Friday Night Scores

Monroe 33 Belleville 49 final

SMCC 38 Clinton 28 final

Milan 14 Chelsea 35 final

Ida 22 Denby 28 final

Bedford 25 Franklin 27 final

Whiteford 6 Reading 28 final

165 thoughts on “Friday Night Scores”

  1. All the people that HATE SMCC are the ones that wish their kids could play for SMCC. So quit HATING and just BUCK UP and send your kids to a school that teaches RESPECT for all.

  2. Do you guys have the full list of Huron League Honors for this season? Haven’t seen them published in the paper yet…

  3. The best QB in michigan trasferred from Muskegon Catholic central to Muskegon. Why don’t SMCC players transfer to Monroe.

  4. You do realize that the majority of wins that it takes to get into the playoffs come from within the very mediocre league that they play in correct?
    My point is when you play and win in a mediocre league it does not mean you will go far in the playoffs.

  5. For all you hating CC’s Kicking game here is the facts: 1.) Top kicker is out since week 2 or 3; 2.) Back up kicker while in practice hurt his knee kicking.
    Therefore, CC is on their THIRD & FOURTH kicker of the year and trying everything and anything to help out their special teams. This blog is nothing but a bunch of crybabies. You should be celebrating your teams and discussing the best of the HL and surrounding area, not trashing a bunch of teenagers and coaches that out countless hours in season AND offseason to prepare for one season. They do all this knowing people like you willl continue to critique and bash them no matter how well they do each and every year.

  6. The best QB in the state of Michigan recently transferred from Muskegon catholic central to Muskegon. How come SMCC kids don’t transfer to Monroe High?

  7. @1:32 you do realize that only 256 teams in the entire state of Michigan make the state playoffs. To have 4 teams from the Huron league, 4 from the downriver, 4 from the Lcaa and 3 from the tri county plus Bedford and monroe making it is pretty astonishing. Then to have 3 left in the final 32 teams still playing.

  8. Word on the street is that CC is getting a freak running back transfer from Chicago. He was sophomore this year and had 1865 yards on 270 carries and 15 touchdowns. 7 Punt/Kick return touchdowns. Also he had 6 picks on defense.

  9. SMCC vs Cassopolis will be closer than the CC haters think. Cassopolis plays weaker class C and D schools, while CC plays bigger class B and a couple A schools. It will be a good game. As far as the coaching haters. A couple things. 1) I would think the CC coaching staff has looked at any and all potential kickers. Based on that it appears they are trying not to kick it deep to playmakers which teams have as returners. Granted players have to tackle once it’s kicked. 2) If you have answers please submit who should kick and who should play on the special teams. Include the players names, position, and responsibility on said special teams. If you can’t do that and don’t have the know how to speak intelligently to that, then maybe you don’t know what your talking about and best serve us by being silent. Or go coach a team CC plays so we can show you just how we don’t know anything. Yet will continue to beat you. If you are a parent of any player on the team, you truely don’t understand the game or the great tradition that is SMCC football.

    Go Falcons.
    1991 SMCC Alum

  10. Not much left to blog about is there.
    Except SMCC, everybody else done.
    You people get confused with how very mediocre the
    Huron, Downriver, LCAA and Tri County leagues really are.
    SMCC, Blissfield, Allen Park all that is left, and they will all be toast by next weekend.

  11. CC folks – don't get baited into jawing with the haters. Take pride in what the team has done this season and let the results speak for themselves! Fire up CC, fire up!!

  12. I agree with Gary.. CC was favorite against Ithica.. that team was damn good.

    Still do not understand why people hate CC so much? We have done nothing wrong ever.. ever.. All we do is beat up on the bigger schools and win. CC just wins. bottom line. The kids find a way to way

  13. SMCC is known for winning games no one thought that they would win. Last year against Hudson, Jackson Lumen Christi in 2014, Ithaca in 2014, and almost beating Madison heights last year if it weren’t for a bad snap at the end.

  14. Monroe is a damn good team. If Belleville doesn’t win the state championship with that talent then that’s ridiculous. I’m a proud Monroe fan and we gave them everything we got. Our coaches and players did all they could. Still not even close!!!!! What a great season for Monroe football. Coach Notario you got us back!!!!

    Monroe Trojans

  15. Stop hating on CC just because they do stuff wrong doesn’t mean they know how to manage it. The falcons will find their way to win. It will be a fun game to watch and to be a player in. Pray the rosary and go green. Falcons Forever!

  16. CC's offense is firing on all cylinders. If the D can be average instead of awful they can get to Ford Field. If they get their best defensive player #20 back that might be enough.

  17. Is the CC game on Friday or Saturday? MHSAA has it at 12:00am on 11/9. Obviously, that's not the right time but 11/9 is Friday so…

  18. 10:51 there are a lot of great players in the region!! But I’m sure Hines is just a tad bit better!!! But let’s not take away from other kids either who had an outstanding season!!! (GI) we all definitely have our own opinions!

  19. CC is still triggered. So much so that they started talking like they still play. Lol Can't handle the truth. Bet they still wear their old jerseys to all the games. These guys from CC have no rebuttal so they need to get personal. This is fun

    At least Milan was smart enough not to take the bait

    -A real troll

  20. 8:07, if you know how to fix the problems of a team that has won two playoff games, please apply for the job! To say the coaches are embarrassing after two playoff wins shows me: A. You never stepped foot on the field or B. You are a disgruntled parent whose “Johnny” does not get the playing time you would like (apparently on the d-line) or C. You are a CC hater just trying to stir the pot.

    If you are at all affiliated with SMCC, you should be embarrassed of yourself.

  21. 1221 I would love to see you pick up a whistle and step in there and do better. I am willing to bet that you have a son on the team that doesn’t play a lot and you think he should be. Parents like you ruin it for everyone involved!! I will bet that cc is in this game all day not saying we will win but we will compete!!! Go green!!!

  22. 11:22 nobody is really blaming the field for the loss??? Did it help our running game? No, but that’s not the main reason Milan lost that game!!! Chelsee did great passing the ball, and Milan should have done the same…but we all know what happens when they throw too much!!! But oh well, on to next year!!! The guys had a great season!!!

  23. Chelsea handled the muddy field better than Milan. Neither team was able to run the ball at all. Milan is a running team with speed at QB and RB both players were not effective due to the muddy field. I think Milan might of out smarted itself by practicing on the field the day before. Chelsea made bigger and more consistent plays thru the air. Turf field might of helped Milan, but we will never know. Chelsea played better and got the W. Good luck on your playoff run.

    Mr. Wonderful

  24. 12:21 no CC does not have a chance to beat Cassopolis, did you not see there kicking game ? Or the middle of the defensive line? This is where it bites them in the butt … it's all on the coaches, listen to me it's all on the coaches to make changes , the CC parents have been talking about this for weeks and it's still the same. Yes we're winning but it will bite us in the butt Saturday, this is a very good team we're playing, it's a Saturday game, our kids have to get up extremely early drive 3hrs to play a 2 hr game with no changes ? Zero,none, it's absolutely not fair to the kids whatsoever, Friday night was absolutely embarrassing on the dline and kicking game, it's all on the coaches…again you have to pull out all the stops to win and CCs coaches are not doing it …embarrassing

  25. @3:34, no one on this blog will ever change your mind. You can keep spewing your hatred of SMCC. No matter what we say or do will ever convince you otherwise. Just keep festering in that stew you're obviously in. We'll just keep on pounding the crap out of whomever you root for year after year. That way I know that you will never, ever be happy. Knowing that you're permanently miserable. So keep up the great work Falcons! Continued success to you and continued misery to @3:34!

  26. See folks, that's how you get CC triggered. What did I say that isn't true? Does CC have admission standards that public school can't have? If my child gets kicked from their school CC will open their doors for 10 grand? Do those standards effect their enrollment? Do public schools mostly have to take students no matter the reason? When CC plays public schools with equal enrollment is there an advantage because public schools have a lower sports participation rate? I've made this same argument years back when there was discussion on here about why CC and FR, who had very similar enrollment, had different success.

  27. Hey people. Smcc is a class C school. Almost D, They not going to play in Division 1 or 2
    They play in the right Division in playoffs. They didn’t even win their league.

  28. Stop with the “CC got an easy draw… like they always do”. That’s just stupid. Both Sand Creek and Clinton have very good teams, with good athletes, that played tough. There are no easy playoff games. Respect the game, and respect the players that play with heart each week! Every one of those boys should be proud of what they’ve accomplished.
    Go Falcons!

  29. Back in the days of being a football official! They are taught be sure you see the whole play before you make a call!! Because the film won't lie!! and when you assume a play and your wrong it makes an arse out of you! Nobody on film threw a punch during the play on which it was called! But our best lineman both on offense and Defense was ejected on this particular play!

    Congrats on Chelsea for winning the game. Congrats to Milan for a great season. Good Luck to all of our Seniors in the future! But today there is at least one (_!_) out there today!!

  30. Maybe Milan should have elected to change the game to Chelsea’s turf field instead of the swamp they are blaming the loss on. Chelsea played in the same damn swamp!! You lost because Chelsea is the better team.

  31. Hats off to Milan Football for a great season… The season definitely had its ups and downs and of course the dreaded injury bug showed its ugly face again… Tristen and Hunter the self proclaimed "DYNAMIC DUO" did what they do get yards and score TD's. Chris "BIG BOY" Beck and Jared "U AIN"T $HIT" SMITH were bull dozers on the O-line… The season also had its share of new and emerging stars… Darren Markowski #5 turned himself into a nasty hard hitting linebacker… Tre McCormick #11 became a go to where ever the team needs him stud at multiple positions… Dylan Jones #12 our QB thru the ball great this year and proved that slow people can run fast when they are getting chased…Sorry DJ LOL… The newest rising star at Milan is Evan "Mr. Big Play" Furtney… Just let me say WOW kid, you definitely have a future playing football… So glad you decided to play… "Mr. Hustle" Mikey Morris this kid has speed, hands, and heart… He never stops on a play until he hears the whistle… Sammy "Mr. Nasty" Lawellan it's your turn to anchor and lead that O-line next year… Teach them how to be nasty… Then there's Cray "I don't like QB's" Pennington… Lets just say this kid is big, mean, plays with an attitude and loves to hit the QB… also a great addition to the offense at TE… I will miss the FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS IN MILAN… TOM AESCHBACKER

  32. Well I guess what I heard about them there Reading boys is true. Cousin Jed said they are some big tough boys. They eat raw deer meat some by the side of the road and drink cow milk straight from the teat!

  33. 10:58- It took a real good team to win the district this year. Sand Creek had really outstanding speed and Clinton had tough Senior play and leadership this year. Congratulations to Monroe CC for 2 tough playoff wins.


  35. @10:25 OMG! Now CC modifies their enrollment to "suit their needs". LMFAO. Do you really think they turn away kids to "suit their needs"??? What does that even mean – "suit their needs"? So in your mind, CC turns away or adds kids so their football team can play in a certain division? Is that what you're saying?? It's people like you that drive me to drink. Cheers!

    PS…Haters gonna hate!

  36. Love all the hate thrown at cc cause they have a consistent program. Steady coaching and coaches who love the school and develop the players. Sandersen coaches Giarmo and look what he did for the program. Giarmo coaches kipf now it’s his turn. Don’t forget coach flint played for Sandersen as well. All of this a coincidence I think not. Cc develops players and coaches better than anyone. Don’t hate them because you want to be them.

  37. 11:04. SMCC is superior to schools their size. Thats it. Monroe would demolish SMCC. Chill with the dumb comments.

  38. @1025 you really think that CC wants to have less kids?? Buddy it costs 10 grand to go their. It has gone up since 2014 to now by 5 grand cuz drop of enrollment. CC takes anyone that wants to come and have to a little money to pay.

  39. Ok I played in the 1990s in the Detroit catholic league. Deporris recruited Detroit like a mother, Orchard Lake St Mary’s plucks kids from Pontiac all the time, Detroit catholic central and Brither Rice over 1000 boys each . Please don’t forget about the Aquinas basketball teams of the 1990s. This whole recruiting thing is not new and if you don’t like it then go find some kids. Nothing is stopping any coach from asking kids to join their problem.

    Kids are going to Belleville and Rouge because it can help them go beyond high school football. Riverview has kids from 13 different cities that go there and no one says a word about that.

  40. SMCC just has better coaches and better athletes than everyone else in the league or Monroe area.
    They are and have always been superior to area public schools.
    You just know that when you play for SMCC , you will win.
    Sorry, it’s the way it is.

  41. @8:44 PM, were you at the game? Our boys lost but JC, it was moronic. I think the opposition received 1 penalty vs our 205!!! Regardless, they had an amazing season. Congratulations Chelsea. On to next season. #onohmilan

  42. Yo Mama….don’t forget our cleats are blessed by the Pope himself!! So tired of the same bulls$@& year after year. SMCC is too small…too slow…no depth….blah blah blah. However we’re the only county school to survive and advance. Fire up Falcons! Go green!!

  43. Congrats to SMCC! Great to see the homeboys handle the redskins. Everyone on the CC team contributed in their own way and it was great to see from Cousino running and catching to Gullen at DE and TE to honey blanch Jr dropping dimes and walking the 2 point conversions in. The dline got nice and dirty and the oline opened narrow enough holes. Awesome victory!

    @ Chris and Gary -> great predictions. It’s hard to get closer than that. Keep working hard for the Monroe county football community.

    -Peter Parker

  44. Monroe has it's own share of school of choice kids. Certainly not the caliber nor the influx of kids that Belleville has right now. But let's not fool ourselves and think that Monroe or other local teams aren't capitalizing on the open enrollment era. High school football in Michigan has become the Wild Wild West. Schools and coaches having to recruit their own student athletes to stay home is unfortunate.

  45. 10:13 sorry, gets confusing on here at times. I've always said that CC can modify it's enrollment to suit its needs. Sometimes it's because of capacity and sometimes it is from choice (electing not to enroll students for various reasons) something that public schools don't have much choice in. I've always maintained that it has no bearing, much like Chelsea playing up, until the playoffs when they play public schools. But I won't blame a school before I blame the MHSAA for keeping such archaic thoughts in a modern system

  46. 10:03 It's well known that Canton benefits from the Canton/Plymouth/Salem school district. 3 schools on one campus, one was going to come out the winner on that one

  47. @9:57. AWWWWW, Poor You. You know who you are? A sore loser. Maybe your school should play against some CYO teams, or powder puff teams. Then you could possibly win some games. The sad thing is, you'd still find something to complain about.

  48. Can someone explain the measurement at the clinton Smcc game, looked like the yard clip was on the back of the yard line and when they measured it they went to the front of the line

  49. Canton beat belleville last year with what some people on here call a "little league offense". "College/Pro offenses" like the spread don't work when the other team has more athletes then you. Look at GI and Milan.

  50. Chris…. why do you say they drive from Detroit to get to Belleville? Could they not come from canton or Dearborn where I know some do??? In the words of you and others on here… get better! Maybe if a HL school had a coach that helped kids to the next level they would
    Flock there as well. Transfers are the fault of mhsaa and there lax rules, blame them not the kids just trying to find a way to pay for an overpriced college education.

  51. I honestly didn't see what happened, neither. I'm usually seated on the south side of the bleachers and the play took place on the north end. It didn't seem to have anything to do with the play itself (meaning that the incident wasn't around the ball), so I'm guessing some sort of retaliation or battling after the whistle, but I honestly don't know.

    FWIW, I'm also not one of the folks with access to Hudl or any other source of game film, so I can't go back and "check the tape". Maybe someone with access or a better initial view of the play can chime in and shed some light on the matter. While I'm not advocating dirty play, I do hope the call was justified because otherwise that is a really tough way for a kid to play his last HS game.

  52. I'll assume you're talking to 9:16 instead of 9:28. The "who" is the Florida, California, Ohio, Texas high school governing bodies. The "what" is the 300lb gorilla that no one wants to talk about (unless it's SMCC lol. Sorry guys had to throw that in on ya) which is the active recruiting of players by coaches.

  53. They allow a small school play bigger schools all year. Schools should play similar schools all season and the same in the playoffs. Who, is the HL and the MHSAA
    There is no rule. So be it. I would think this would get old, but hey. Who am I.

  54. Congrats to SMCC! Last team in the Huron league.

    Also, congrats to Riverview Gabriel Richard on your district championship. Sole team downriver still playing.would love to see GR and SMCC meet up eventually.

  55. It looks like once again, we recruited the right players. We paid off the refs, that graduated from SMCC. We turned down the lights just enough so that the other team couldn't see. We also tore up Navarre Field just enough so the other team couldn't get any footing. And, we bribed the MHSAA to get the right draws for the playoffs. Our diabolical plans are falling into place. MWAH HA HA HA!!!

  56. The only thing I’ll say is none of us truly know what some of these kids are going through living in Detroit. Maybe football at Belleville is the ticket out for them. Could the ticket out be at closer schools? Maybe. Maybe not. There are some very rough schools in the inner city of Detroit. The thing that I find interesting about open enrollment is some schools such as Belleville take these kids in and create a powerhouse program while there are other schools out there that really know how to screw it up.

  57. @9:28, So what you're saying is that SMCC shouldn't play bigger schools at all? Should they play equally small schools, and then play the Division 1 schools in the playoffs? We don't make the divisions. The state does.

  58. Great, Smcc lone man standing. Anyone ever wonder why? Lol. Play your big brother all season then play your sister in the playoffs, success ever time. They probably had tougher games in the HL. They allow it, so be it.

  59. The difference between here and California, Florida, Ohio is that they allow it and have rules in place. The MHSAA likes to keep its head buried in the sand while touting howbwholesome they are. I don't mind Chris calling them on it, but call it all not just a select few. Good thing Muskegon doesn't come to town

  60. I have no problem with open enrollment, but when you pass 30 other high schools to get to one Just to play football. Then I have a problem. And I’ve got news for you, this is just as bad as anything you’ve ever heard of or seen in Texas or California.

  61. So River Rouge is ok then because it's within the proper perimeter? How about some years ago when the Woodhaven coach would personally drive players to/from Detroit. Chelsea isn't exactly a pillar, either. I have no problem with checking Belleville, I do it all the time on Twitter along with some select other schools. It's just that you're riding a fine line

  62. Chris I agree 100 percent. But it just is what is. I’d love to see a team from the Huron league, whether it be from Wayne or Monroe county, but Belleville was much better than Monroe. At least we’re not as corrupt as California or Florida when it comes to recruiting problems.

  63. Because Detroit is nearly 30 miles from Belleville. How many high schools do they drive by on their way to Belleville. I understand open enrollment, but they are everything that is wrong with high school football in the state of Michigan. I would love to have that conversation/argument with anyone.

  64. So why is it only Belleville/Detroit? Why not Riverview/Southgate, Wyandotte/L.P., Milan/Ypsilanti, Whiteford/Bedford? Call em all if you're going to do it. Good thing that Belleville/Milan thing didn't work out last year

  65. 8:44 you’re not at the game to see I’m sure!! Watch it on Hudl and you will see some were legit, but most were not!!!

  66. Alright Chris. I think it’s time you tell us what you were drinking when you made that Monroe pick so we can all have some fun

  67. Great season Big Reds!!! You guys got hammered with some bogus penalties that ultimately cost them game!!! There is next year !

  68. Chelsea got the ball back with about 1:30 to go in the half and took to the air, driving the ball down the field for their third touchdown. Chelsea leads 21-0 with 16.2 seconds to go before halftime.

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