FNV Thoughts and Questions

Will Airport have their first winning season since 2012?

Defense will be the key to Bedford’s season this year.

Look for bigger and better things in Jack Giarmo’s 3rd year at Carlson.

Will Dundee return to the playoffs for the first time since 2012?

It’s been 14 seasons since Erie Mason had a winning record and 15 since they made the playoffs.

Can Flat Rock win the close ones this year?

Vegas has Grosse Ile over/under wins at 5.5. I say over! How about you?

Will Huron bounce back after going 2-7?

I think Ida will qualify for the playoffs for the 7th consecutive season.

I expect Jefferson will have multiple wins in 2019.

It seems like Milan just reloads every year.

Can Monroe open with 6 wins in the first 7 weeks again?

Fans expect Riverview and SMCC to have great seasons. Are they the two Huron League favorites?

It’s been a pretty good 10 or 11 year run in Petersburg. More of the same for Summerfield?

Whiteford should know what they are made of this season by the end of week 3.

If Jim doesn’t win a B1G title this season, he may never win one.

You can play the best defense in the world, but if you can’t score, theoretically you would tie every game 0-0.

Does Detroit still have an NFL franchise?

1 thought on “FNV Thoughts and Questions”

  1. I don’t think Airport w ill have their best year. They will probably be just shy of the Playoffs. Defense will definitely be the key to a winning season by any team, especially Bedford. I say over, Grosse Ile is always a good team and they will have a few more wins than expected. It all depends on how good the Downriver League is but Carlson will be a contender. Dundees schedule is a little weaker than years past but I still expect them to excel and make the Playoffs. Mason Basketball had a good run, they might also have a good run and surprise people in Football as well. Flat Rock can win the close games, but they just need a little more help on both Defense and Offense in the those games. The key to Huron winning more game is talent. How much did they get in the offseason? I agree with you 100% about Ida. The team always has good players and everyone steps up when they need to. Expect another Playoff season for the Blue Streaks. I think Jefferson will have 2 or 3 wins, the Huron League is always too tough for Jefferson to handle. You would be right about Milan. Tristen Hines accepted the Offer to EMU and he’s gonna shine, you put that with the talent of Even Furtney and Milan will definitely be a good squad. Just watch out. If Furtney gets hut, Milan will go down with him. Chances don’t look too good for Monroe to do that, but they will have a enough wins to make the Playoffs. Expect SMCC and Riverview to have good seasons, yes. Are they my personal favorite? No. I don’t think Riverview will have the talent to beat Milan this year. Expect Milan to cruise along to the Huron League Championship. Definitely more of the same for Summerfield. They always have a lot of talent on their team, and even when Coach Johnson left, they got better. So yes, expect the same thing from the Bulldogs. Whiteford will have a good season and I expect them to go back to the Playoffs. They might lose to Schoolcraft and even if they do, that will prepare them more for the road ahead. I agree with you, this needs to be Harbaughs year or he won’t ever win one. We’ve been bowl eligible for every year since he’s been here and we only have 1 bowl win? Get it together Jimmy. Definitely agree with you on the whole theory that you can play the best Defense in the World and still tie the game 0-0. And yes, though they shouldn’t, they still do. Stafford being Stafford, throwing picks and the Coach just lets him keep playing.

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