Gerweck Nissan Week 6 Power Rankings

1.(1) Whiteford 6-0- Yep

2.(2) Grosse Ile 6-0- Playing great and undefeated

3.(6) Carlson 5-1- Huge victory at Allen Park to stay in DRL race

4.(4) Riverview 5-1 Stays in HL race

5.(8) Monroe 5-1-  Opened up a can on rival Bedford

6.(5) Milan 5-1- Takes care of business vs Huron

7.(7) Ida-5-1 Nice win @ Hudson down some key players

8.(3) SMCC 4-2- Falls out of league race

9.(9) Dundee 4-2- Win gets the Vikings closer to the playoffs

10.(NR) Airport 3-3- Playoffs?

49 thoughts on “Gerweck Nissan Week 6 Power Rankings”

  1. The tickets for GI 6-0 at Milan 5-1 Friday went on sale yesterday! They're expecting a real big Homecoming Crowd ! Should be the game of the week but that's up to Chris and Gary!! Our only loss was to a real good Riverview team. They beat us pretty good and No excuses like I keep hearing on the Blog!!

    Let's get it on and let the better team win! All players be safe or don't get hurt!!That might be a Long bus ride back to the island and no hard feelings!!

    Big Bob-Milan

  2. 8.22 not even from Milan, have watched them play though! Good team! They do have the potential to win out!! My only hope on fridays is for no injuries for all the teams! May the better teams win!

  3. If Milan didn’t give up 4 interceptions they would have beat Riverview is as dumb as me saying if Airport didn’t have a bad snap on a punt and a score before halftime against Monroe, and didn’t turn the ball over 3 times against GI in the red zone, and didn’t get stopped on 4th and goal twice against Riverview we would be 6-0!!!!!

    What kind of kool Aid is in Milan?? I have to try it!!!

  4. Yes I saw Milan play. Riverview is better. I’ll tell you this, if we beat SMCC this week I’ll be back pounding the kool Aid and my trolling fingers will be typing everyday!!!

  5. AP Fan solid facts!!! Troll get back on the kool aid you were much more entertaining! Win this week and the Jets are solidly in top ten! No question! Let’s keep working hard team!!! RB

  6. Troll, have you even seen Milan play?? Yeah Riverview beat them, but if Milan doesn’t give up 4 interceptions, I think the game would have been a lot different!!!

  7. Airport will beat Smcc.. Smcc is to banged up..6 starters out from O and D.. Smcc might not make the playoffs..

  8. I always thought the Troll was a big Jet fan. Now, I'm not so sure who this guy or gal is. I think they gave into peer pressure.
    The Jets are 3 and 3. Blew out two down teams (bears, chiefs). Beat a talented Flat Rock team, not because of 2 huge plays (they happen in games), but also because defense stopped them when they had to, period. Their 3 loses are to 6-0 GI, 5-1 View and 5-1 Monroe. Oh, and they played with all these teams and had opportunities to capitalize on some things that could have changed the outcome (I know all teams can say this as well in a close loss). Just pointing out some facts here. So, the Jets should absolutely be in the top 10. Now just go win against a beat up (but still darn good football team) in SMCC, and prove you belong.

    AP Fan!

  9. I’ll agree with you though Burnt Beard. No way should Milan be ahead of Riverview. Not even a discussion. I’ll throw this out there-Riverview is the only Huron League team that could give Monroe a run for there money. Riverview’s D line might win the battle up front in that game! (Thank me later Black Beard)

  10. Monroe will get beat by Saline and prob have to play Belleville first round. Nice season, but you haven't beat a good team this season. You played one good team. Jackson. Bedford has it's worst team in 10 years. Beat Saline and you gain respect. The AA schools are as bad as ever. When is the last time Monroe won a playoff game? When is the last time they won a district? I know this answer, but it's been a long long time.

  11. I thought that’s what rankings were for. A list of opinions based on facts. Why would Chris and Gary put together a power ranking if they didn’t want to solicit opinions? A blog? Then all the fun governors decide “everyone just chill! Gary and Chris work so hard to put this together. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s just for fun. It’s all about the kids. Can’t we all just get along?” No. We are supporting our teams and trying to make convincing arguments having fun. I expressed an opinion based on their picks. I used facts. I laughed when others said I was whining because they were probably right. Others with opinions pointed out that not only were Flatrock’s fans babies, but Riverview fans were babies and whiners. It’s all good. I’m gonna jab back though. Tom makes a good argument about CC being ranked higher than Milan. Opinion based on facts. Good stuff. Mix it up. Still waiting for a good argument for why View should be 6 and Milan 4. In the meantime I’ll be busy eating my puréed carrots and peas.

  12. Black Beard is not Riverview fans. He is one person who obviously cares way to much what others think. He is also the one that was super critical of his Pirates team last week. Don't worry about what the blog says and lets worry about Huron. Next game is the most important game. The past is the past and all you can control is the here and now.

  13. 4:22. Well said! And you are correct, Monroe would beat any team on here. And before anyone gets on here accusing me of being a Trojan, I'm a HL guy.

  14. Riverview stop being a baby about everything fact is you beat Milan , Milan beat SMCC, and SMCC beat you so guess what it doesn't matter! Rock , Paper, Scissors we'll all be tied!!
    So Stop you're Crying!!


  16. Milan will beat GI.

    GI will beat RV.

    GI will lose to Crestwood.

    Milan and GI will share the Huron title.

    Milan, GI and RV will make playoffs, all will be out by week 11. Maybe week 10 for RV, depending on who they get matched with.

    Can we start talking about the 2019 season yet? I hear Airport JV is going to do great next season!

  17. Not sure how I feel about Airport being #10. If they can beat SMCC this week then I’ll be a believer. At this point I’m still a little skeptical of this team. Wins against Huron, Jefferson, and Flat Rock (still not sure how we won that game) aren’t proving anything. So as you can tell I quite drinking the damn kool aid. Whatever happened to the jetfuel guy??

  18. Black Beard, you were the only one crying. Do you see Milan fans whining that it was switched? The teams are tied, LOL. #whiner 😏

  19. It’s just for fun people.
    I’m sure Monroe would beat any team ranked above them, and yes that includes Whiteford.
    So everyone relax and enjoy high school football.
    It’s awesome isn’t it?
    Beardo and schultzie put a lot of time into the blog, thanks that they do it.
    I do enjoy reading the scores and game previews.

  20. No, we just realized that Riverview fans are a bunch of babies LOL we would not have filled our pants because of ranking was wrong! As previously stated, the rankings are just for fun it doesn’t mean anything. So get over yourselves you act like you are the best team in the league! Let’s see how you fare against G.I. !!!

  21. Milan has been ranked below SMCC for the past two weeks, despite equal records and beating the Falcons head-to-head.

    It's OK if you don't remember all the crying by the Big Reds, because there wasn't any. The Power Rankings are a fun feature, and all of Milan's goals remain within reach.


  22. Just defending the Bucs! If you have any argument that would place Milan ahead of Riverview in any ranking system let’s hear it. Gary had Milan at 4 and Riverview at 6. He changed it back realizing it was a mistake. I’m pretty sure if the roles were reversed, the #Oh No Milan fans would fill their diapers as well. Even if it meant nothing. Ga ga goo goo.

  23. I thought FR fans were babies! But I’m pretty sure Riverview has them beat! It’s just Chris and Gary’s Rankings that don’t mean anything in how things are actually done!! These are just for fun!

  24. (in our best Jim Mora voice) – – – – PLAYOFFS?!?!?!?! PLAYOFFS?!?!?!?! We're talking about PLAYOFFS?!?!?!?! Let's work on beating SMCC first, please…… PLAYOFFS?!?!?!?!?

  25. Grosse Ile seems to be getting better and better, Airport needs to use a solid victory to spring board the rest of their season. Should be an interesting final two weeks of the Huron League season. Was really surprised to hear how badly Carlson beat AP… still have a tough matchup against Wyandotte left but I don’t see them losing a game before the playoffs… this has been a fun football season thus far throughout the area, let’s hope it keeps going.

  26. I know you will never please everyone, but Milan leapfrogs View after they were beaten by them? Did the Bucs not beat Jefferson by enough? Riverview stays in the race? Please. Riverview will most likely beat Huron and would then be playing for a Huron League title. I know the Milan vs GI will be the hyped game this week, but Riverview is definitely not below Milan in any ranking. Look back at your previous Pwr Rank comments. A loss is a good thing? I get it that it means nothing but c’mon man.

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