Huron League Offensive Player of the Year

Because the blog started with the Huron League and we cover all eight Huron League teams we will be picking our All League Teams and Players of the Year again. 

We will pick an Offensive Player of the Year, a Defensive Player of the Year and an Overall Player of the Year. We will then pick 12 offensive players, 12 defensive players, a kicker and a punter for our All-League teams. Our Players of the Year will not be included in these All League teams.

Grosse Ile’s Luke Harwood has been named the Huron League Offensive Player of the Year. The 5-11, 190 lb RB ran for 1,560 yards and 14 TD’s. Harwood also hauled in 16 passes for another 286 yards and a score.

Harwood’s perfect combination of size and speed helped the Red Devils to their first 9-0 regular season since 1965.

Grosse Ile was 19-10 overall in Harwood’s 3 years on varsity, which included two Huron League Championships.

Click Here —> Luke Harwood Highlights

Others considered for the award were: Hunter Aeschbacker (Milan), Bryce Bondy (Airport), Tristen Hines (Milan) and  Zak Thompson (Grosse Ile).

30 thoughts on “Huron League Offensive Player of the Year”

  1. Great Kid, awesome athlete, so very deserving of this! Led his team well, delivered time and time again! No one else deserved this more than he did. The guys listed as the closest competition were absolutely the ones that should have been in the running against him. Great year Luke! Good luck in the next chapter of your life!

  2. CC competed in Division 5 and should have made the semi's but lost on last play to Clarencville. May have beat West Catholic to make it to Finals in 2013. Year before they won it all in D6. There are certainly teams that can play up a couple divisions and compete. If your good your good. Now D1 certainly has the skilled players and talent and many D2's as well.

  3. Without a doubt player of the year race comes down to hines from milan and cousino from cc. The two most complete players in the league.

  4. Congrats to Mr. Harwood. He Led the red devils to an undefeated regular season. He had a fantastic season. On the often sit side of the ball. To the victors go the spoils.

    That being said, the Hines kid from Milan is the most complete offensive player in the league. He rushed for over 700 yd, passed for over 100 yd and had nearly 1000 yd receiving. He also returned kicks and punts while playing on both sides of the ball. Accounted for nearly 1800 total yards for an average of a 161 yd per game. Not to mention that he accounted for 21 trips to the end zone and 6 conversions. This, in addition to his defensive prescence should make him a serious candidate for the POY.

    Thanks Chris and Gary for all you do to promote football in the Huron league and in South East Michigan

  5. So you’re saying quality teams like Madison heights Madison, new lothrop, pewamo, and cc, just to make a few. Would not be able to hang with division four teams? Some people need a reality check. Hardwood rightfully deserves player of the year, he was the best weapon on a team that ran the table in the regular season.

  6. Good choice. Kid is a beast. And thank you guys for your hard work all year. Get your popcorn ready for next year at New Boston atleast I hope so

  7. Alex Morgan may have played 3 extra games but also didn't play much running back till week 5 because he was banged up early in the year. Also, good players propel teams farther into the playoffs. Players stats should not be discounted because they play longer in the postseason.

  8. Gary and Chris I don't know why you guys even do this, you know whatever you guys decide is going to result in 50 "why didn't Johnny from _ " make it !

  9. Alex Morgan had 1100 yards with 3 extra games might be why he wasn’t considered with the numbers other ones put up with less games. Not bashing the kid, just a thought.

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