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  1. @10:51 I've never met Giarmo or do I have a dog in this fight….proud Monroe High Alum. I agree with you 100% that a stout D and ball control are the key elements to your success. My point is simple, 8-10 passes makes the T more effective. Having a kicking game might help you Catholics to. I find it hard to believe you couldn't recruit a kicker.

  2. Very passionate, but Vuich and Windham both hold the passing and receiving records for a season. Not that it matters but but the record books on line haven’t been updated since 2012. But your point is valid definitely

  3. Sorry I must have missed the 6’4 receiver with 4.5 speed (Vuich) out there or on the jvs. That was the point we don’t have those “special” guys. Good players just not at that level. And only because some compared the team to 2014

  4. @10:58, 2014 Giarmo passed for 71 yards in championship, was not the difference. It as defense and a punt return fumble for TD. 2009 passed for 36 yards, lost defense couldn’t stop Montague last drive. 2010: 86 yards passing lost defense could not stop Ithaca qb runs. Passing did nothing in these games. 2004 Chris Fanslaw threw for more yards then any other T qb at SMCC. Team lost in semi. Passing is not the answer to championships. Ground attack, long drives, stout defense is the formula. If you know Giarmo so well ask him. I truely believe he would tell you the same thing. Why would he leave Carlson after he turned it around anyway? Even there it was the run attack not the passing. Apparently you have interests in CC passing, for self interests. Me before team is the quickest way to fail in football. As is laziness , indifference, and lack of getting in the weight room and build team unity. Like I said before if you don’t like it leave and don’t watch the games.

    Fired up True Falcon Fan, I’m out

  5. @6:20 You can obviously throw out of the T. 8-12 × a game is what will win a state championship. They have the players to do this. Maybe Giarmo will come home and show you how it's done.

  6. You people talking about CCrunning the spread and throwing the ball more are ridiculous. Don’t even try to use 2014 as a means to sell. CC has no Travis Vuich at any level or a Bryce Windham at any level. Furthermore they passed mostly from the T not the spread. Defense wins championships, not throwing the ball. Controlling the ball with long drives using up time is the recipe not throwing the ball. You people are big me people trying to get individuals recognized instead of team play and system play. Go run your ideas somewhere else.


  7. @1:42, You are obviously a very articulate crybaby. You go into very long winded ramblings about how unfair things are for everyone else in the League and the state and for anyone who happens to breathe the same air as the people of SMCC. Maybe you can rip a few pages out of your thesaurus and dry your tears with them. Get over it. Life itself is unfair. If you complain enough, they'll hand out some participation medals to your team. You got your wish, SMCC lost on the last play of the game. I'm sure you enjoyed such a heartbreaking moment in SMCC's season. We choose not to dwell on whether or not this team or that team plays up or down or sideways. We just focus on the task at hand. Sometimes it goes well, sometimes it goes bad. And hopefully, we learn a few things along the way. Maybe if you stop worrying about what SMCC is doing, you should grab a clipboard and give your time and efforts to your school of choice try to make them better. But someone else should teach sportsmanship. You're obviously lacking in that.

  8. 1:42…

    With all due respect, this us utter hogwash. You keep posting this every 3 weeks or so. Get over it.

    You do realize that playing in the HL has kept SMCC out of the playoffs more times then it has won them a state title. If SMCC were in the TCC let's say, they would go 9-0 to 7-2 every year and do the same exact thing they always do in the playoffs. However, they would have made the playoffs in 2011 and 2016 vice missing out because they play in a tough league.

    SMCC just lost to a team from a very poor league. In 2015, they lost to a team from the TCC. 2013, they lost to a team from an awful league.

    Too much is made(often times by me) about SOS. It can hurt you when your roster is 25. It can hurt you when you are banged up from playing bigger kids all year long.

    You should focus your efforts on improving whatever school you are feeling sorry for. You can play in a small league and do well in the playoffs. Look at Ithaca, Mendon, Whiteford, Clinton. I could go on.

  9. Congrats to SMCC and their successful fall sports programs. I would like to say it dos take had work to be that successful year in, year out.

    I would also like to add, that by the Huron League, the MHSAA and any other organization involved in high school sports in our state, SMCC should be playing same school size competition during its regular season OR playing the equivalent competition in the playoffs that it plays in the regular season. This is very unfair to local schools and schools in the playoffs. Playing higher level schools during the regular season paves the way for a playoff run every year. They drop down the farthest of almost any team in the state and then beat everybody in the playoffs. Also, teams can go 9-0 in their division and still get stuck with a road game because SMCC has more points from the higher competition it plays.

    The different levels of play that they are allowed to do, hurts the rest of us. If I played basketball every night against Lebron, then played my neighbor, of course I would crush him. Many of the most successful athletes from area played up in their younger days and when they played same age competition, they were excellent.

    I think something should be done about this across the state, not just at SMCC.
    Many schools are allowed to do this. I won't even touch on the many areas that their athletes come from. Many schools do that too. There should be rules on this stuff. They basically assemble County all star teams.

  10. With the athletic ability of the SMCC Jv team I could see a little more power spread. Like a shotgun 2 RB set with a TE and 2 WR. If they want to win, they should mix a little bit of this into their offense. The JV QB likes to throw on the run outside the pocket and is effective at it too. Get a lot of play action rollouts and your set. Sort of like 2014 but in shotgun. I would love to see this team dominate like when my son played in 2010-2011.

    SMCC Parent and Alum

  11. I havent been able to find a video (someone mentioned abc?) I would love to see it if anybody can point it out. Also BIG BIG thanks to the guys doing this, this is absolutely wonderful

  12. SMCC last won a state title in 2014. They finally passed the ball that season for nearly 1000 yards. They passed 8 to 10 times per game. This opened up the running game even more. This is the formula that wins state titles.

  13. Way too early Huron League Standings 2019
    1- SMCC
    2- Riverview
    3- Milan
    4- Huron
    5- Grosse Ile
    6- Flat Rock
    7- Jefferson
    8- Airport

  14. Thank you Chris, Frank and Gary for taking time out of your busy days to create and maintain this site! I always look forward to hearing what the folks have to say about Huron league football and you make it possible. Yes, it was a great game and obviously, Coach Flint made some adjustments at half time as he always does to shut down a very potent offense in the second half. We just came up a few inches and one point short and that sucks for the seniors but it fuels the fire for the underclassmen to work a little harder in the off season. The good news is graduation will not hurt too much. Yes, we're losing a number of big contributors but there are solid kids coming up to take their places. If you've been watching the JV team, you know there are many talented kids coming up soon and there's even a couple QBs that can sling the ball pretty well. Who knows, you might even see some spread offense in the not to distant future – haha. Maybe that'll soften up some of the haters…nah, probably not. Anyway, thanks again. August, 2019 can't come soon enough!

    Ps. Any thought about including basketball???

    CC parent and alum

  15. 50/50 is not ridiculous. If you went to any CC games their percentage of getting 3 yards on a play was way higher than 50% compared to when they kicked FG/XP. So it’s not ridiculous at all to make a decision to run a play versus trusting a kicker. Especially this year with this specific team. That’s why coaches make a decision like that. Again if you went to any games, this was evident watching their kick offs. You never knew what you were going to get and they tried multiple people kicking it.

  16. reminder that last year against Hudson that field goal made by Bergmoser was a lot farther away than this one would have been. We clearly don’t have ANYONE accurate enough that Coach Kipf was comfortable trying a field goal with. If we had Bergy obviously he would have had the confidence to put the game in his hands (feet) again this year too. Can’t wait to see Bergy #1 and Bergy #2 tearing it up next year.

  17. Kindly remember that not all of the comments posted here are adults and maybe ask yourself if the reply you are about to post would be so aggressive to a 16-17 years old player as it’s about to be when you are ASSUMING the writer is 35-45 years old. It wasn’t a bad call, it just didn’t work. Agree with so much of what’s been said, Marino could have been an option, or if Cousino wasn’t out and Ritchie ran it hat could have worked too, He does seems to run stronger with his shoulder down vs. Morgan who runs more tall and appears to be standing straight up instead of driving forward. But we will never know. We had our chances and couldn’t deliver. No excuses, no blame, win together and lose together, it was another great year of SMCC football and I look forward to it again next year. Hold your heads high, practice for next year started today….

  18. From the pressbox and from the back of the end zone the Falcons look in. But the officials have the best look and they said no! Go Falcons !

  19. @2:37 you may have went to all the JV and Varsity games but obviously don't understand football. Wyatt Bergmoser will be a starting running back. He was the best 2 way player on the team. As for QB, Blanchette will be very hard to replace. His toughness was unmatched. Blanchette should have started as a sophomore as well but they started the Senior. As far as who Qb's next year it's wide open. Could be Bergmoser.Coach Kipf prefers players who are year round weight lifters and football is their #1 sport. If tradition continues the senior, Harrington, will start, but that's up to the kid showing he's dedicated. Either way it's going to be Ford Field or bust with this many good Seniors returning.

  20. Just wanted to let everyone know that the Bergmoser player that got hurt early is coming back. He played QB last year when SMCC went on their win streak until Blanchett got healthy. He is an outside threat on keep. He was also in line to be their best HB this year until he got hurt. So there are decisions to be made, but a lot of talent coming back. The OL will need to be retooled some but they have some key components as well.

    Go Falcons! Let's Roll!

  21. Great high school game. I listened to the whole thing on the radio (yes, I hate the cold). It is easy to be a day after QB, but one of the reasons we have the comments section is to allow people to blow off some steam. Valid points on all sides, but I think trap is your best call in that instance; best back carrying the ball, takes away Cassopolis' speed advantage on the edge, it puts the play on the entire team instead of one or two guys during a kick. The Falcons just lost to a very good team. I would imagine the Ranger defensive players are still a tad tired and sore from Saturday's game.

  22. Cowsbiteyou, an Ithaca fan, uttered.. SMCC is the toughest out in HS football. You either have to win it on a miraculous play at the end or hang on for dear life. I guess this season adds to that.. once again.

  23. @751. Cass has speed to catch marino outside even with them tight to the tightend. I agree with this call. Trap has worked for them all year. Alex Morgan probably hit 1100 yards that game, so you can't say it didn't work. Also hurt that Cousino was hurt for that play because then I do believe they would of run 46 where he was the lead back and Richie would of ran the ball.

  24. I have followed SMCC football all year. I went to all of the varsity games and most of the JV games. I think next years team can be special. I think that the starting backfield will be Cousino, Morgan, and either Worrel, Ezra Mclauglin or JV #22. As for QB I think that the JV QB has more talent and playmaking ability but I think Harrington will be QB because of experience. I’m worried about the Offensive guard situation. I think the defense will be great.

  25. Let’s think out how ridiculous all the comments about 50/50 kick chances are! There is ALWAYS a 50/50 chance of making any positive yards or any score once the ball is snapped. There has to be a choice made and the head coach felt that his best 50/50 chance was the run with his best running back option. No one will ever know how the game would have ended if he made a different choice. Just like choosing to not allow soccer players (who are trained to be great kickers) to play dual sports. Every coach has their reasons for their play calling choices and every spectator, fan, parent, etc have their opinions on what they would have done. Maybe they should rethink the dual sport rule and give themselves more options. That’s my opinion.

  26. You can Sunday morning quarterback it all year long, but all you have to do to win is get one more point than the other team. Cassopolis did that. Give them their credit. Although they were probably filling their drawers a bit.After such a dominating season, they hadn't played a team like SMCC.
    My only complaint about SMCC's offense is they try to jam it up the gut on every single play and it does work most of the time. But on the goalline, after running inside all game, maybe a run outside might be better. Naked Bootleg possibly? CC is pretty good with fakes and decoys, it seems like a perfect play in that situation to me.

  27. They were playing the wide sides of the field for qb keep, roll pass and Marino outside. Were you not at the game to see that? Probably not. You people are ridiculous. You complain when you win championships, you complain when you have off seasons, YOU COMPLAIN. Maybe you don’t deserve the success you have had all these years. Maybe you should have teams that never see the playoffs, never win league championships, never consistently have success. You sound like spoiled children. Never satisfied. The team ran a play they ha e had much success on. You run the play period. It’s called a TEAM. Win, lose, draw. It’s a Team. All you doubters are either SMCC haters, jealous of them, hate Catholic schools, or families that think it’s all about their kid and their success and stats ( big ME) people. Don’t worry we will continue to win and have a proud tradition with or without you. See you next year.

    SMCC Parent and Alum

  28. Why try to run up the middle on the last play. They have 11 guys in the box. Run a toss to the wide side of the field with Marino.

  29. Ok after games over coaches. How many of you ha e watched a game better yet practices of SMCC. If you have certainly you kicking is a struggle. If they were to attempt that field goal it was 50/50 at best. Not to mention a wet sloppy field to short snap, hold, plant and kick. Those percentages go way down. So no not everybody can kick let alone in those conditions. Even their best kicker struggled with extra points before he got hurt. Soccer players don’t play football at SMCC. The other kid who returned after being the kicker missed his field goal badly earlier in the year. So please don’t act like it’s a sure thing if they kicked. The kids played their hearts out. Several plays could have went their way but didn’t,and they kept fighting. It was a great high school football. Let’s congratulate the kids and support them and out team rather than be the day after I have all the answers people. We have enough negativity in politics, the world, and social media. Let’s take a moment and support our team that had a great season. Go Falcons!
    For those on the blog that supported us , thank you.

    SMCC Parent and Alum

  30. To 9:07 as a former coach, the advice I got from a long time head coach was to not leave the hands of the game to a soccer player or kicker after all the work your team had just done to get that close. I like the chances of getting one yard out of the T much more than a kicker who might be 50/50 on an extra point.

  31. They don’t allow soccer players at that school. It’s just what they do. Since there kicker got hurt earlier. They still go with that rule. They say soccer player play soccer not football

  32. I’m 99% sure that SMCC has a kid who can make a 19 yard field goal. Just practice it in practice even if you don’t plan on using it. Just so you have it for situations like this. Why not bring up a JV player or a soccer player.

  33. Why couldn’t they kick a 11 yard field goal…not that difficult. What about that Harrington kid. He was the extra point kicker until he was injured, but he’s back, I bet the coaches forgot about that totally. He could’ve was knocked them to Madison heights.

  34. Congratulations FALCONS ! Congratulations Coaches !
    You had one heck of a season ! Facing all of those injuries and keeping your team pumped and ready to play every week
    is a credit to each an everyone, both coaches and players.
    So proud of each and everyone of you !
    Go Falcons !

  35. Hats off to the falcons. Play call you wanted on a final play. Sometimes you just come up short. Seniors had a hell of a run. Junior class returns a lot of experience. Offseason starts Monday.

  36. Any chance at a video of that last play? The whole game wold be great, but any chance we can get a video of that last play?

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