Week 9 Playoff Outlook Part 2


I have Bedford in with a week 9 win over Coldwater.  A Playoff Point Average of 59.661 should be enough.
Possible early round match-ups:@ Detroit MLK, @Ferndale, @Crestwood, @Oak Park, @Roosevelt, @Churchill.


The Marauders are in great shape for 3 home playoff games with a win in week 9.
Possible early round match-ups: Trenton, Riverview, Allen Park


The Pirates look to be on the road throughout the playoffs unless Carlson is upset in week 10.
Possible early round match-ups: @Allen Park, @ Carlson, Trenton

Grosse Ile

The Red Devils are currently in D5 but could be bumped up to D4.  With a win in week 9, GI should have home field throughout Regionals.
D5 early round match-ups: Ida, Dundee, Robichaud, Denby. D4: Milan, Cody, Harrison, Center Line


A win in week 9 could secure a couple district home games depending on who is in the district.
Possible early round match-ups: @Chelsea, Harrison, Cody, Cranbrook, @GI


The Falcons are close to D6 but should wind up in D7.  A win in week 9 will secure them 2 home playoff games.  A loss will give them only one.
Possible early round match-ups: Cabrini, Whiteford, Riverview Richard, Sand Creek, Detroit Community

12 thoughts on “Week 9 Playoff Outlook Part 2”

  1. SMCC would have to get by Whiteford(and vice versa). The winner of that game could very well have RG-Richard in the Regional. Which would be a much easier game, however Richard is pretty good.

  2. New projections have GI in D4. If I had to guess as to who has the best shot to win a regional it would be GI.

    King could very well end up in D3, that would put a big damper on Carlson and Views's chances. King is maybe the best team in the state.

  3. From reading all the comments on this blog, I don't think anyone is talking about making the Semi-finals lol. Winning a league championship is goal number 1 and that will not be easy with Riverview and SMCC etc. To win a playoff game let alone a district is a difficult feat for schools who don't have great numbers. Making a run in the playoffs depends on your draw and how you match up with people. You never know what will happen. Play a 6-3 Country Day team first round for example could lead to an early exit even if you're 9-0. GI made the Semi's in 2010 and CD beat them by like 35. Just an example.

    I will say that Milan will be very good next season if they stay healthy. Ask SMCC how the injury bug can derail a season. I hope SMCC makes a run and gets their guys back this year. Hopefully Milan can get a good draw as the injury bug has really hurt them the last few weeks.

    Milan Dad

  4. Milan fans are already talking about next years team making the semi-final round of playoffs. LOL. Talk about being humble.

  5. There are way too many 4-4 teams on the bubble in all divisions hoping for playoffs. Many of them are playing teams they should not beat on paper. If that ends up true the divisions are going to be scattered at best. The teams riding the lines from one division to the next could go either way.

    SMCC needs to be humble. Even when you had those players the games you won were very close and could have lost. You did lose to us Big Reds, so I wouldn't bark too loud. Good luck getting past Whiteford if they bump up to 7. Playoff tun will be short lived. As for the more humble teams on here bets of luck in the playoffs.

    Go Big Reds!

  6. for sure for sure? They will end up the top team in D7, in my opinion, by enrollment. So that is ONE spot away from 6. So I am not sue how anyone could be SURE. Hundreds of games on Friday will determine it. A few go a certain way and CC is in 6. With that, I do THINK they will stay in 7 and for that matter, I think Whiteford goes 7 as well.

  7. Marino, Huber, and Castiglione are back for playoffs they have a bright future I believe with all three being 2 way starters

  8. NIce Outlooks. I would love to see a Milan/GI rematch on the Island in a district final.
    Either way – best of luck to all the Huron League teams playing this weekend, and those heading off into the playoffs. Represent!!

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