I believe you about the kid being a good player I think I remembe him. . But if he was the best hitter lb for lb on that team, tthe rest of the league would know his name or number…..
    Not saying he isn’t a hitter I just haven’t seen enough of GI. I remember the GI airport game and I definitely could tell you who laid the biggest hit in that game.
    Sounds more like a proud family member opinion.
    I think Goins and the offense are hot and I do not think SMCC will stop this red hot passing attack. #Jets


  4. After many years of watching football like every old person, whether it be now as a fan or in the past as a recruiter and a player, the Huron league is always fun to watch. “Troll” brings up a good point with the mentioning of other players. Lots goes on behind the scenes that goes unnoticed. That’s why there’s film to be watched. Without doubt there are some special linebackers in this league that are gifted with the size and strength. There are many players in this league that you can tell play hard nosed football are talented but just were not gifted with big bodies. That said, so many athletes that are fun to watch, and exciting game match ups each week.
    In my opinion Milan, GI, and Riverview are the top teams. And I believe in any given week one could beat the other because they are all that close together. Talent wise defensevily at LB (physical size included) standouts in order that I could see playing at high level (opinion) #51 GI, #28 SMCC. GI linebacker good hands, pursues well, hits, always has a two guys on him, hard to block, could be more aggressive on pass.
    SMCC linebacker fast, hard to block, aggressive, more athletic, also hits, could pursue better laterally, **needs to use his hands more** is the big one.
    “Troll” mentioned the other guy at linebacker for GI, he is very good as well, top 5 in league without either those guys that defense would STRUGGLE, along with riverviews leading linebacker, and Flatrocks middle LB.
    Offensively No order, again it’s opinion, Goins, Flatrock QB both extremely athletic, make plays. Harwood is strong, good size,, (**Hines** very athletic, fast, good hands GI with struggle to contain)( next level athlete).
    You guys do such a great job with this blog, keep it up!!

  5. Pathetic to hear any kid or parent say "why should we keep practicing, we have 4 losses already". Playing high school football is a privilege that you will never forget. But, that is the way of society today, when things get hard, quit.

  6. Josh Zemmin #58 is a workhorse. While Blanzy is getting double teamed Zemmin is mopping things up. Can't say enough about that tandem and that is just when they are on defense. They are equally good on O.

    GI Fan

  7. After listening so the whole broadcast I heard you guys giving credit to some kids from different teams that tend to get overshadowed a bit. But I realized after listening that these kids do so much of the grunt work for there team. The other LB from GI is almost as good as Blanzy is. I remember watching him when we played them and it took me half the game to figure out which LB Blanzy was because the other kid was just as good. I want to say he plays guard on offense as well. Potcova from Airport is a kid that can play almost any position. I think I’ve seen him at runningback, linebacker, defensive line, punter and tight end. Jalen Johnson from Monroe is another-tends to get overshadowed a little from Banks. Jalen is a good runner and receiver out of the backfield. These are just a couple I heard but the game of football takes a lot of grunt work from everyone on that field. Everyone has a job but very few get the headlines.

  8. Jefferson scored 2 TD's on Rivervie 2nd and 3rd stringers. That's the only reason why they scored 20 points. You guys said you were surprised they scored on Riverview well that's why.

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