Relaunch of FNV

The relaunch and update of is almost upon us. We have spent the last few months creating team pages and will plan on carrying the same great content we have since the blog started back in 2009. Please feel free to tool around the website. It’s not perfect yet, but a work in progress. Please feel free to provide some feedback.

We will continue to have our usual features and have plans to add a regular podcast to the schedule. We will continue to do videos, but understand that podcast are easier for our blog fans to listen to and quite frankly easier for us to do.

We hope you will continue to visit and support our site on a regular basis. If you would like to advertise on a specific team page or know someone who would like to, please reach out. Rates are reasonable.

Thanks for reading and here is to another great season of high school football in 2019.

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