Week 1 FNV Thoughts and Questions

J.E.T.S. jets, Jets, Jets

Not the start the kicking Mules we’re looking for.

It’s really going to come down to defense for the Marauders.

Don’t get down Dundee, Summit is a solid team.

I see you Erie Mason!

Apparently, that is the way the ball bounces.

Very surprised that Grosse Ile gave up 21 points.

Is Huron that good or is Melvindale down a little?

First time in a while that Ida didn’t bite me in the backside after my pick.

Da Bears!

Looks like Milan is reloading.

And people thought I was crazy for picking Wyandotte just because my father and grandfather graduated from there.


Nice win for the Falcons, but why so many injuries down there?

Can’t win many games giving up 56 points.

No shame in a competitive loss to the team I picked to win the LCAA.

Please send in photos from the game you were at (fridaynightvictors@gmail.com). We will use them!

18 thoughts on “Week 1 FNV Thoughts and Questions”

  1. Some additional thoughts based on comments.

    Rouge sends buses into the city of Detroit and brings kids down to their school. They are currently at an enrollment of 992, which would make them the larger than all Huron League schools. If they were a no busing school, I would say why not, but they are literally hauling in kids from everywhere.

    I picked Airport, Erie Mason and Wyandotte all to win and upset was not on my mine with any of those teams. As for Bedford and Dundee, those results are not a surprise. Stevenson is expected to have a good year. Summit has been trying for years to keep the students enrolled in their school. They just need a coach to stay and stop bigger programs from grabbing their talented players. With that said, Summit has buses that go into the city to pick up kids.

    Weather and air was warmish and humidity high on Thursday night. Cramps were abundant at most venues around the metro Detroit area. This was not exclusive to any one game or contest.

    Super happy for Jefferson and Coach Gennoe. Their perseverance and hard work paid off. They will have multiple victories this year.

    Personally, not surprised by the Grosse Ile score. Those teams were evenly matched last year and GR has talent and is well coached. They will be a solid program there while Michaelsen is the Head Coach.

    Gary will be at the Airport/SMCC game this week. I will most likely stay close to home and see Riverview/Huron or possible Carlson/Woodhaven. My Lakers play in Marine City on Saturday so I get an opportunity to see somebody else this week.

    I believe Banks moved to Toledo. I know he ran track their in the Spring. I wish he would have stayed at Monroe, but we never know someone’s family situation. Parents move all the time and kids must follow.


    1. Yeah Chris I think I underestimated Wyandotte simply because anytime a DRL team plays a good team in the playoffs they get embarrassed more times than not, and that’s what I was expecting Monroe would do. That being said it’s definitely a good thing that the DRL teams all have a non league game, playing a team your not familiar with will help come playoff time. I always wanted to see an all Huron League vs Downriver League in week 1 or 9 ala Big 10 vs ACC in hoops.

  2. Great first week of high school football.
    I was a little surprised with a few teams and not so surprised by others.
    It looks like the Huron league is evening out a little bit more every year.
    It’s going to be an exciting year.
    I can’t wait for next Friday.

  3. Is Riverview GR that good or is Grosse Ile gonna have an off year?

    Why didn’t Furtney get any playing time?

    I told people Mason would surprise, nobody listened

    Airport with the Upset of The Week

    Riverview showed no mercy on Romulus

    Imagine if Rouge joined the Downriver League or the Huron League

    Bedford better step it up if they wanna compete in the SEC with Pioneer and Saline

    SMCC looks like a solid contender

    Hudson stuck with Ithaca, nothing to be disappointed of

    1. Mason will not be that good this year. Still give up a ton of points.

      Ida almost handed it to airport with 5 turnovers. First year QB under his first Friday night lights. Ida will not be anything special.

      Rouge joining the Huron League would be dumb.

    2. MilanAlum2013 I would say Wyandotte over Monroe was the upset of the week. I thought going in Airport-Ida was a pick em game. Now if Airport knocks off SMCC this week that would be a upset.

  4. Nice start for Airport but things gets turned up a notch this week heading to Navarre Field. Playing the league favorite and a rival in 2 I actually kinda like, maybe they catch SMCC before they are in midseason form or maybe that’s wishful thinking. Good question about Huron, I would say a little bit of both but we’ll know more this week when they play Riverview. Milan vs GI should be good, the Islanders can’t afford to drop to 0-2 with that tough a schedule. Congrats to Jefferson on your first win in 3 years, let’s see if they can keep it going against an angry Flat Rock team. Yes Chris I was in the camp that Monroe was gonna take it to Wyandotte, but that is why you are the man! BTW Vegas Oddmaker I had Airport at +7 so whenever you wanna pay me that would be great.

    1. The only way Airport keeps it a close game is to play ball control. Pac needs to carry the ball at least 30 times. Pac and Cousino could be a good matchup. Wear SMCC’s defense down as much as you can. Airport needs to keep the offense on the field and eat the clock!

      1. I think Airport vs CC is a good match-up. This is a great week to see where some of the dark-horse teams stack up. Huron vs Riverview and Airport at CC.

  5. from inside sources. They were no major injuries. Just dinks and doinks. Cousino banged up his calf that he had injured last year. Should be fine, tough kid, that takes care of his body. Everyone else was cramps which is first game, they just need to get more water and get used the heat of playing a full game again. Lets remember that cc has a lot of people going both ways. Especially there major players.

    1. Yep cramps for some and I know all about Sam…not gonna mention the one injury to a major piece of this team and he will be out at least 2 weeks, and I hope that’s it…2 others have injuries that were big pieces…hopefully 1 of them will be back against Airport…back ups have to step up and take advantage of this opportunity…like the one guy said this is football and no one will feel sorry for you…

  6. Not true about CC, some cramps,some out a couple weeks and re evaluate…some hurt before the game even started…but that’s football folks…people have to step up and no ones gonna feel sorry for you …

  7. CCs injuries were all cramps. Not hydrating enough for players and many other teams had players down for cramping as well…it’s week 1 shenanigans ladies and gents.

  8. Many upsets this week in my opinion (Ida, Dundee, Monroe, Summerfield, Whiteford, Bedford). Gary and Chris- you know more about the area league teams than I do, is this a year where most of the teams are playing younger players? I mostly follow Ida and Dundee because I live in that area and I know both of them are replacing alot but I still expected them to pull out week 1 wins. We could see some new breakout teams this year with what seems like alot of parity in the area.

  9. Maybe it’s CCs training or lack of ? Something definitely needs to be looked at…way to many injuries the last 2 years…

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