All Huron League 2018

Because the blog started with the Huron League and we cover all eight Huron League teams we will be picking our All League Teams and Players of the Year again. 

We will pick an Offensive Player of the Year, a Defensive Player of the Year and an Overall Player of the Year. We will then pick 12 offensive players, 12 defensive players, a kicker and a punter for our All-League teams. Our Players of the Year will not be included in these All League teams.

1st Team Offense
OL Maverick LaMothe Sr, Grosse Ile
OL Briggs Hehl Sr, SMCC
OL Chris Beck Sr, Milan
OL Garrett Vineski Jr, Riverview
OL Conner Bogdanski, Jr SMCC
QB Zak Thompson Sr, Grosse Ile
RB Hunter Aeschbacker Sr, Milan
RB Bryce Bondy Sr, Airport
RB Alex Morgan Jr, SMCC
E   Karar Al-rekabi Sr, Grosse Ile
E   Steffan Dyl  Sr, Airport
E   Bryce Iott Sr, SMCC
K  Joe Pizzo So, Grosse Ile

1st Team Defense
DL Matt Dishon Sr, Grosse Ile
DL Gus Flint Jr, SMCC
DL Antonio Alongi Sr, Grosse Ile
DL Bruce Bennett Sr, Huron
LB Josh Zemmin Jr, Grosse Ile
LB Sam Cousino Jr, SMCC
LB Justin Chambliss Jr, Airport
LB Mike Simons Sr, Flat Rock
DB Steven Rice Sr, Riverview
DB Evan Furtney Jr, Milan
DB Seth Kamin Sr, Flat Rock
DB John Ritchie Sr, SMCC
P    D.J. Jones Sr, Milan

41 thoughts on “All Huron League 2018”

  1. Every parent and family member wants their kid to go and play D1 somewhere. Let's be honest, it's all about size, speed and strength. If your son does not have those traits, then you better start looking at D2 and D3 schools. Even if he was the league leader in whatever stats were for his position, it's probably not going to happen unless some coach wants to stick his neck way out there. Other than possibly Blanzy, I don't see any kids going to play at the D1 level after next season (unless they walk on). Please enjoy these HS years with your son and just let the chips fall where they fall. Congrats to all the teams that made the playoffs and to the players that were awarded with notoriety. Get your kids in the weight room!

  2. These comments are a riot. You guys do a great job, only to be criticized by the folks in the stands. Puts you in good company…. Along with the coaches and the officials who give their time to high school sports.

  3. Here’s the best question of all? How many of these players dads have you guys drank beer with and talked about how phenomenal there son is?

  4. Everyone’s a winner!
    Everyone gets a trophy!
    Then you face real life, and say how come they keep score!
    Good luck to every one in 2019!

  5. Yall got this all wrong ain't no way you look at the kids stats you got kids at all defense team and other players that had a better season I love yall blog but you have to get your facts right just because they are a senior doesn't mean they belong on here

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, Thanks we can openly express our opinions and ideas in a free country.
    Thanks to those who help defend it and keep it that way.
    Thanks for high school football!

  7. Congrats to all the kids who received HL Honors. As in all aspects of life you can't make everybody happy. There are some very talented kids that were left off this list and just because you made the list doesn't mean your going div1.

  8. Watch his tapes he dropped more dimes than you can count, and the two other teams with comparable Qb’s he passed for 3tds against and 4 in the other collecting over 200 + passing yards, both resulted in wins.

  9. In fairness , Thompson had the luxury of having Harwood at running back which teams had to key on . He threw many 50/50 balls which
    could have been intercepted. Understand thier TEAM won the league but that doesn’t automatically make him the best QB . Just saying my view was our QB was better .

  10. When is the annual FNV award ceremony? The scholarship money to be given out for winning? Will Fox Sports show it on TV? Oh wait, there is no such thing, just a write up on a blog. At the end of the day, this is nothing more than a pat on the back. People need to chill out, stop complaining and not get their feeling hurt because their kid wasn't mentioned here, but mentioned somewhere else. It comes off as sour grapes and being a whiny crybaby. Not a good look.
    To the admins, I appreciate all the hard work you do during the season, and the time you took to make this list, even if my kid isn't on it. Of course, he graduated last year 😉
    See you all next season, and Go Bucs!!

  11. Here's hoping the blog becomes more about pre/post game information, predictions, stats and player promotion….enough with the negativity. Congrats to all the All Region/league/blog award winners. Gary and Chris you two do a great job reporting and promoting the positives. Maybe try to eliminate a little more of the negative rhetoric. Happy Thanksgiving to all

  12. Well if you want players to be "Players of the galaxy" and recognized for awards, then please send them to SMCC. Because we recruit! LOL

  13. Thompson and Jones were by far the best QB's in the league this year. They both had outstanding seasons and should be proud of what they have accomplished this year. Statistically they were both very close. Thompson led GI to an undefeated season, League title, and playoff game. Jones shared reps with Hines, had a 69% completion rating, several game changing throws (SMCC). Both kids came through for their teams, when their teams needed them most. Congrats to any kid that makes a list that gives them recognition for their accomplishments and hard work.

  14. In the long run whatever your son may or may not get in terms of recognition on here or the local newspaper means absolutely nothing. Crying about who didn’t get what is pathetic compared to what some parents and kids are going through in real life. None of these kids are going pro! A couple might play D2 football. Enjoy the politics while you can!!

  15. How didn't Briggs Heihl not get all region oline ? What a damn joke, terrible and so damn political..can't stand it … and I'm not taking away from the other kids..

  16. The best QB was recognized! I am not a GI person but that kid had one heck of a season. If you truly know the game of football you should know the right QB was honored. There were multiple QBs with better stats than Davis. He was good but definitely not the best.

  17. If Ravion Davis went to SMCC he would be the player of the galaxy on this blog. That kid did more with less than any player in the league. Travesty!!!

  18. I understand it is tough to choose, probably why Monroe news names 6 qbs to all region 1st team.
    They named as many qbs as they did linemen .
    Hey, everyone’s a winner! Quit keeping score and give everyone a trophy!

  19. Thompson, Jones and Davis were all considered for the award. Thompson's stats were slightly better than Jones and he had a higher QB rating. His team also went 9-0 and won the league by 2 games over Milan, CC and View. Flat Rock went 2-5 in the Huron League. Very tough to give it to Davis over Thompson. I'm assuming you were at the FR/GI game. Thompson was a beast a QB that night as he was most Friday nights. Against FR, which you saw, he threw for over 300 yards and had three balls go for TD's. He also ran for a TD that night. He was the difference in that game that night and everyone saw it, including you. Wow, all this objectiveness coming from a Flat Rock graduate.

  20. Jones from Milan threw for over 1900 and ran for over 200 with 20 Td's and he wasn't the QB because the GI kid deserved it. Won head to head against Milan. Ran the table. Winning games and being a leader also goes into this, not just stats. If FR would of beat 1 good team this year, maybe it would of been different.

  21. Davis had a great year, no doubt. To answer your question, our selection as all-league QB had 2000 yards total offense with over 20 Td's. He was a senior and his team went 9-0.

  22. Regardless of team wins, you guys don’t list a kid who had a total of almost 2,000 yards of offense and either passed or ran for 20 touchdowns?
    Best pure athlete in the league, Ravion Davis,
    The boat came in, anchored and left and you both missed it.
    What were you thinking?
    I don’t care if a team went 0-9, you can’t leave him off.
    Who, in the entire region had almost 2,000 yards of offense was responsible for 20 touchdowns this season?
    Hey it’s your blog you can do want you want I guess.

  23. Not totally fair but ok. Every team and player gets a fair shake. All but one team was represented. Everyone wants to see their kid named. I look at the list and all deserving.
    Teams with losing records had 6 kids named. I'd say that's fair.

  24. The horn of FNV does seem to be biased towards certain kids and programs. The people within the programs have their own view and see the same players you do but not in your volume. Hopefully this fuels the fire of some kids since I know they do look at FNV but then again this site doesn't give them the piece of paper that says "All League" which matters more. FNV is more for the parents to bitch about.

  25. Not to toot our own horns. BUT. While it's nice to win Monroe News all region and any other honor. It's very nice. However, nobody knows Monroe County football more than those right here at FNV. If you are selected to one of our teams, know that you were strongly vetted against the very best and were highly deserving of the honor. Horn now in silence mode.

  26. Chris I agree it would get too political but also believe the coaches know their players and how they stand up against the rest of the league. Its not a perfect system but gives the kids something to be proud about.

  27. Each way is fine. We’re not trying to slight anyone. Just trying to pick an all League team to honor. Quite frankly, a few kids would be left off if we listed the PoY’s On the team.

  28. 6:02

    Totally agree. Plus these are high school stats people are always referring to. Half the time the announcers are calling out players names who aren't even in the play or arrive late. We have good linebackers in our league but there are some with 100 plus tackles and others with half the amount but get the same credit. Hype is hype, but the tape never lies. There is a reason why coaches attack certain teams a certain way. They see a weakness or lesser of two evils.

  29. This is an outrage, Grosse Iles safety had the only pick six in the league yet is un mentioned in anything. Kid had a fantastic junior season and got 0 credit. Excited to see what he does next season.

  30. Chris- that would be how the Huron League operates

    The LCAA, coaches can only nominates their players but cannot vote for their own.

    The TCC I believe follows the same method as the LCAA

  31. All League via the coaches is different. Unless it has changed recently, each team gets a certain amount of players based on your league finish. Coaches fill those slots with their players. They use to vote, but it got too political. Gary and I call them like we see them, although truth be told, this is pretty much my thoughts.

  32. Weird. Guys who make All-Huron League and then don't make your list. Must be to get every school (besides Jefferson) some recognition. You have honorable mention players on your first team. Congrats to everyone and no list would be perfect.

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