I have Bedford in with a week 9 win over Coldwater.  A Playoff Point Average of 59.661 should be enough.
Possible early round match-ups:@ Detroit MLK, @Ferndale, @Crestwood, @Oak Park, @Roosevelt, @Churchill.


The Marauders are in great shape for 3 home playoff games with a win in week 9.
Possible early round match-ups: Trenton, Riverview, Allen Park


The Pirates look to be on the road throughout the playoffs unless Carlson is upset in week 10.
Possible early round match-ups: @Allen Park, @ Carlson, Trenton

Grosse Ile

The Red Devils are currently in D5 but could be bumped up to D4.  With a win in week 9, GI should have home field throughout Regionals.
D5 early round match-ups: Ida, Dundee, Robichaud, Denby. D4: Milan, Cody, Harrison, Center Line


A win in week 9 could secure a couple district home games depending on who is in the district.
Possible early round match-ups: @Chelsea, Harrison, Cody, Cranbrook, @GI


The Falcons are close to D6 but should wind up in D7.  A win in week 9 will secure them 2 home playoff games.  A loss will give them only one.
Possible early round match-ups: Cabrini, Whiteford, Riverview Richard, Sand Creek, Detroit Community

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