Ground and pound.

Did you like Carlson’s decision to go for 2 and the win?

Great season for the Red Devils.

How many fans did Robichaud bring to Ida?

I’m not surprised that Cody didn’t have many fans on Friday.

Trojans opened a can on Woodhaven. I left with 10 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter.

I bet Riverview would like to have that game back.

Was Muck faster than O’Brien?

Whiteford getting bored yet?

Bedford will have their hands full with Livonia Franklin.

Where is the Ida @ Denby game being played?

Looking forward to an old SEC match up between Chelsea and Milan.

Monroe seems much better on field turf. I predict an upset.

Bad memories of Clinton?

I plan on traveling to Ottawa Lake this Friday after I carb load at the St. John’s Waltz potato pancake supper.

Always nice to be recognized by fans of the blog at a game.

Did Woodhaven fans realize their was a playoff game Friday?

Michigan fans were refreshingly quiet this weekend.

State may have salvaged their season.


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