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Yesterday being scrimmage day for 15 of our 16 teams, feel free to use this forum to voice how your team looked.

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  1. Betting Lines for Week 1

    Grosse Ile vs Riverview GR) GI -6
    Milan vs Bridgeport) Milan -11.5
    SMCC vs Madison) SMCC -4.5
    Riverview vs Romulus) RV -18
    Airport vs Ida) Ida -7
    Flat Rock vs Thurston) FR -2
    Huron vs Melvindale) Hur -12
    Jefferson vs Annapolis) Ann -1.5

    1. I bet cc roles maidens by two TD watched some Madison film. y’all will not recognize them from two years ago. defense looks similar but offensively. y’all are in for a shock.

  2. SMCC had some young sophomores in the secondary getting used to game speed. They’re both tremendous athletes and the one kid is versatile. Both kids have some serious speed and they looked talented, but just need to get acclimated. They can both be impact players later in the year.

  3. Armchair Analyst

    For starters:
    – airport guys shouldn’t be surprised they scrimmaged Carlson for a few reasons:
    1. Look who their week two is. A little extra practice against the T. Try out a few things you might want to do defensively against a more athletic team then cc. Makes perfect sense
    2. And maybe the biggest reason let’s not forget Duffy is a Giarmo coaching product. The two are good friend off the field. The cc effect is strong there.

    3. Monroe runs a lot of jet sweeps. Ala Milan and Huron.

    – anyone know how ida and Whiteford went? Interesting you to see are the teams reloading or rebuilding?

    – cc looked good against bigger schools got to see the spread. And appears they need to work on the secondary. Ezra McLaughlin is the right guy to do it. Kid came on late last year.
    – Harrington looked good. Kids a game manager. Only overthrew one receiver (then again how often does cc pass)
    – did open up with a pass against trenton though. What’s the odds we see that first play against Madison. Might work.
    – the usual suspects looked good.
    – let’s not forget how solid and underrated Castiglione, flint and Gullen are for the falcons.

    – did anyone see Milan? Curious to see how they looked. Really excited to see Hines this year.

    – people schedule scrimmages to get multiple looks to things they may see during the year typically against bigger teams.

    – Chris how did your team look in their first varsity action?

    – Gary you going to be the voice of Monroe again for your falcons?

    1. I wouldn’t say flint and Gullen are underrated. they were main pieces to the cc puzzle last year. They both set the outside edge. I would agree Castiglione is underrated for the falcons. Even though Nieko as as sophomore started at Mike when Cousino was injured and did well. Hopefully he can just stay safe.

      1. Armchair Analyst

        Just because they are main pieces doesn’t mean that they are not underrated. That defense gets so much credit for the linebacker play they have. People outside of SMCC do not realize how much of a key they are. In fact I do not think that people realized how key they were till Sand Creek kept rattling off outside runs on that defense.

  4. I would say SMCC had a good to above average scrimmage. Against Trenton who was a much bigger and looked to be stronger group of players, did not show any sign of weakness with their offensive line and moving people in their T formation. They were winning down in the trenches and they were gaining 3 to 4 yards a carry which is the ideal offense for cc. Take time off the clock and score after all that time is gone. Trap was not really working against Trenton but there C gap runs were working perfectly. Washing down the outside D end and backs getting nice blocks on the outside 9 or linebacker. When Harrington was in he showed great presence with throwing the ball with confidence. Not anything crazy but just nice 10 yard drag routes or 5 yards arrow routes. Defensively the thing that showed was there weakness in the defensive back field. Not a lot of speed and aggression with them. They do not seem to fly around and want to hit people, almost shy away from contact. Yes, they probably did not go over the Trenton passing routes that much but still got brunt a few times on some simple routes. Obviously, linebackers and defensive line looked solid. They were flowing and hitting gaps well for the first time playing against someone else.

    Against the second team cc played they looked unstoppable offensively. They had about a 10 minute drive for about 70 yards. PERFECT for cc. The only probably was the other team had more athletes on it and they just beat it because of that.

    The only injury that I saw was Nieko, outside linebacker, seemed to come out with a stinger injury, but should be okay to go for week one. Overall, very happy with SMCC and there scrimmage.

  5. Attended the scrimmage at Carlson yesterday morning. My 2 cents from the stands.

    In order of who looked best:

    1) Carlson was the best team there by far. Disciplined, well coached, and athletic. They had a little trouble with Airport at the start when Airport was in a 7-3 defense but a couple of play action passes took care of that. This could be the year that Coach Giarmo’s magic takes Carlson farther in the playoffs then ever before.

    2) Airport- I’ll be honest, when I heard Airport was in this scrimmage I wondered what their coach was thinking but they dominated Ferndale and were even with Monroe. They had some size but their defense is suspect. Didn’t understand the fight with Ferndale either. A little too much smack talking from the Jets all morning.

    3) Monroe- I was disappointed in Monroe. As an alumni, I expected improvement from last year after the great season they had but it still looks like they are a work in progress. Defense was dominated by Carlson and was even with Airport. It looked like Monroe was playing a lot of kids which may be why. I’m sure Monroe held a lot back too since it looked like Wyandotte’s coaches were there filming.

    4) Ferndale- I don’t know much about them. One of their fans said this would be a down year for them. They did have some success against Carlson’s defense.

    I wish more teams had morning scrimmages, nothing better than breakfast followed by football!

    1. Nice breakdown AB. Sound like Airport held their own with Carlson and Monroe. Can’t wait for the real stuff to begin this week.

    2. Wasn’t smack talking to me AB. They seemed to be playing that fine line of confidence and cockiness. Those kids kinda have an old school WWF “stone cold Steve Austin” edge to them was the way I perceived it. Ferndale kept playing past the whistle and taunting kids after a lot of plays. Airport wasnt about to back down.
      Carlson is big. Surprised they didn’t blow everyone out.
      Monroe seemed average.
      Airport looked solid and held their own against bigger teams.

  6. I went and watched my Jefferson Bears scrimmage at Dundee Thursday. Happy to see the numbers up at Jefferson, I counted 36 guys on varsity and another 30+ on JV who dominated everyone except Sand Creek.

    Jefferson dominated Dearborn Advanced Tech Academy. Dearborn Advanced Tech was just overmatched on both sides of the ball but I understand they’re a new program. I give D.A.T.A. team and coaches alot of credit though, they could have scheduled a much easier scrimmage but decided to go with 3 physical teams. DATA looked to have only 17 kids but they never quit and their quarterback is a really good athlete. Jefferson’s new spread offense looked good.

    Jefferson against Dundee was pretty even matched. Dundee moved the ball down the field on them running the T. Dundee has a pair of tough fullbacks and looks like they have a quarterback competition. The Bears struggled under center but moved the ball at will when they got into the shotgun and started throwing. Jefferson picked apart Dundee’s defense when they played man coverage. I believe they scored 2 out of 3 plays towards the end.

    Sand Creek moved the ball with ease against our defense. Their offense was fun to watch and well executed. Our linebackers had a hard time finding the ball. Again, on offense, Jefferson seemed to have more success in their spread formations.

    All in all,it was worth the drive to Dundee and I was glad to see no one get hurt. I thought Jefferson looked much better than last year (Especially when they opened things up) and Bears fans need to rally around Coach Gennoe and the team. I could see them winning 3-4 games which would be a great improvement from years past. Good luck Bears!

  7. I know it’s probably a lot more comments to go through before you post them but I kind of miss all of the anonymous posts. I actually enjoyed reading some of the nonsense people would talk about. Any chance you guys would open it back up? I feel like you guys went from the spread offense to the full house T with the website. It’s a little less exciting yet it’s effective.

  8. I went to Manchester yesterday to see the Dutch scrimmage against Blissfield and Ann Arbor Huron. As a Clinton alumni, I went to see the first two opponents on the Redskins schedule. I did not see Blissfield scrimmage Manchester due to another committment. I am not sure of the names of the young men who were there, but here are my thoughts
    a) Blissfield was very crisp in every aspect, from warmups to defense to offense. Coaches had them ready.
    b) Blissfield passing offense was excellent, scoring several times against Huron. Having a veteran QB who is tall and throws with accuracy is impossible to undervalue. Good tall Tight Ends for him to throw to.

    c) Blissfield D Line got alot of pressure on Huron, who ran mostly 4 wide spread offense. Blissfield O-line could not consistently open holes against Huron, but ran enough to keep them honest. I think Blissfield scored 4 or 5 TDs on Huron, while I think Huron did not score against the Royals.
    d) Neither Huron nor Manchester had alot of kids. Depth will be an issue for both teams
    e) Manchester could not run the ball much against Huron. Probably have to throw alot to one tall tight end who showed some decent hands.
    f) Manchester’s offensive line right side was decent, but left side could not get any push against Huron. Both Huron and Manchester scored a couple times against each other, mostly through the air.

    Overall, Clinton should be able to move the ball against Manchester, but they are going to need to keep the ball away from the Royals offense in order to have a good chance to beat Blissfield.

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