Sand Creek @ SMCC Friday 7:00p

By Gary Hauf

This is the first ever meeting between Sand Creek and SMCC.  Sand Creek, coming off a 42-0 thrashing of Whitmore Lake, holds an overall playoff record of 29-20 and have made the playoffs 3 of the last 10 seasons.  SMCC, who last defeated Pontiac Notre Dame Prep 30-10, holds and over all playoff record of 44-20 and has qualified for the playoffs 16 of the last 19 seasons.

Sand Creek Aggies(5-2 TCC, 6-3 overall)

The Aggies boast a high-powered, run first offense, out the single-wing.  Sand Creek averages 36.2 PPG and give up 22.9 PPG on the defensive side.  The offense is led by:

Senior RB Alec Muck(5’11” 175 lbs) 1312 yards on 177 carries, 17 TD.
Senior FB Payton Woodard(5’8″ 195 lbs) 549 yards on 85 carries, 5 TD.
Sophomore SB Will Alexander(5’11” 160 lbs) 498 yards on 50 carries, 9 TD.

Paving the way are lineman:
Sophomore T, Jackson Marsh(6’4″ 275lbs)
Senior G, Ryan
(5’11” 170 lbs)

Junior G, Mitchell Moore(5’11” 170 lbs)

Defensively the Aggies are led by:
Junior LB Brenden Pickles(5’9″ 195 lbs) 119 tackles, 4 forced fumbles.
Senior LB Carson Scroggie(5’9″ 180 lbs) 99 tackles, 1 fumble recovery.

Sand Creek holds a record of 1-3 vs playoff teams and is led by Head Coach Scott Gallagher.


Monroe St. Mary Catholic Central Falcons(5-2 Huron, 7-2 overall)

SMCC gets things done through the ground in their Full House T offense, averaging 29.1 PPG while giving up 20.1. Offensively the Falcons are led by:

Junior FB Alex Morgan(6’0″ 180 lbs) 800 yards on 98 carries, 7 TD.
Junior RB Sam Cousino(6’2″ 220 lbs) 580 yards on 83 carries, 8 TD.
Senior RB John Ritchie(6’0″ 185 lbs) 535 yards on 97 carries, 6 TD.

Clearing the path are:
Junior T, Connor Bogdanski(6’3″ 260lbs)
Senior G, Briggs Hehl(6’0″ 205 lbs)
Senior TE Bryce Iott(6’4″ 260 lbs)

Defensively leading the Falcons are:
Junior DE, Gust Flint(6’0″ 200 lbs) 49 tackles, 12 for loss.
Junior MLB, Sam Cousino(6’2: 220 lbs) 61 tackles.
Junior DT, Mason Gullen(6’3″ 240 lbs)

The Falcons hold a 1-2 record vs current playoff teams and is fronted by Head Coach Adam Kipf.

Combined these two programs have played 113 playoff games over the years.  Power running game versus power running game.  Whoever wins in the trenches and gets to the ball on defense, will have the best chance of coming out on top.  Both these teams are well coached and play disciplined ball.  I look forward to a great game at Navarre Field.

Chris’ Pick: SMCC 34 Sand Creek 13
Gary’s Pick: SMCC 39 Sand Creek 28
Frank’s Pick: SMCC 38 Sand Creek 14

64 thoughts on “Sand Creek @ SMCC Friday 7:00p”

  1. @843 right now I am playing a D1 sport. A kid graduated this year is at AF academy playing basketball. 2 years are playing high level D2 softball. Multiple kids playing NAIA. Sooo we produce at CC.

    Also my point really wasn't for athletes looking to play at the next level come to see and be seen. You are correct about how the club teams are insane now and thats where they get looks. I should of said people come to CC that want to win more. Because CC wins a lot more than any other school in the HLC. Also just saying that the coaches at CC know a lot of people at "next level" and talk to them about their kids, setting those coaches to go see them at AAU or Club szn.

    Bryce is also at Old Dominion about to be a starting for his 3 straight years in baseball so…..
    Nick also left because the coaches didn't let his broken ankle heal properly so he couldn't get back to full shape, strength, ability, so that why he didn't play. Lets know our facts before we start saying stuff please thanks.

    I am also not saying CC is the only option for a good education. I just believe because I went to a public school that had issues with not counting tardies, no late homework, etc. I am not saying your schools are like this. Just from my experience and what I see in college, CC prepared a lot better than any other school.

  2. Lol. Many people went to Smcc and don't go there now. Many kids that don't go there are also very successful. Not so unbelievable. Hopefully you were kidding.

  3. I went to MCC, my kids went to Jefferson and are now successful engineers. Unless its a family generation thing, going to SMCC is a status thing. Kids and families that are successful will be successful wherever they go.

  4. @ 6.22, The real catch here is that people believe that if they send their kids to SMCC that they will have a better chance to move on. Great for your school to convince people of that. Any good athlete at any school can play at the next level. If you want to play college sports you seek out schools that are interested in your level of ability and your in. Not a big deal. If people want to pay $40,000 to believe that, great. As far as education, SMCC is lower than many schools in our county. Many classes are not offered enough to even allow every student to meet the state requirements because your enrollment is so low. Word is out 6:22, that's why your enrollment is dropping. There is more to life than sports.

    By the way has anyone from SMCC ever gone past college to play? I know kids from Jefferson, Airport and Monroe who have went to the highest level.

    I have all the respect in the world for coach Windham, but his own son didn't even play college basketball, his best opportunity was in baseball. Nick Welch transferred because he didn't play. I know his roommate.

    I will talk about recruiting another time. Just ask about John Lako.

  5. 10:50, spot on! SMCC by 30 tonight. Such a difference in leagues. I hear great things about this Muck kid, but does he really run a 4.3? That is world class and only a few in the NFL run that, so I truly doubt it. Oh, and I'm not a SMCC guy at all. Huron League guy and watch and see how they fair tonight. I think the View may be the only ones to get knocked out, and that's not a knock on them, just think Allen Park is probably a little better this year.

  6. Sorry but I think going like 50-2 and playing in the state semi finals helps in your recruiting. And it’s called aau not club, must be a volleyball fan

  7. Rite on 10:50 and you left out one other little detail from that CC/ Clinton game.( maybe on purpose). CC had that game basically won with 2 minutes left in the game when they stopped Clinton on 4 and 13 only to give them a huge 1st down on a unsportsmanlike call after the play was over

  8. I find it interesting that all the other Previews have no or very few comments today and this one has 54. Evidently, there's a lot of interest in CC. Any thoughts as to why? As a CC grad, it's annoying to me when folks accuse us of being arrogant. The reality is, very few CC people make comments on this site and when they do, they usually just humbly state the facts. Sorry if the facts hurt but they are the facts. And then there's the recruiting comments that always come out. The fact is, most (ie. maybe 90 – 95%) of the kids on this year's team are Catholic kids who played in the CYO league and come to CC for a good, Christian education. For them, the opportunity to play on teams that are usually successful is a bonus, not the priority. Parents don't send their kids to CC so they will be noticed and recruited. That would be ridiculous because CC teams, especially football, don't highlight one player. Take the running backs for instance. The coaches spread the ball around to many backs and the result is, none of them have a lot of yards. Unless I'm wrong, every school in the Huron League (Monroe County for that matter) is a school of choice. Parents choose to send their kids to CC for the education and Christian environment first and foremost. I know something about this because I have put four kids through CC over the past 15 years.

    @10:50 Thanks for the comments/clarifications. There is a lot of mutual respect for Milan's teams at CC and for good reason – Fact.

    CC '81

  9. @ 6:22. Recruits didn’t see these players at CC as you claim. They may have came to follow them in their high school games, but their recruiting for “the next level” came from their club ball play. In the past recruits would strictly travel to high schools for scout visits, but with so many more higher level players in club, and better centralized talent, clubs are the new scouting grounds. That’s true for most sports, with the exception of football. High level players come from talent and not necessarily their school choice. Example, last year River Rouge sent 11+ players to D1 teams for football and they are not a top level public school. Just a great collection of talent. So don’t spew nonsense that CC turns out “next level” players because they are private and athletes come there to be scouted and take offers. Talent filters through all schools and CC is not a special breeding ground for anything more than any other school. Oh, I caught that comment about your graduating from CC, but I must have missed your comment on where you were recruited to play at the “next level”. Because once again, that’s why (according to you) athletes leave lesser schools to come to CC.

  10. 8:49 lol…..There is nothing else to say. I literally can't respond to that post.

    I don't think anyone realized how good Clinton was in 2015. They were exceptional and they should of won the state title, but some questionable coaching decisions cost them against Ithaca. You don't see 5'10 170 lb white kids get full rides to a d-1 school very often. Sexton was one of 4 kids that EMU signed that year from the state of Michigan, so that should tell you how good they were. He has started at receiver since he got there. In addition, they had a school of choice kid from Saline named Noah Pore that was an exceptional All-State running back. They were also big and strong in the trenches. A team like that only comes around every 20-30 years in a small town like Clinton. Grass Lake comes to mind when they went to the state title game in 95 season. It's few and far between.

    The 2015 SMCC team was honestly one of the best I've ever seen. They literally had no holes on that team. Milan made the QF's that year and came real close to knocking off State Finalist Country Day before losing 21-14. SMCC beat the breaks off Milan that year 51-14 or something like that. SMCC was exceptional that season. People can complain that the 1st year coach Kipf wasn't ready for the big stage and I could see Coach Giarmo winning that game against Clinton, but give credit where credit is due. That Clinton team was special.

    As for Sand Creek. They have a nice little team. But they didn't beat anyone good this season. Giving up 38 to a 2-7 Morenci team. 26 to a very average Summerfield team etc. They will have their hands full against SMCC who is much better at playing the run then the pass.

    Milan Fan

  11. 8:49 you and so many other people say CC recruits or in your words "gets people from around Monroe County". CC recruits for itself. If you are good in volleyball, basketball, football, softball why not come to see CC. Especially baseball since coach Windham has been there. Why would want to stay at a Jefferson or Huron or wherever that does not win as much if you want to get looked at to play at the next level. The Welch brothers transferred to CC because one Bedfords bball program has been going down hill and CC is #1. Nick, the older one, went to Northwoods and then is now at Spring Arbor and led that team to a quarterfinal run. Tyler, the youngest, who is also now commmitted to Spring Arbor, was a big body down low last year when CC made it to the Breslin. Hunter Kegley came from Jefferson, because why would want to be at Jefferson, sorry not sorry. He is unsigned so far but he will be a late sign because of an ACL tear. Also the education at CC is very good too. I am now in college and CC really prepares you for what you have coming for you. Last comment about "recruiting". Your school probably gets transfers too from other schools, sorry they aren't good like the ones CC gets. None of my business.

  12. Hey T.Rome why not look ahead to possible opponents ? You still have to take care of business and it's the players that have to play the game not the parents.. I fully expect to play cassopolis for one, we are better than SC but We have to prove it..and our next opponent I expect to beat for sure also no matter who it is.. not being cocky it's just now we're playing schools our size and I've seen SC play…we definitely should win…

  13. @8:49,you are obviously one of many people that carry a Medical Marijuana Card. Probably for a medical reason called dandruff. Get some State hardware and maybe one day Monroe or Bedford will have street signs saying "Home of".

  14. All the talk on pass coverage is interesting before a game of two teams that do not pass. Sand creek runs an offense with virtually no qb but two running backs that can get the ball. Should be an interesting one. If CC does what they are capable of doing it should be a couple score game. Expect it to be tight going into halftime then for the falcons to pull away.

  15. Agree with you Gary… 8:49, Congratulations on taking stupidity to a new level. Logically speaking, that is the most uneducated, ignorant comment I have ever read on this blog. EVER. Clearly you are clueless about private school financing and functioning if you honestly think any private school is turning money (students) away to keep their sports programs in a specific Division or Class. Talk about simple mindedness. WOW……

  16. 8:49 you do realize you don’t have a choice to “move down”. Looking at some comparables. Bedford lost to Dundee by 3. Smcc beat Dundee by 32. Monroe lost to class C Whiteford by 16 and class d lenewee christian by 30. Smcc beat Whiteford by 12. Looked this up on max preps because I wanted to throw out facts not garbage like you did.
    Basketball dad

  17. Not everyone can or wants to pay thousands to attend SMCC. If it was free their enrollment would be much larger. Nice try 8:49. You shouldn't smoke crack so early in the day

  18. Just cracks me up that SMCC is now playing in D7 and still talk a lot of smack . Your a private school that gets kids from all around Monroe county . You keep your enrollment down so you can win . You moved down to D7 because you could no longer win in 6 . You moved down to Class C in basketball because you couldn't win in class B . Just sit back and enjoy the game s and be humble . Because in the big picture your not in Bedfords or Monroe's Class.

  19. Clinton was 9-0 and ranked in the state with a division 1 football commit on their team. It was war all the down to the final drive against SMCC. 14-10 is hardly an embarrassment.

  20. That Clinton Team was probably one of the best teams ever to come out of the TCC and it took the best player the school ever had to take the game over on the last drive and win it. Sexton was 10 times the football player that #11 is for SC. Clinton the year before got dropped 50 to 15 against CC, but were ready for round 2 in 2015. If you have never experienced CC and the speed and power they bring you're in trouble. This is going to be a rough night for SC.

  21. I'll tell you why some think we are looking ahead. We have parents, players, and media already asking about the ride and location of Cassopolis, which would be regional finals, if they even win their district. So don't act like people are not looking ahead. As far as league versus league, sure you can argue HL is stronger than TCC. But its not about the leagues its about match-ups. Fats athletic players give SMCC problems. SC has a couple good ones. Yes they are not overly physical, but as someone suggested watch the HUDL highlights you'll see they can block on offense well, defense is not as good, but they can score points and get big chunk yard plays. The real point here is do your do diligence and don't assume because your a certain school from a certain league your better. Madison Height Madison doesn't play great competition, Hudson and Addison were walk overs, not really. Clinton is a TCC team that always competes. Respect the game, Respect your opponent.


    T. Rome

  22. I've never seen SC play, but after this season SMCC seems to have a tendency to make games closer than they need to be. The overabundance of injuries haven't helped one bit. But, excuses aside, they weren't stopping anyone defensively early in the season before all of the injuries. This game makes me nervous. They let Clinton hang around in 2015 all game and got burned at the very end. And that SMCC team was much better. I hope my Falcons prevail, but don't count your Aggies before they're dispatched.


  23. GI would not beat Whiteford. No one in this league would. Understand that the coach there has done a very good job, but they have a handful of players that are not from Whiteford. They are really good and should roll.

    As for SC competing. It's not going to happen. Sounds like they have a really nice player and good luck to them, but part of the reason SMCC is so good when they get into the playoffs is because of the competition they play. Other then Jefferson and FR, all the schools are way bigger then them. Add the fact that no one wants to play them, means they get to play non conference opponents like Notre Dame Prep and Chandler Park. Teams with way more talent, size, speed etc. Through in playing Milan, Riverview, GI. Sand Creek will be the equivalent of playing the bottom half of the Huron League. Sorry, it's just how it goes. SMCC can go 5-4 and when they get in, they are a state title contender. It's just how it works. Will they win it all. I don't think so this season, but if they don't roll into the semi's I would be very surprised.

    Milan Fan

  24. CC was embarrassed by Clinton a few years ago….don't underestimate anyone. No kicker and a lousy pass defense is not a recipe for success

  25. October 24 at 1:28. CC has not won by luck. These close games have prepared them for the playoffs when most games will be close. They will have a better chance to win those types of games now that they’ve been there. CC is playing class A, big schools from metro Detroit. Sand creek plays little class d, division 8 schools from lenawee county. SMCC 35 Sand Creek 6

  26. Emari O’Brien for chandler park is much faster than Muck. Emari is going Ivy League D-1. He was good early, than CC contained him and slowly took him out of the game.

  27. Lol,he's so fast why do you have 3 loses , oh yeah that's right cuz you need blockers, and CC is way more physical than SC..I watched you guys on hudl, believe me, not worried a bit ..very fast back..nice little team..but you don't match up against CC at all…summerfield should have beat you if it wasn't for that fumble on the goal line..please re watch that game and look at the summerfield lines and yours and then watch what CC puts out there..please watch ..if you have an open mind and know anything you will know your in for a long night…

  28. @530 yo CC dont have a kicker to kick it deep. Does Muck play close to the ball on kick offs, watch out here come Huron Defensive POTY Boom #dirtnap

  29. This is nothing new. For YEARS SMCC fans have heard and read this stuff. I believe they will be ready and focused Friday night. When you see the final score you will believe it as well!

  30. I do not understand why people keep talking on here about “ looking past teams” or “underestimating opponents “. The boys that suit up on Friday nights are NOT looking past anyone. They understand that it’s one and done, and they are also very well aware of the sacrifices they’ve made to get to this point.
    To say you hate any team is a bit ridiculous. You wouldn’t say that if you knew any of the boys on that team.
    Best of luck to all the Huron League teams!
    Go Falcons!!

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  32. @2:22

    Thanks for the heads up. Will look for James "JBird" Hawkins at QB. Ive seen him throw and boy does he have an arm. He kind of reminds me of Mahomes from the KC Chiefs. Hopefully the Aggies' secondary doesn't play too tight with this kid in the picture. As for Evan "Terminator" Rogoff, Im a little surprised they have him at RB. He is not as elusive as other backs. I think he would be better suited out wide. Just a man with an opinion

    Marsha Mellow

  33. You guys are funny. SMCC has not seen this kind of SPEED Alec Muck is THE fastest RB in the state in ANY division… as for bot running with power you can ask Whiteford why they respect him so much. The TCC is a weak league.. again then how are tge defending state champs in that league. Oh and SC also lost to Reading who is also undefeated… Cant wait to see the look on all the SMCC homers as Muck puts 200 plus up on them and 4-5 TDS before the half.. Kick to him I dare you.

  34. Appreciating the time and effort you put into your site and in depth information you offer.
    It's good to come across a blog every once in a while that isn't the same outdated rehashed information. Fantastic read!
    I've saved your site and I'm including your RSS feeds to my
    Google account.

  35. Oh please stop with the "not focused stuff"- Even if CC gets upset it will not
    be because they were not focused. They may get outplayed but they WILL BE FOCUSED!

  36. Have you guys seen SC lines ? If you did you wouldn't be thinking there gonna beat CC, this is a mismatch big time….Huron League Power CC in a route…

  37. Listen people SC plays in a weak league and wouldn't win 1 game on CCs schedule, believe that…chris Schultz is right CC has seen that speed before and teams with multiple athletes. I watched SC on hudl, CC is going to blow them out , they will pound them in the trenches mercilessly… CCs offense is relentless and now that they are playing teams there own size your gonna hear once again that we recruit and should be in the Catholic League, me for one loves to hear that cuz we just laid down the smackdown on you…
    Don't know the score but absolutely will be a running clock…

  38. 1:28pm – For the record I hate SMCC always have. However, I know what they play through all season and I know what the TCC has. SMCC is physical, strong, and battle tested. It won't be close.

  39. Keep an eye on Evan Rogoff and James “Jbird” Hawkins this week. Word on the street says they are gonna be RB and QB starters.

  40. Obviously 11:25 is letting his heart get in the way of his common sense. CC has gotten lucky to be over .500, much less in the playoffs. Luck won’t be enough to win by 29. This is playoffs and everyone is here because they fought through 8-9 games. Keep your eyes focused on the prize and you won’t be disappointed. Look ahead past any opponent and you’ll be turning in pads and uniforms on Monday. Good luck to all this weekend and here’s to hoping all are safe and classy

  41. Strong run game and strong run defense for SMCC especially if Gus Flint gets up to par this week. Haven't seen sand creek so I have little basis to judge them. However, I have great confidence in the homeboys.

    SMCC 36 — Sand Creek 14

  42. SMCC will win this one by a minimum of 28 points. Coming from someone who has watched Sand Creek play multiple times this year. Muck is a great track athlete playing football. He is fine in the open but cannot handle any type of physical play. SMCC will dominate the line of scrimmage against this team and bottle them right up. SC struggled stopping CLinton's T, SMCC will light them up on offense. Down at Navarre in the dark and in the mud. It will be quick playoff journey for SC. 49 to 20 SMCC.

  43. 3:12, if you have access to Hudl I suggest you watch the videos of their games. Sand Creek was holding blocks strong and Muck wasn’t the only one with a solid running game. They opened huge holes in the middle and they could find a way through even when the hole did close. They play a very effective zone defense to kill the pass, but still shut down runners too. CC can’t defend the pass to save their life and their run is dependent on 1 player. Bad idea to look ahead to week 2 of the post season when you haven’t given week 1 opponent seriously. Gonna be a game that’ll be won in the last minutes. I predict 28-21 Sand Creek. That’s after seeing CC in person and researching Sand Creek in video.

  44. SMCC vs HWCP = 37-30 close win
    SMCC vs Milan = 21-26 close loss
    SMCC vs FR = 28-27 close win
    SMCC vs Huron = 28-23 close win

    All these teams that played SMCC tough had something in common. Athletic speedy skilled guys and ran the ball, not passing. None as fast as 4.3 40 & 10.7 100 Alex Muck and his counterparts. This will not be a blowout by any stretch. Those that think that are clueless.
    Milan, Riverview, and GI will not waltz thru their first games or districts either. I get fans like to look ahead and get playoff fever, but sometimes that spills over to the players. Not a good combination. Stay the course and strap it up. Playoffs are here!

    Upsets happen all the time when your not focused. At all levels. ASK OSU!

    Upset Specials

  45. You know what- The Falcons program has been more than solid over the last 30 years. I don't think this will really be too close of a game in my opinion. CC wins by 21.

  46. I’m not sold on this being a good close game. Sand Creek is not a real physical team. The Muck kid is a track kid that doesn’t play physical. He doesn’t run with power, but has great speed. CC will easily win this one because they won’t have any problem winning the line of scrimmage.

  47. This will be a close game! The Aggies football program has been solid over the years! The Falcons & Aggies may be the best game in D7 of MHSAA football playoffs opening week!

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