Thoughts and Questions

Ground and pound.

Did you like Carlson’s decision to go for 2 and the win?

Great season for the Red Devils.

How many fans did Robichaud bring to Ida?

I’m not surprised that Cody didn’t have many fans on Friday.

Trojans opened a can on Woodhaven. I left with 10 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter.

I bet Riverview would like to have that game back.

Was Muck faster than O’Brien?

Whiteford getting bored yet?

Bedford will have their hands full with Livonia Franklin.

Where is the Ida @ Denby game being played?

Looking forward to an old SEC match up between Chelsea and Milan.

Monroe seems much better on field turf. I predict an upset.

Bad memories of Clinton?

I plan on traveling to Ottawa Lake this Friday after I carb load at the St. John’s Waltz potato pancake supper.

Always nice to be recognized by fans of the blog at a game.

Did Woodhaven fans realize their was a playoff game Friday?

Michigan fans were refreshingly quiet this weekend.

State may have salvaged their season.


50 thoughts on “Thoughts and Questions”

  1. Welcome to the blog Clinton fans. Nice to see you have so much school spirit and thank you for providing Coach Kipf with dialog to fire up his team. Awesome! Best of luck tonight to all the team's still competing.

  2. CC is very good. I'm sure you have a good team and a good chance to win, but if you're gonna make stupid comments, you better be ready for a fight. I don't care if SMCC has 13 guys dressed. The MLB is a monster and all those kids play hard for their coach and like any SMCC team, they play together. I'm pretty sure they just put 54 on a team that you beat by a point. I don't care who wins honestly, but you're gonna have a battle. I wouldn't underestimate a team like that in round 2.

    Milan Fan

  3. Lets go Clinton, you guys can keep talking it up, all you want and you better back it up on the field tommorow. When you get annihilated in the first play tommorow because you’re giving the falcons extra motivation we’ll be the ones laughing

  4. All CC has is a trap we will stop that.. they have no speed to get outside on us.. and I think they only threw the ball 17 times this year..tapes don’t lie.. we know 28 takes it to the right on 3rd and longer yards..can’t wait till Friday night.. they have no idea what’s coming..Clinton fan.

  5. 5:01 what I say is true.. they will dive at our feet which they call grub.. they are weak on the Dline up the middle tapes don’t lie.. we are not worried about Smcc. They have no speed.. they run 28 to the right on 3rd and long.. they don’t have a passing game.. all we have to do is get them to 3rd long.. they have no backs with speed..not worried about the trap game we will stuff that.. Clinton Alum 06

  6. 5:01 – I am also a Clinton fan. But your comment is a complete garbage. Please wake up and join the real world and please understand the team we are about to battle before you say something stupid like above.

  7. 6:48 I'm a Clinton fan and we are going to beat CC..they are very much overrated in my opinion, did you see there kicking game ? We will put up 28 + on them because of that. Don't be scared of this team , there defense is terrible, especially there dline up the middle. We beat them in 2015 at there field and they were big bad Huron League champs…plus we will be bringing the whole town of Clinton..I guarantee they are going to have there dline dive at our boys feet, which is just a terrible play..they make zero adjustments on the dline, that's exactly why we will win…zero and I mean zero adjustments…

  8. When SMCC bloggers start getting trolled they jump all over and destroy the post together. When Milan bloggers get trolled they turn on each other and start pointing fingers. Act like you been there before. Both teams if healthy have a very good chance to win districts.

    HL FAN…

  9. Hey for all those out there that trash coaches and like to be sideline QB's, there is a coaching job open at Summerfield. Fire up that resume, grab your whistle and lets see you coach instead of running your MOUTH! Look forward to seeing you out there.

  10. 11:28AM is probably not even someone from Clinton. Who in their right mind would talk like that. I’m sure it’s just someone who really dislikes SMCC. If it happens to be someone from Clinton, then please just quit talking like an idiot. The way you’re talking is an embarrassment to yourself and your community. And it’s also an embarrassment to the TCC.

  11. HL parents… There has been a blogger or 2 all year with of an agenda of putting down the HL and its players. I argued with the guy for hours before. Your reply comments makes you and your school look bad. Milan/CC are the only 2 HL teams left. Enjoy it. Don't let outsiders ruin this for you and your kids.

    HL FAN…

  12. CC coaches haven't fixed the kicking game yet, and they will lose this Friday because of it..we meaning Clinton will get the ball at midfield and we will go for it and get it on 4th down every time.. you can't stop us CC , you dline is terrible, we are going to push you around like a jv team…on your field in your house we're gonna push you around…I can't wait to see it..I e watched hudl on you guys, your so overrated, overrated, overrated, overrated, overrated and slow…

  13. 10:03 – Hopefully strong enough to hang in there with CC. SC surprised all of us, we thought for sure that would be a beating. We are substantially bigger than SC, but don't have the speed. We will see how it pans out.

  14. Clinton has a nice little team. Had a phenomenal 21 point comeback against SC to beat them. We were all pleasantly surprised that SC was in the game as along as they were. The structure of Clinton looks nothing like SC. I can say this, this is not the 2015 team coming to Navarre. But this definitely is not the 2014 or 2015 SMCC team coming in either. CC is definitely battle tested, but SC showed they have weaknesses. Hope its a great game!

  15. October 29, 2018 at 6:10 PM – 95-33 since 2007. 6 League titles, 10 playoff appearances, 2 ford field appearances, beat your precious Huron league champs @ Navarre field. You're right though … they must be terrible.

  16. Huron league who??? Don’t call the Huron league good when Jefferson and airport are in it. Smcc beats up on these tiny schools that stink.

  17. Why does Clinton get cocky! They had to leave the lcaa to save the program.
    They couldn’t win the the lcaa it was to tough so they dropped to the trincohnttband theynstill don’t win there lol…..

    They got more wins against lower commotion to save the program and it worked and they are what 1-3 against smcc yet they wanna run mouths lol? When I played at cc we didn’t even prepare Clinton and still crushed them lol

  18. I thought the bingo players were going to blow out the Aggies .I guess a 6 and 3 team gave you all you wanted . Come back down to earth .

  19. 2:46 what's your problem with 9:54 ? I played at CC for coach Sandersen and when we did kickoffs during practice it was kick the ball as far as you can run down as fast as you can and stay in your lanes ? Coach Sandersen was doing it wrong ? He was teaching us wrong ? CCs kickoffs are a major problem and you don't have to be a coach or a player to know that. 9:54 is 100% correct. What your talking about might just be the problem with the kicking game. Maybe there doing what your talking about, and it's not working. Why don't you call Chad Myers ASAP and ask him if you can fix the kicking game. Use your own advice….

  20. 2:46 pm don't be offended, it isn't personal, it is a logical comment and concern looking forward. I agree the "cmon coaches start coaching" comment wasn't necessary, but the rest of that post is a legitimate discussion and change that needs to be considered.

  21. 9:54 you really need to contact Chad Myers at SMCC and apply for a position on staff ASAP! You have it all figured out. What lanes would you have #1 2 and 3 on kickoff assigned to? At what yard line would you have 4th player in and the contain player start squeezing to the returner? Middle or hash mark kickoff? Alot more to kickoff then "kick the thing downfield and make a tackle!"

  22. I don´t know… Monroe may be onto something. Big test this week though, hopefully Coach Notario can keep his team disciplined.

  23. I agree 9:54, the kicking game is a big concern. Not just the kicks themselves but the coverage.

    They made the mistake of letting Muck get to the ball. They did do a reverse on the opener for a score.

    I would just onside kick it every time if the kicker cant kick it 40 yards. Cant let he best player beat you.

  24. Smcc needs to fix their kicking game as well.. you can’t give teams the ball at mid field on kickoffs..let the kid kick it deep and the kids get down field and make a tackle.. just kick the damn ball down field quit messing around.. it cost you guys 22 points.. Sand creek game should of never been that close.. cmon coaches start coaching..

  25. There were 30 fans from Robichaud in the Stands on Friday at Ida. Sidenote. Those young men were amazing. taking a loss like that they showed amazing sportsmanship,. Even giving pointers to some of the Freshman and sophomores who got in the game at the end. They even wanted to sing the fight song with them. Honestly such good humble kids. We are told we are playing at Denby on Friday at 5.

  26. Dearborn Heights Robichaud did not have a huge fan base at Game 1 of the Playoffs. If they were there they were not sitting in the stands. I am sure the weather had a bit to do with it. But it was sad to see such a small turnout for a playoff game.

  27. There won’t be anyone in Ottawa Lake this Friday. They’re on the road at Reading. If they win they will be home next week for the Regional Final.

  28. 9:53. Please elaborate on your comment. Monroe is better than people think. If they can ignore all the crazy hype and just play this will be a decent game.

  29. View would like to have it back with a new officiating crew. You know I NEVER blame officials but there were THREE AWFUL calls in the fourth including a fourth down spot on par with OSU and JT Barrett.
    Still, at this point it does no good to whine so I will instead say how proud I am and how much I enjoyed watching many of these boys play together for the last decade. Riverview football will be solid for years but (and the same can be said for most programs) these seniors will be missed.

  30. 24+ bet you a beer at 32Taps after the game. I'll be headed back from Whiteford/ Reading. I also think Whiteford wins by 12+

  31. Hey CC you don't scare us at all, we beat you when you were Huron League champions and we're going to beat you guys again, we loved celebrating on your field, lol big bad Huron League. LOL

  32. I see a 2015 Clinton upset again, Clinton is huge up the middle on the oline..and where is CC weak on defense? Yep you guessed it up the middle on the dline like all year…this can be a big time upset if CC doesn't make changes to dline middle, not talking about diving at there legs…

  33. My husband, our Big Red player and I felt so bad for the Detroit Cody players. They were getting support from our side. I heard our kids telling them “good game” as they left the field. DC never gave up though, played hard all the way to the end. My heart broke for those players. Congrats on making it to the playoffs Detroit Cody. Good luck need season. ♥️

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