Carleton Airport Jets 2019 Preview and Prediction

1990’s = 45-46

2000’s = 62=26

2010’s = 36-49

2018 saw the Jets take a major step forward in year 2 of Coach Jim Duffy at the helm. Although they just missed the playoffs, their ppg margin rivaled the league leaders. Jim Duffy will once again be patrolling the sidelines along with assistant coaches, Tim Duffy Jr, Gabe McMillan, Curtis French, Cy Maughmer, Scott Ross and Frank Stasa III.

Returning Starters Offense: 6

Returning Starters Defense: 6

Players to Watch Offense: Massimo Menna OL, Andrew Herrick OL, Austin Lakatos OL, Avery Adkins RB, Noah Blankenship QB, Jacob Pac RB.

Players to Watch Defense: Justin Chambless LB, Shawn Sweet LB, Cole VanWasshenova S, Noah Blankenship DB, Sheldin Baldock LB/DE, Noah Umin LB,DL.

Coaches’ Comments:”Offense: With returning starters and some new additions we expect to be a solid offensive football team.  We have some experience up front and in the backfield.  Noah Blankenship will move from SE to QB, Avery Adkins returns in the backfield and will be joined by Jacob Pac and Cole VanWasshenova. 
Defense: we have several guys not named above that received considerable playing time defensively last year.  We are definitely more experienced defensively then we have been the last 2 seasons.  
League will be very good top to bottom.  SMCC, Milan, Riverview and GI return a lot of really good football players.  We expect Flat Rock, Huron and Jefferson to all be better then they were a year ago.
We expect to compete each and every week.”

FNV Outlook: Airport will have to replace 4 members of the backfield whom accounted for almost all of their offense. They do return a good portion of their offensive line, which any coach will tell you is a darn good thing. The Jets will need to win the close ones, something that has kept them from the playoffs the last 2 seasons. If so, the Jets are a candidate to return to the playoffs for the first time since 2012.

Gary’s Pick: 3-6

Frank’s Pick: 4-5

Chris’Pick: 4-5

17 thoughts on “Carleton Airport Jets 2019 Preview and Prediction”

  1. After watching them play Ida tonight. Everyone is sleeping on Blankenship. Has an arm and my god is he fast. Dare to say the fastest qb in the county. Coming from an Ida guy. Literally looks like he was shot out of a cannon.

  2. The only thing I was trying to say was why not scrimmage teams that you matchup with? Sorry but Monroe and Carlson’s 2nd team might match up with Airport’s starters but the starters for Monroe and Carlson are gonna walk all over Airport. What are you really going to learn in that scrimmage? That Airport needs a bigger ice machine for all the bumps and bruises they’re gonna have?

    1. We may overlook how hard it to set up scrimmages with the “perfect’group of teams. Remember, you cant scrimmage teams in your league and you
      probably dont want to scrimmage teams you may see in the playoffs. So that cuts down a lot of the “perfect” fits for your team to scrimmage.

      1. That’s understandable. I just hope everyone comes out healthy. I remember after playing Monroe last year there were kids that had nagging injuries all year after that game.

        1. SMCC plays Trenton and Thurston.. teams 3 times their enrollment. If coaches were honest. I think the #1 thing they hope for after a scrimmages is NO injuries.

  3. Agree with troll. Disagree with BM. Confidence is a huge booster heading into any season. Especially after loosing key positions. You cannot ask and demand the kids to give there all 100% of the time and then, play not to win in a scrimmage. That’s modern day BS! It may not matter to a coach, but it sure as Hell matters to the players. So BM pre scrimmage speech is “okay boys we worked our butts off all summer to get to the next level so go out there and give it your all but me and the rest of the coaching staff are not trying to win. Who’s with me!”
    Win in off season workouts
    Win off the field
    Win in practice
    Win in scrimmage
    Win in games
    Win championships
    Win win win…you’re all in or you’re all out!

    1. So then why don’t they keep score? Don’t tell me it has to do with the rules and regulations of the Michigan high school athletic association. It has nothing to do with modern day BS, it has everything to do with getting your team better for week one. Why do you think there are always three or four schools and sometimes more at a scrimmage. It is so you can get different looks from different teams both offensly and defensively.

      Chris Schultz
      Blog Master

      1. Trust me BM. It may not be on the scoreboard, but Everyone keeps score. Parents, kids, relatives and even the coaches. They all know who scored and how many TD’s they gave up. You play a pickup game in the park or at a friends house “to get better” but you always play to W I N. Getting beat or playing not to win is not a character or confidence booster leading into a season.

        1. I trust myself and my own instincts. I guarantee there isn’t a head coach worth a lick who cares about the score of a scrimmage. They want to see their kids perform well, they want to see how their 2’s stack up when given an opportunity. They give the ball to kids to see how they react, see how they block and then they determine who gives them the best opportunity at victory. I’ve talked to too many good coaches who have this philosophy to think otherwise. Nobody goes into a scrimmage telling the kids what you suggested, but TRUST ME it’s not about winning the scrimmage.


          Chris Schultz
          Blog Master

    2. From what I know about Airport’s opponents I’ll say they will be favored vs Huron Jefferson and Melvindale. They will be underdogs vs SMCC Riverview and Milan. Tossups vs GI Flat Rock and Ida. Which makes that Ida game in week one all the more important if they want to contend for the playoffs.

      1. Huron was very young last year. I’m not sure how good they will be but I think you can count Huron in the toss up category.

    3. personally, all I want to see in a scrimmage is how well our kids are understanding our plays and how we play the game. If we get smacked, we get smacked we learn from our mistakes in scrimmages. Scrimmages is pretty much a practice against another team. Its like pre season, that doesnt matter when it come down to the nitty gritty.

      Just want to see my kids compete, try there hardest, weed out the kids that aren’t maybe as good as I thought, and go from there.

  4. Nobody is trying to win a scrimmage. It is pretty much a practice where everyone gets an opportunity to play against someone other than a teammate.

    Chris Schultz
    Blog Master

  5. I thought it was a good idea when we dropped Monroe to play Ida. What I do not understand is why would you pick up a scrimmage against Monroe and Carlson?? This isn’t 7 on 7. Hopefully Airport stays healthy because once again size matters…

    1. Size does not matter as the jets went out there and played hard today at the scrimmage. They competed with all three teams and scored more than each of their opponents, and looked the best out of everyone

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