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  1. Non conference game do not count as far as a league title. I feel the same as you in regards to why sharing a title is..

    1. correct


    2. the right thing to do

    Both teams played a 7 game schedule in league and finished lets say 6-1. That's a tie. H2H should only come into play if it makes a difference moving forward. In HS football, it does not.

    If it were a 3 way tie, which I thought could happen this year but didnt, what would you do? Since sharing is bad, do you go by points given up, margin of victory, points scored, have a relay race between the lineman?

  2. I like the Idea in high school of sharing a League Championship. It’s good for the senior class to come back and see a banner with your year and promotes your team to the kids that play afterwards. There is more to play for that can’t be shared so if your team is that good, it will be reflected on a District, Regional, or State title. I would be against it if a League title helped or hurt the playoff situation in any way. I’m not an “everyone gets a trophy” guy but in this case it ultimately promotes the game as the number of football participants are dwindling. Can anyone enlighten me on whether the non league games play a role in a league title? I’m guessing no, but that would change my opinion as well.

  3. I agree, high school football is so much more than wins and losses. It's about life lessons and relationships. Do you want to win? Of course, everyone does, but football is about those qualities and building up young men. I would say most of the coaches at the schools we cover meet the criteria for being a successful high school football coach, no matter what their record is. I would personally anticipate every coach in our area to be brought back next season. Whether they choose to do so on their end is up to each of the 16 individual head coaches.

  4. Reading on another forum that Mason has forfeited their varsity football game against Dundee on Friday night??? No official word from any school yet

  5. Ehhh. You're not wrong about that. But I still don't agree with sharing a league title. I like the idea of 1 team being at the top. If you have the same record and win the head to head then you should be a league champion.

  6. That’s because being a conference champion has an effect on other things. For example. Playoff implications. Home games. And the like.

    HS football, it has no effect being a league champ.

  7. College Football and the NFL does not have co-conference champs even if they have the same record if I'm correct. They go based on overall conference record and if its a tie it goes to head to head, etc. Someone is always at the top. Stop giving trophies to everyone.

  8. It's high school football……HS sports in general. If you fire a coach strictly because of wins and losses….you are completely missing the point of Interscholastic sports. These coaches make nothing to work with kids, who, much like their parents, do not truly appreciate them or what they do. I find the notion of a high school coach "on the hot seat" ridiculous unless they are not treating kids the right way. Sad state of affairs if it is wins and loses.

  9. How about letting the kids enjoy their own accomplishments- whether sharing the HL Champ title, or winning it outright. Geez… football is about building teamwork, self-esteem and confidence for adulthood— not for a middle aged man obsessed with voicing his opinion on how things should be according to himself.

    Keep up the great work Chris and Gary!

  10. Hey, any coaches on the hot seat?…. I wouldn’t mind applying to a few down teams, but not sure if anyone might be opening soon?

  11. If View defeats GI, that will mean GI lost to a 1 loss team in league(View) and View lost to a 2 loss team in league(SMCC).

    One game doesnt always prove who the better team is. That is why you play 7 games in league to prove it.

  12. Happened two years ago when Milan split the league with GI even though Milan won the head to head, but had one loss to SMCC. Don't like the rule personally, but it is what it is. I think head to head should take it if the record is tied.

  13. I think Chris's comment is correct, look at it this way if there was a championship game like big ten east and west who would get the nod to go? RIVERVIEW WOULD, BECAUSE OF THE HEAD TO HEAD.

    Having said that I wish GI & RV good luck

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